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  1. Well, Torment is a must, another must have played is Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines...community is keeping it up tp date Witcher 1 is a great game, however not a must, witcher 2 is. As mentioned before Baldurs Gate comes in an Enhanced Edition on the 30th of Nov...another must in my book Gothic 2 is definatly great game TES 3 Morrowind, is amazing, cheap too, and with mods damn nice to look at.
  2. i would put Ultima VII and BG2 in 2 identical boxes, and simply shut my eyes and grab one of these boxes.
  3. How about the Order makes a move on RSI?
  4. Held one in my hands just a few days ago, in our wonderful History museum here in Luzern
  5. we did, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts
  6. I think its not much about the number of options but the quality of the dialogue, but if you meant "more options = less quality for each options" then i agree with you, i would prefer 2 really in-depth romance paths than eight ones that are just a "Hi->flirt->flirt more->kiss->sex->end" type of romance. yes i should have clarified a bit more....what you said is basicly what i was thinking....dont mind my lack of intelligence, had a hard day of work.
  7. wait a month and play BG Enhanced Edition comming 30th Nov
  8. some sort of romance is a must, but they shouldnt overdo it....not like ME, where you had really lots and lots of options... 2 maybe 3 options...hmm sounds already to much, 2 options, should be fine me thinks
  9. no cats please, its already enough that one wakes me up every morning at 4 just so i can let her in again 15 minutes later...they are a plague How about dogs?
  10. didnt want to go to the 1 grand option...750 was ok, just could not spend more...and remorse...no not really, i get a troll portait, i got what i wanted
  11. Living on a mountain? (check) Beard? (check) prefers solitude (check) Distance (check) Hates huge amount of people gathering (check) to return from isolation to share his knowledge with others. (uncheck) Guess i am a egoistic Hermit True story? Its simply the tarot card i always get...dont believe in that stuff but its a nice coincidence with me living on a mountain. @C2B Luzerner
  12. Guess i gonne introduce myself aswell. My real name is Benedikt, and i live in Switzerland. Like a Hermit i live on a mountain, watching goats and clouds pass by. My first rpg experience was in fact BG1. A Virus i never got cured from. When i heard about PE, i just knew i had to help. I hope this community will get along even if opinions differ, and help make this game the best it could be. Best Regards Ben the Hermit
  13. Welcome Everyone, I would like to welcome all of you to this Forum. What a crazy few weeks. Please feel free and introduce youselfs and help each other out if questions arise Obsidian, Thank you for this great Idea of a game Kickstarters & Paypalers, Thank you very for making this possible.
  14. I want him chained to the desk, only allowed to leave for 5min bathroom breaks. stream it and record it on 1080p. only thing aloowed to drink is coffee. well id be happy with streaming allready to be honest
  15. 750, dont really know why, just felt like the right thing for me to do...wont hurt my wallet
  16. Lol at least your only playing one game. I'm playing Divinity 2, The Witcher, Beyond Good and Evil, VTM:B, ME, DA2 and Kingdoms of Amalur :D it gets a little hard to keep track of. lol You play way too many games at once
  17. Hermit of the Obsidian Order

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