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  1. What stat specifically makes the Monk do more damage when they use their fists? Is it Dex? Just not too sure on this. Thanks!
  2. Ahh! Thank you very much. I was assuming incorrectly. Thank you for clearing that up for me!
  3. This quite possibly could be User Observation Error, but I went through quest mode, with 6 characters all around 20+ in levels in Legendary mode, and I went through and completely avoided closing locations JUST to have a look at what kind of loot was available in each area. I obviously could not examine every single location, but from what I came across was that the loot as well as spells you can acquire just seemed very poor. As in, there really didn't seem to be any reason at all to play on this higher difficultly mode (other than the extra gold for closing location, or finishing etc...). I would *assume* this higher difficultly mode would have a better chance of gear and spells. It perhaps is, but I also could be I just had some bad luck. I DID on a few occasions come across one nice bit of gear after a few games. Like for example I have been trying to find a Haste spell, or a wand of minor healing. I have never seen these ever (in any mode). But if you ever need any Beast Skin cards, they will throw 4 or 5 of them at you. heh. Just curious what other people thought about this.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I just tried this, and it worked for me, and I got past it. I clicked on every character (from left to right), and just for good measure, clicked on them from right to left. Added the fests to each one and could continue!
  5. My party finally was able to level up and choose feats, but I can only choose feats for a few of them then the feat screen locks up. I can however escape to the main page, clicking on the gear icon. I tried completely restarting the app, but it will still lock up. Is there any other information I could provide?
  6. I have literately gone through this scenario over 30 times, and from what I can tell (due to the nature of this scenario) is the only way to complete this out of sheer random luck? The only way I can think of (tactically) to actually complete this is to (again random luck) have all characters on an open location and no other open ones, have MANY turns left and then fight Mama (and then pray you don't have any bad rolls to close the locations), and then hope and pray you find her again fast? I can't think of anything else to do? I am using a party of 6. I'm thinking you cannot finish this with a party of that size. I DID complete this once with a party of 4 a while back. EDIT: Finally beat this. Only pure random luck is the only way to defeat this (and finding a Blessing Candle).
  7. Thanks. I think that was my problem (or I was just using it at the wrong time during discard). I was just new to using this card, but it is all working just fine now.
  8. If you are purchasing cards from a Treasure chest, are they added when you BEGIN a new scenario? Or can you be in the middle of a scenario, and those cards will be added to it? Just curious when is the best time to do this.
  9. I am not given any option at all to select (or even choose) explore?
  10. When I discard the Haste spell, it then suddenly shows the map. It is not allowing me the option to explore my current location? EDIT: Card is working just fine.
  11. I'm completely stuck at this too for days. You cannot do anything, you can't even forefit.
  12. If possible, when button selections come up (such as recharge a card and discards it) could you possibly add at least SOME space between them? Currently the buttons are just stacked on top of each other, but with no space between them. Since a phone screen is somewhat small (even on an iPhone 6s) I have to be extremely careful when hitting buttons. I also have man hands... That would definitely be somewhat of a help to me, until you (hopefully!) release the PC version. Just a suggestion. Thanks! And really loving the game so far!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCJAucC_JUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SBwTDGY9d8 Favorite soundtrack <3 Music was recorded using My real actual Soundcanvas (the Roland CM-500).
  14. HBS is now my favorite Developer. They keep making the kind of game I REALLY like! <3 I will throw a wheel barrel of cash at this Kickstarter.
  15. The best guess I have, is that he hates it when projects he works his butt off get cancelled (if that is what his FB post meant), moving to inXile with Mr. Fargo (who work on games they pitch at Kickstarter) makes the most sense. Also that interview with Fargo mentioning his purchase of the Van Buren trademark (which was posted yesterday), and what he and MCA have planned for that project was also an..... odd occurrence.
  16. Looks great but the fullscreen mouse motion is pretty horrid. I'm not having any mouse problems in full screen, runs just fine and smooth for me.
  17. Playing Technobabylon. I really like it. Standard Wadjet Eye (beautiful hand drawn) low graphics point and click adventure game. Music is FANTASTIC. I need to buy the CD on Bandcamp. Really like the setting, and the story is interesting as well.
  18. That is such sad news. He was such a great composer. You will be very missed. RIP.
  19. Tacos. Made with home made taco seasoning (not that chemical and 99.9% sodium packet garbage). OMG ITZ HEVAN.
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