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  1. ^ I want the opposite of this guy...REAL adventurers who spend weeks away from beauty parlors should be scruffy and long haired. Well they are clearly going to do some long ones, just hope for a couple of nice short hairstyles for me.
  2. Waaaaaa! are those buildings made of stone? Waaaa! are those people made of people omg what were you thinking!!! OK with that out of the way I'm liking it a lot, There is a lot of detail in that building, it looks great. My only complaint is that I HATE long hairstyles on males, please please please offer as many short ones along with them and I'll be so very happy! P.S.a Flail... you guys do love me!
  3. He talks mostly about the beginning of the lore, how political it should be and so on he talks mostly about getting into the lore, does this work or now, how political should it be. Very interesting to me! P.S. Chris be nice to Virgil!!!! please
  4. I'm fine with these - they are a small look into the development process, which is something of interest for me. And Josh is amusing. Obviously, just cannot expect anything like the updates during Kickstarter - meaty stuff likely has to wait until things are ironed out, which could be long time. I enjoy these little updates as well, a great number of us have already paid for the game so i am happy with any random bits of mumbling! plus I have a mancrush on Josh so the more of him on video the better! Josh Morningstars please!
  5. Chris must finish Arcanum and it better be EPIC!!! He's gonna love it's soundtrack too... Also Mace weapons rock and so do Morningstars so we need a lot of those in game!!
  6. i finally finished it... computer hacking aside I loved it. You guys at obsidian are amazing!
  7. I would rather just think you are all the magicians I believe you are but hell yeah.... This game makes me wet! marry me Obsidian!
  8. My final thoughts on the game after finishing. Deeply flawed but very wonderful at the same time. Sadly more flawed than what I hoped from Obsidian but as fun and wonderful and the other work they have done. Other than Stick of Truth its the only Obsidian game I have not played until now. So they are still in my very very good graces and P:E is going to be so good i'm likely going to cry! Love you guys! don't **** this up
  9. Most of the frustration I've had playing are getting better after upgrading. I think the biggest problems I've had so far were things I heard were broken so I didn't give it a chance or try to improve skills on my part. Loving the characters and story, I bet i'm going to be upset when it ends knowing there will be no sequel.
  10. So far I really regret listing to reviews and not playing it when it came out. Only thing I dislike is the computer hacking, the story and atmosphere is top notch just like every other Obsidian game i've played. Now I can say I have enjoyed every game Obsidian has made, Eternity I know will be legendary!
  11. Arcanum along with it's amazing soundtrack. Or maybe for something out of left field, Ultima Online?
  12. Howdy Neighbors! Looking forward to watching this wonderful game unfold over the next 18 or so months!
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