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  1. It's kind of like the last gaming crash. All Publishers wanted to make were movie. Not games. And the cycle repeats itself again....
  2. We are possibly working on a fundraiser to get as many of these items as possible to preserve them for the public. <3
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sealed-1996-NOS-WIZARDRY-Gold-PC-Video-Game-Sir-Tech-1-/140884682458?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item20cd61a6da&clk_rvr_id=410065856068 A certain guy is selling old assets from the bankrupt Sir-Tech. Including almost all the sketches, game design, and other stuff on the often rumored (but now we know it is true) The Stones of Arnheim, which was cancelled sadly. There is a mega thread on the codex here for more info (and lulz).
  4. Myrkul's Dialogue. OH GAWD ITZ HEVAN! (Just as great as The Master's was but even better).
  5. That whole make another console crap TLJ almost made me punch my monitor. I am very angry.
  6. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1719196889/solenttar-by-jeremy-slowdivefan Solenttar Solenttar is a story, party and turn-based computer RPG set in an unique world called Lanterna using the openForgeRPG engine (and a toolset). tl;dr version Take the GoldBox games combat + NWN/IE interface and dialogues (and various other things) + editor == AWESOME. And only asking 4K. Backed! Back to Top Ramen for the month......
  7. This makes absolutely no sense. Could you explain to me why you think Torment resembles a JRPG in any way? Even if the post was made in jest, there usually has to be some element of truth to the statement made. Read page 37 in your torment manual, and specifically read the Thanks To section. You might want to sit down first before you do.
  8. THAT would be some serious incline... IF he was allowed to do what he wanted.
  9. Matt Chat 170: Lori and Corey Cole on Hero-U; Dave Marsh on Shadowgate
  10. Why? I am pretty sure that you can infer the use of skills yourself from the wording - "What a nice little hamlet you have, it would be a shame if random wandering band of adventurers set fire to the place", "No officer, I have never been even near the place tonight", "I believe the ring is worth more than the meager sum that you are offering, my good friend" do speak for themselves. Thinking. In a cRPG? What madness is this?
  11. You do NOT ever have to talk to him. Just FYI. This. One hundred million times.
  12. Agreed that was a great thing. But also the high chance items within will break if you are not using a skill that should not cause damage to the items inside.
  13. I don't know Jeasun. I think they could benefit from free cleaning, massage and commuting.
  14. Project Eternity is a cRPG. Not a porn simulator. The game you are looking for is Skyrim with some certain mods. Go play that, and then we can all go back to discussing Project Eternity.
  15. I think it's partly because of the crowdfunding. All of a sudden we've got 75K amateur, wannabe game designers. *DING* We have a winner!
  16. Obsidian doesn't need them at all in the first place. They made Neverwinter Nights 2, The Sith Lords, Mask of the Betrayer, Storm of Zehir, Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Dungeon Siege III, Treasures of the Sun. BUT with this game..... they "suddenly" need help? What am I missing? While some user submitted content might be OK, would you rather have that or what Obsidian does best. Their own writing. I'd rather stick to what Obsidian does best, and does very well.
  17. Journals that do not require you to do any form of thinking, listening and reasoning are just awful. You might as well set the game on auto-play and just sit back and watch and do nothing.
  18. DEAR GAWD NO! Keep the general public the hell AWAY from this game as much as possible. Obsidian know what they are doing, AND this is one of the smallest budget game they have worked on (if you look at the dev costs of say NWN2 or KotORII). There is nothing at all to be worried about. And "fans" helping would be a terrible terrible idea.
  19. Well yes, he specifically stated he HAS no integrity because there are no standards they are beholden to (just like ALL Gaming websites). As well as being far too ingrained with a Publisher (like his SONY Planetside series). They are NOT providing Journalism (providing objective and bias free information to the public). They are ALL PR arms of the Publishing industry, they are too ingrained into the publishing system. And him publicly stating that if you see him "glossing over" terrible gameplay because he is being actually paid by SONY for his Planetside piece, speak up about it. That at least is admirable. But to be honest, I never watched a single video of his until today. So I have NO idea about his past or such. I just also assumed he was yet another person doing PR for the Publishers. Just like all the rest of the gaming websites. Except for the Codex.
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