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  1. Well, Torment is a must, another must have played is Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines...community is keeping it up tp date Witcher 1 is a great game, however not a must, witcher 2 is. As mentioned before Baldurs Gate comes in an Enhanced Edition on the 30th of Nov...another must in my book Gothic 2 is definatly great game TES 3 Morrowind, is amazing, cheap too, and with mods damn nice to look at.
  2. i would put Ultima VII and BG2 in 2 identical boxes, and simply shut my eyes and grab one of these boxes.
  3. How about the Order makes a move on RSI?
  4. Held one in my hands just a few days ago, in our wonderful History museum here in Luzern
  5. we did, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts
  6. I think its not much about the number of options but the quality of the dialogue, but if you meant "more options = less quality for each options" then i agree with you, i would prefer 2 really in-depth romance paths than eight ones that are just a "Hi->flirt->flirt more->kiss->sex->end" type of romance. yes i should have clarified a bit more....what you said is basicly what i was thinking....dont mind my lack of intelligence, had a hard day of work.
  7. wait a month and play BG Enhanced Edition comming 30th Nov
  8. some sort of romance is a must, but they shouldnt overdo it....not like ME, where you had really lots and lots of options... 2 maybe 3 options...hmm sounds already to much, 2 options, should be fine me thinks
  9. no cats please, its already enough that one wakes me up every morning at 4 just so i can let her in again 15 minutes later...they are a plague How about dogs?
  10. didnt want to go to the 1 grand option...750 was ok, just could not spend more...and remorse...no not really, i get a troll portait, i got what i wanted
  11. Living on a mountain? (check) Beard? (check) prefers solitude (check) Distance (check) Hates huge amount of people gathering (check) to return from isolation to share his knowledge with others. (uncheck) Guess i am a egoistic Hermit True story? Its simply the tarot card i always get...dont believe in that stuff but its a nice coincidence with me living on a mountain. @C2B Luzerner
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