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    Great article! I wanted to comment about the first point, combat. While I agree with you, I think it's also important to not make the companions too great. In BG2, for example, some of the companions were built with some downright weird stats allocation - Anomen, a cleric, had 13 wisdom, many fighters had less than 18 strength and many were uselessly multiclassed. This just made them more interesting and usually really drove the character point home. This worked because in party-based RPGs, as long as the companion has a role he can feel serviceably, he is useful enough. He does after all have 5 more charactesr to help him pull the weight, and you only really need one character of each role. So, what I'm trying to say is that I'll love to see characters creativity also presented in their stats and such even if it doesn't make 100% strategic sense. Another thing I think is important and you didn't mention - Most recent RPGs chose to have mostly the player initiate dialogue with companions. You know, you talk to them, you see what's new, they tell you about themselves then you do it again an hour later to see if any new option popped up. While this is fine, I think this is a bit overplayed. I think these sort of dialogues work much better when they are initiated by the companion (like the BG2 banters.) I think it makes them feel more alive and active when they can decide to talk with you just as much as you can decide to talk with them. And since you mentioned influence - I personally hope to not see it in P:E. I think it ruins the immersion and makes me care a little less about the companion - Especially if there are "prizes" for high loyalty. Instead of caring about this character as a person, he becomes a tool I use to gain some bonuses or to "max out" the loyalty meter.
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    I said again and gona say it again. Stronghold event history tap should show recent event first. Its very hard to track what happened and when.
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    Just so everyone knows, I am going to start a special beta branch in Steam tomorrow so people can start playing the beta build if they would like. I will post more info about it tomorrow, then link it to this post. EDIT: You can find info about the patch beta here.
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    Very disappointing. I was expecting microtransactions and lootboxes/crates. It's the only way for me to know that you are working on a truly top tier game.
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    These should be fixed, but they didn't get into the patch notes. Reason being is that patch notes are typically generated based on check-ins into our source control between specific dates and those fixes were technically checked in while the build was on lockdown. It was mainly just an oversight on my part. That said, I want to remind everyone that we are a small team working on many things (including the expansion and new features). Since the release of the game with have fixed around 1000 bugs with the help of the community. There are still bugs in the game, obviously, but just because you don't see specific fixes going into the game doesn't mean we are ignoring you. There are reasons why we may or may not being able to fix a specific bug that was reported. For example, two of the fixes we did for 1.06 required that we make an incremental update to the Unity engine. While the overall danger isn't huge, upgrades to the engine require that we spend more in programming and testing resources to make sure there aren't new bugs introduced in the base game. Obviously if we divert resources from reported bug fixes/testing we won't be able to do as many in the timeframe we have for each patch. Also, one developer may be more efficient than another developer regarding specific bug fixes. For example, Brian Macintosh is a beast when it comes to fixing UI issues. It is what he did for a majority of the project. We could divert him to fixing ability/spell bugs, but he may only be able to fix one or two of those in the same amount of time that he could fix 10 or 15 UI bugs. It isn't always cut and dry when figuring out where to place your resources. Sometimes it may be best to do those couple of ability fixes instead of the ten or fifteen UI fixes... sometimes not. One last thing, we do appreciate the help that our fans and backers give us with finding and reporting bugs. You may view the fact that we are soliciting bug reports as exploiting our player base, but it is just the most efficient way for us to fix bugs. There are many of you, with many different playstyles. It isn't something that we can easily replicate on our side so we will gladly take any help that the community is willing to give us. TLDR; Thanks for the help. Some issues are fixed but not in patch notes. We are still hard at work on bug fixes. Sometimes, bug fixing efficiency beats out reported bugs. You guys are many, we are few. We love you guys!
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    Thank you for all the work you guys have put into this. This is a very long list. Hope it make through the QA test phase.
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    I blame Mikey for the lack of micro-transactions and loot boxes. How am I going to satisfying my gambling problem now?
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    Seriously - that's way too much. Nobody complained that ciphers are too strong or something like that. I mean nobody whom we should take serious. brindle88 with his "Amplified Wave is god mode lol" is gone - so we can all agree that this WAS a balanced class. If you listen to brindle88 you also have to nerf rogues. Lets nerf Sneak Attack so that is does -50% damage instead of +50% and you have to cause an affliction in order to avoid that... Sounds stupid? Well so does 10 focus * cipher power level... And I'm not even a big cipher fan and normally don't rant - but this time I could make an exception. Really I just can't stop... 70 focus? I think I'll get a stroke. No wait - that will cost me too much focus...
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    I think it's fair and a good point - companions shouldn't be (1) more powerful than the player, to the point where they can handle the combats by themselves, (2) upstage the player, and (3) seem to have used the ruleset in ways the player cannot to their advantage (ex: they're allowed to have stat allocations that no normal player could have made). All these things can breed resentment. A lot of the CNPC-initiated companion stuff makes them feel more alive, as long as the execution is handled correctly and it makes sense in the context of the situation. I probably should have mentioned that you need to have balanced companion choices based on player personality - if they are a psychotic, there should be some companions that will stick with you, and the same is true if you walk middle of the road or walk the paladin's road as well. This can depend on alignment range, karma range, or faction range. Anyway, blah blah blah words words words
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    Thanks for all the responses, folks - it may take me a while to sort the ones here, Twitter, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun among others, but I want to be thorough. Any more feedback or ideas, keep 'em coming! It's encouraging to see such a strong response.
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    Greetings Mr. Avellone. Before daring to make a petition from you, I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful experiences you're partly responsible in sharing with me. Like all others in these posts I am a fan. So much that I made an account just to write this. I also confess that I've played Planescape: Torment around... sixteen or seventeen times and dug around the infinity engine files. With that being said... **** the fans. (gently) We are not game developers. If we knew what makes a good game and how to make it, we'd be making it ourselves, instead of asking it from you. I am not sure what's your thought process (immaculate and glorious as it must be) behind asking what sort of things the audience wants to see funded. The consensus seems obvious, a high concept WRPG that evokes to the novel, immersive experience from Black Isle times. Well, that may seem appealing, but part of that quality is well, the novelty. Planescape 2 would not alienate and awe us as we once were. Hell, whatever we ask for would not do such a thing since it'd be present as an idea-seed in our brains. So I believe the best way to give fans what they want is to ignore them and do your own thing. I trust you, Mr. Avellone. I consider your plume a sure sign of divine spark in games and writing. You do not need to ask what we want, what we want is for you to work in a censor-free, wild environment that allows you to produce something new and refreshing. Even if that isn't a high concept WRPG. Out of curiosity, could you risk a budget estimate for a low-end WRPG? Do you think an isometric view is still viable?
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    Make the RPG YOU and your co-workers want I also accept Your Highschool RPG Dr. Who RPG Planescape 2 (Not a sequel. Just a game set in the Planescape Setting) Original IP Darklands 2 Arcanum 2 Just has to be turn-based, wordy, full of C&C. Ya know the drill.
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    Hey Chris... ahem, Mr Avellone, if you have spare time, why don't you go ahead and outline your hypothetical "dream game" - setting, gameplay, story, structure and themes, just an outline, no need to go into specifics - in a blogpost. Would give some nice new perspective on this whole matter, and would - I believe - launch whole new set of suggestions and interesting discussions.
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    Whoa, thanks for reading it ALL. This is why we wuv MCA and several other developers, they just keep the good ole 'By Gamers, For Gamers' spirit alive. Here's hoping for kickstarting success, cheers! (Another thing I forgot before is the music! A nice (even if little) score can make a game! Nowadays its all "epic" (and sadly generic) giant orchestra themes, we don't need those. Arcanum had very nice, violin-led rather quiet and emotive music, Fallout had a very fitting techno-tribal (?), heavy-on-drums score, System Shock 2 had a nice mix of atmospheric and techno tracks...)
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    Pretty much this. Go wild MCA!
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    Forget 3D. Assuming your artists can create beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds of the quality of the Infinity Engine games I'd prefer a large quantity of beautiful, unique, 2d maps over maps with recycled 3d assets. As for setting, don't listen to us. Pick whichever setting interests you. We want you inspired, not rehashing old ideas to satisfy the fans.
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    I'm sure everyone at Obsidian must have a dozen ideas in their back pocket that they've always wanted to pursue, but could never sell to a publisher. I say indulge yourselves. Find something you really want to make and just do it. If I had to express an opinion, than I'd say that anything in the neighbourhood of "oldschool" deeply non-linear isometric RPG would make me very happy.
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    Personally, I am sick and tired of (rpg) fantasy settings. They're dime a dozen, no matter how well done. What I'd like to see is either a feudal space sci-fi setting like Dune and Fading Suns, or some kind of cyberpunk setting a la blade runner. No magic or steampunk!
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    looong comment I would probably donate to a project started by Obsdian -- provided you give us more than what DoubleFine did (it's why I have not donated to them yet). I want a game concept, more than a genre and a promise that it will either be great or horrible. What is the setting, what elements do you want to try? The game can fail, in a sense, but we need to know more about what you want to create. We know we're taking a risk, but we need to be a little more informed about this risk. When a lot of the big picture is laid out, then I will support you. What would I like to see? First of all, Obsidian does great work, but you guys also have made some big flops. You've not always had the best gameplay ideas, though your narrative and the general flow of the game tends to be incredible. I would like to see a unique, unused setting. Perhaps something pre-historic and/or anachronistic. Maybe something political? The Indus valley civilization. The ancient Olmec, the forgotten people of Teotihuacan, the people of Ankor Wat. Something quietly sinister. Something unknown. Something mystical and ancient combined with modern elements (Perhaps the cities surrounding these great ruins are really anachronistic, with some modern inventions like guns or steel or machinery or very advanced mathematics or philosophy). I would absolutely love to see "Kreia" return. As far as I'm concerned, she's the best character to have been featured in your games. A "neutral", unreliable yet wise character with a complex motive. If you can promise someone like Kreia, I will shell out sixty American dollars. You don't need a large cast of party members. Three to four will suffice, if they're all of sufficient depth and design. The scope of the game does not need to be "epic"; though it should obviously be of some decent length (longer than the newest Final Fantasy we were just graced with, which clocks in at under 25 hours). As for gameplay, you can do "traditional" Baldur's Gate-like combat with its isometric perspective. Or you could do something real-time like Skyrim (though please, please don't copy Skyrim's abominable combat system). I would only ask that spells and abilities be unique or at least interesting. Skyrim is exactly the antithesis of this, in terms of spells and abilities. If you were to use the mesoamerican setting, you could easily do an interesting ability system using blood sacrifice (or some kind of sacrifice to the gods) or something different like that. Actually, green /obsidian/ was of immense importance to the central american cultures... it symbolizes rebirth. That could easily be your currency too... A 'Planescape 2' is a bad direction to go in. But to call it that to get more donations? Go right ahead. Grim Fandango is an excellent example of how a creative 'morbid' setting can go. Planescape's right up there with it. Why I love Planescape so much is because of its setting... so getting the setting right is important. I want female characters that matter. That just aren't pieces of ass like Tali or Miranda from Mass Effect. I like Visas, but I think you can create a strong female role which is more complex than hers. Of course, 'keep it simple stupid' is also not a bad strategy to undertake. For this kind of project, you're getting all the money up front (though I suppose you want to consider selling this on Steam or something afterwards too), so I expect there to be a little level-headedness. You can't go overboard with your freedom, as that, in my experience, tends to create a lesser product. Some self-constraint is good. Romance? Well, a little bit is fine, but female characters exist to capture that other 'essence' of humanity and sex hardly has to do with that. Graphics don't matter. Voice acting does not matter. I don't want loads of money poured into either of these. In fact, you can have "average" graphics and that will more than suffice. Voice acting? It can be completely unvoiced. The only RPG which has ever had voice contribute to its atmosphere and value was Vampire Bloodlines: The Masquerade (though I guess some of Obsidian's Voice Acting has been good in the past). I doubt you will be able to achieve quality voice actors on a budget, so just skip this. A good soundtrack is great though. But just look at how bad voice acting detracts from the The Elder Scrolls games - don't do it! I don't think I need to tell you how to write. You do a great job at it. You can write the game like it's meant to be followed up by a sequel or not. But please, please, please make choices matter. Mass Effect is such a disappointment. Don't be afraid to go all out with this. Plan from the very beginning to make choices matter thoughout the game. If I **** up and the world ends, great! What you decide in the first five minutes of the game should directly effect what happens halfway through it, if you can manage that! The game being easily mod-able and open-world are big pluses but not required. I hope you're not teasing us by asking this question. I think a lot of us are serious. We would pay you $60 or more if gauranteed us another jewel like KOTOR2 or Planescape.
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    "Chanter skeleton summons set to 2nd level" -- did the skeletons also receive a buff? Asking because they're rather totally useless compared to Reny Daret's Ghost as it is. I wouldn't take it at 1st level in its current state, never mind 2nd.
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    This is my last response on this issue in these comments. If anyone would like to discuss this in detail please start a separate thread. I want the comments on this blog to be specifically about bug reports It is not uncommon for large games to ship with many bugs that need to be fixed. There is no magical bug number that the game should be at when you release a product. You release the product when you feel that the game should be released - because the quality is at the right level, because you run out of money, because you feel it is the best for the game/studio/franchise... a combination of many factors. The reason that PoE was not released as an Early Access game is because it wasn't an Early Access game. If you take us patching the game as proof that the game is Early Access then we have fundamentally different ideas of what Early Access means. Let me be clear, PoE is a finished product that Obsidian is dedicated to supporting. The product was deemed a finished product because Obsidian considered it a finished product. It is really as simple as that. If this is not something that you agree with you are free to hold that opinion, but I would argue against it. Like I mentioned previously, if you would like to discuss this further, please create a thread in the general Eternity forum.
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    To dmbot's point about companions initiating the dialogue: I agree that it does make them feel more alive, but it can sometimes be annoying, particularly if it's out of context. In BG2 I would be in some dark, messed up dungeon and then Jaheria and Aerie would start cat fighting over who likes me more (who could blame them). There would always be a dialogue option where you could tell them "not now" or "no one cares" but I never chose those for fear of affecting the relationship with them. So, while I do like when they bring stuff up, there's a time and place. Certain dialogues should probably only be initiated in towns, or traveling between places on the map. I always enjoyed the scenarios in the old SNES rpgs where you would sleep at an inn, and then a couple of your characters would wake up (with the world now tinted blue) and start talking about whatever.
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    What can change the nature of a man? Give us something with a story that makes us laugh, cry and think.
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    Hey @BAdler, please don't be discouraged by whiners like Baladas who can never be satisfied no matter what. I'm a software engineer myself, working on a big project with multiple conflicting priorities and limited resources, so I totally feel you. Obsidian is doing a great job and making all the right choices here. Keep up the good work, you are awesome!
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    Still no fix for hirelings being unpaid? No cipher ability nerf? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79180-cipher-beam-spells-are-completely-over-the-top/?do=findComment&comment=1691029
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    Tuned damage on Brilliant Radiance down. Why oh why would you do that? It's the only offensive 'per encounter' ability that Priest has, and you go nerfing it?
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    I agree. If the numbers are hidden (both the current influence score and the increase/decrease popups) it will feel much more natural (see #1). You will get to feel how companions think of you, whether it's clear as crystal or more obscured (see #2). #1 Treat a companion like dirt? After a while she starts to greet you more and more bitterly. Be nice to a cranky companion? He's still a prick to everyone else, but when talking to you he develops a normal tone. With hints like this, coupled with the fact that the player should remember which companions he's been friendly or unfriendly to, the whole influence/friendship part of companions will feel much more natural and less like you're simply manipulating these pieces of data for some reward. It would also be nice if companions started out with different opinions of you based on their personality as well as your character's class/race/background. A former reclusive might start out with a lower opinion of you than the other companions just because that's how he is - and if you're an Elf he'll start out even lower because of his racist views. #2 Say one companion is a noble and harmonic knight. Or he may have been schooled as one, but may not live up to that expectation all the time. Anyway, that is what is expected of him. So when you insult his political and religious views, his opinion of you drops to resentment. But because of his schooling, he does not show it in any way. Perhaps you'll only see his true opinion of you in some stressful situation where his facade breaks down for a moment, and if you're an observant player, you'll notice that he actually hates you and so you make up a plan to increase his opinion of you the next chance you get - if it's even possible at this point...
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    i agree very much, hide the numbers! i always end up playing in a way where i try to get the highest score with everyone - i just can't resist the numbers away with them! let us _feel_ the reaction of the guy, don't show us the numerical equivalent!
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    Great read, thanks for taking the time out to post this. However I should point out I have no problem with a character upstaging the character. If the story calls for it, and it makes sense in the world/lore. I don't see it as a problem. However I can see why you don't do this due to some peoples dislike for it. I also like the comment about PC personality having an effect on available characters, I loathe when a character sticks around even when you do something that goes against their beliefs right in front of them. I would be all for them leaving/ attacking the character based on past/previous/current decisions/actions.
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    Hi, me again... After seeing some very heated arguments pop up on various sites about what a game should be to be a true old-school RPG, I'm convinced that unlike Double Fine have been you should be *very clear* about the scope and goals of the game that is going to be made, so you don't get the sort of long term resentment and grief that Notch gets from some Minecraft "fans". I.e have this on the Kickstarter page: Related to that, with my earlier suggestion that you do like Order of the Stick and add milestone rewards to increase pledges, be careful that you don't alienate early donators. For instance, if you add iPad/console as a new reward if we would double the initial amount, I'm sure non-PC owners would (rightly) be overjoyed, and while I wouldn't begrudge them having the game there too, I'm sure you know you would face a level 10 inferno worth of people going "OH GOD NOOO! They are going to dumb down the interface!!". Because on the internet, believing something makes it true, no matter how much evidence to the contrary is produced. Also, for goodness sake don't overcommit and burn out on this Kickstarter. Create something small(ish), original and most of all polished! Then do another one if it is successful. Best suggestion so far in this thread in my opinion has been from ex-Obsidian "tevans": With all that said, I think something with the graphics level and gameplay complexity of Age of Decadence would make me very satisfied. Final comment: If isometric turn based would become a "thing" with you but Kickstarter is too limited, consider talking to Fredrik Wester of Paradox. They are growing as publishing company and have shown they are willing to fund some out there stuff. I'm sure they would be delighted to have a famous team like you as a feather in their hat.
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    As many before have said: The most important thing is that YOU do something you are happy with and spread your creative wings. I have mentioned it before, but I will chip in $1000 for a Kickstarter the first day, no matter what the game is about and how it is played. As long as Chris is head writer and you have your long time PC fans in focus. That said, I wouldn't be sad if this hypothetical game has lots of dialogue and the choice & consequences you do so well. Deep and difficult strategy if combat is present is nice. Isometric + turn based is usually best for this, but the classic Freedom Force shows that turn-based isn't a must and I really think too few games like it has been made on the PC. If you want to maximize pledge income, I think you should do what Order of the Stick is doing - adding new milestone goals so that pledging becomes a game in itself. Though with the "entitled gamer" culture being what it is, I suspect great adoration could turn to great anger when some people realize they won't get exactly the game they have imagined. I think managing public relations will be a challenge.... Adding a variety of small games in completely wild settings as subgoal rewards would be cool. Something like the small creative games Double Fine did to get their creative juices flowing again after almost being killed by Brutal Legend flopping. Ok, the realistic stuff over and done with, time to fantisize: Some dream settings I have always wanted to see turned into games (but if licence costs would mean less game - screw it, make your own IP): Anything China Mieville (though it is rumored he only has contempt for games). The Gentlemen Bastard world by Scott Lynch, rising in the ranks of a thieves guild from being abandoned there as an orphan. An occult detective story with secret magic warfare and people making disturbing pacts with dark forces set in Victorian London or the court of Louis XIV of France. A vivid bustling Constantinople of the Ottoman Empire with scheming eunuchs, Janissiaries and princesses of the Purple chamber... You cooperating with White Wolf to do a single player Werewolf: The awakening game (Werewolf is the only setting that improved in the second generation I think). A game where you kill the loathesome bad guy, only it turns out he has vital knowledge, so you have to defy the gods and spring his soul from hell. A game where instead of someone telling you to attack a place, a full-frontal assault will be suicide and instead you have to carefully infiltrate the location! Spying on the change of the guard, seducing intimidating or bluffing guardmen or servants to get a map of the grounds, not knowing in advance what the magical defences are, etc etc.
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    Yeah, going to have to agree with everybody else on one thing: New Intellectual Property, something unique, or at least not painfully and utterly generic. No elves and dragons, please. Preferably with bucketloads of worldbuilding and characters. More specifically, there's something I've always wanted from my Western RPGs, and that's a viable Diplomatic character build. A character who just sails through the game entirely on the merits of his or her charisma and intelligence alone. Or, if that's not entirely possible, at least would passively provide buffs for companion characters.
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    Good turn based combat like Temple of Elemental Evil, Age of Decadence combat demo or Jagged Alliance 2 or something fully original (Baten Kaitos is a fairly recent example of an entirely unique battle system) did. Unique world, not a Tolkien rip off, or generic space opera or generic modern day/spy fiction (though AP went for a less than serious parody approach in many places). Unique space opera or unique modern day (Like the World of Darkness or Deus Ex's web of conspiracies, and even then DX is near future) are fine. Licensed (Planescape, Avatar: TLA) or new doesn't matter. No boob armor/gratious cleavage. It can be appropriate to the character (Sie's Bond girl parody), but I really prefer it not get used Choices and Consquences I actually wouldn't mind seeing a non-sexualized female as a "fixed" player avatar (Like TNO or Gearalt or Mike), though customizable dood takes preference. And, as much as MCA would make it redundant to say: No ****ty romances. Graphics, as long as I can tell things apart and the prospective is consistent and not head tilting bad (coughKotCcough), same with voice acting Magic should never be bland. One great thing about 3.5 D&D is that while spells are broken even used as intended, they had effects beyond "blast, buff, nerf, heal" and rewarded creativity. Temple of Elemental Evil captures a lot of it, though is limited by the system. Extensive character customization. Easily modable.
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    At least make the game over 2000 hours long so we can get that sweet sense of pride and accomplishment when we finally finish it.
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    Truly, what was the rationale behind the Cipher nerfs? Although they have some spells that were very effective, they still had to juggle between physical attacks and spellcasting. Beyond specific combos, Ciphers already have some issues with keeping up with spellcasting in boss fights as focus generation have to be dependent on weapon attacks on bosses with good defences especially on higher difficulties. And facing that, it is now even harder to cast spells during boss fights?
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    Constant and Veteran's Recovery reduced from base 90s to base 45s duration Constant recovery was close to irrelevant at high levels already due to the lack of scaling. With the level cap increase this seems like a further, unwarranted nerf. As it is, it's already straight up worse than active healing abilities because you can't really control when it's used, so some of the ticks are often wasted; furthermore, a 45s base duration means that the total amount of the heal is now 45 endurance, tops, while Veteran Recovery now heals for 30. That's quite unimpressive compared to most healing abilities. I get that with the change to athletics they might prove redundant, but why don't you guys just remove them already and give fighters something worthwhile instead of just crippling it into uselessness? Also, is there a reason an ability with a set duration (and one that gets shorter ad shorter, it seems ) is still called Constant Recovery? The rest of the changes look good. Aside from that, I've been wanting to play a pig fighter watcher for awhile, so I'm glad that they're getting a melee attack :D
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    Here are a list of current bugs not addressed in the patch notes for 1.04. Links to the threads are posted where found. Please fix these, I did not pay for this game to be an unpaid beta tester. 1. Perma health increase. http://forums.obsidi...already +active http://forums.obsidi...um#entry1649615 2. Already activated ability bug. http://forums.obsidi...d/#entry1648202 http://forums.obsidi...d/#entry1648187 http://forums.obsidi...even-after-103/ http://forums.obsidi...already +active http://forums.obsidi...already +active 3. Sanitarium hostility bug. http://forums.obsidi...g/#entry1648561 http://forums.obsidi...ve#entry1642714 http://forums.obsidi.../?hl=sanitarium 4. Looting deselects party bug. Looting deselects party steps to reproduce: Select all party with backspace, loot a container, then the character looting remains selected and the rest of the party are deselected. Expected behavior: Whole party remains selected while looting. 5. Sound cutting from companion dialogue. http://forums.obsidi...um#entry1654194 http://forums.obsidi...-over-gets-cut/ 6. Reckless Assault bug. http://forums.obsidi...already +active http://forums.obsidi...already +active
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    Reckless Assault modal ability for Rogue is still not fixed? wtf
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    That's not an elegant solution. It's kind of lame. And doesn't even pertain directly to quests. Fortunately, I've got your solution for you. It's something I puzzled out a while ago as I too am interested in time limits on quests and other ways to make my beloved video games more sophisticated, challenging and consequential. The solution is that you alter the quest itself. You allow a certain amount of time for the simple solution to be taken. If the player dilly dallies that time away, the simple path is closed, and only the difficult path is left. Example: say you're playing a spy type RPG. You've received intelligence that a certain contact has valuable information you need to advance the quest. However, you're also warned that you should hurry to find him, because the Big Evil Semi-Secret Society of Bad Guys (BESSSBG, "Big Bess" for short) is out to get him. If you find him within a game day, say, then you can talk to him and get the info through a simple dialogue puzzle. But if it takes you more than a day to find him, you find him dead. Then you're on your own, chump. You've got to search his house. You know the info's in there somewhere, but the tricksie developers don't give you any clue that they've hidden it in a floor safe in a closet in the dead dude's bedroom. Hell, you can even add a timer to that path too. If you search for more than a game hour, the assassin from Big Bess comes back to the house because he left his cell phone on the kitchen counter when he hit the head to relieve himself after killing the dude and before taking the long drive back to bad guy headquarters. Now you have to deal with him too. There you have it. Problem solved. Quest is still complete-able, just harder to complete because your spy apparently doesn't take his job seriously enough to prioritize his time appropriately.
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    With so many ideas and such here (though most are just Planescape 2) it may be a better idea if the OE team just came up with a few pitches and then had us vote on them.
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    I'd pretty much fund wathever Obsidian decides to do, truth be told. I'm only looking for two things: an interesting story and great characters. I can adapt to the rest
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    A turn-based, party-based RPG in a unique setting with goals more ambitious than "adolescent power fantasy" and an emphasis on quality over quantity (no "RPGs must be x hours long" business filled with trivial killing and fetching tasks please).
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    Honestly, I'd just like to see a game that exemplifies what you and the rest of Obsidian do best. You have some fantastic writers, a great sense of how to make an RPG that actually offers a true role-playing experience, and you've created some complex, enjoyable, and immersive settings that are fun to get lost in. Something like that. To me, it doesn't matter if its isometric or 3D, I'd buy it. Here's a list of things I'd personally like to see in it: -Character Creation -Muted Player Character -Lots of dialogue/responses -Exploration -Make it possible to get to the end of the game without killing anyone Pretty much what you guys have already done with Planescape, KotOR 2, NWN2, and Fallout: New Vegas. I'd just like to see you guys carry on that tradition in some way. Good luck! If it happens, I'd support it!
  44. 5 points
    An rpg which encourages "roleplaying" through dialogue. What made the classic RPGs great was their ability to enable the player to reflect his character's ideas about the gameworld, to actually form opinions and voice them, and to see the consequences of your choices. Such practice requires a well written dialogue that is no longer suitable in todays console market. Ruleset, campaign setting and all other factors such as graphics and voice acting are of secondary importance. Though I would like to see another Planescape game, another WoD game, or another Arcanum game, I would settle for any real rpg that doesn't suffer from a fat rich publisher's streamlining requests.
  45. 5 points
    1. (Personal highest regarded choice) - A Fallout style original RPG in scifi (not in space, though), cyberpunk or steampunk setting. - Isometric (default) camera (but with options to zoom in and out, and camera rotation). - Tactical turnbased combat. - Partymember control would be nice but I wouldn't hold it against the game if it was not there. - Properly complex and rewarding characterdevelopement and overall rulesystem. - Multipath multisolution quests. - Lots of dialog. - Choices with actual consequences. - Moral ambiguousness in the setting and stories. - Adult themes handled in adult manner. - Themes of political powerplay, racism, religion, violence, etc. - More down to earth plot (no nameless random chosen one saving the world from an ancient evil). - No minigames (in the sense of lockpicking and hacking in New Vegas and Fallout 3), but all actions being done by character according to his/her skill. ...in a nutshell. Serious business. :D 2. Another game in the Planescape setting. This time with well done TB combat. 3. Another Vampire: The Masquerade game.
  46. 5 points
    I think that the biggest advantage of this model, is that the game doesn't have to cater to the mainstream audience, but you can make game that are aimed at the dedicated few. What this means to me, is that you won't have to spend money on things like voicing every line in the game, porting it to consoles, making it accessible to a wider audience, using top of the art graphics etc. I guess my point is, I'd be more than happy with the production values of the early 2000s games.You can instead focus on what us, the dedicated few can appreciate - Excellent story, deep and words-heavy dialogues and texts, isometric tactical combat, getting down and dirty with stats... What made old school PC RPGs great! I would happily pledge 100$ or possibly more (which is saying a lot, as I'm a rather poor animation student!) for a game like that. All I want is for the classics such as the Baldur's Gate series, Planesace: Torment etc. to be the inspiration, the game to largely based on the Infinity Engine gameple-wise and for the game to be PC-centric (Sorry, console-folks, but I believe this kind of game should be PC centric, beside, consoles RPGs don't really need any Kickstarting!) The setting should be unique and interesting and the story should to be something a little more interesting than "save the world", the characters shouls to be more than "elf wizard". Basically this game should have Romancing, reading, imagining and most of all - Role playing! My dream project would be a having the game set in the Dark Sun campaign setting. How amazing would that be? I understand if that could never happen due to licensing costs though.
  47. 5 points
    Hey Chris, Like I wrote on FB, the most pie-in-the-sky hope would be to see a remake of FO1 and FO2, but those would really have to be AAA development cycles. For something like this, an Isometric/turn-based/SRPG approach works best. It sounds like folks are generally in agreement that *the* most important thing is a deep, choices and consequences storyline with lots of great characters and deep relationships. The other trick to elevating that kind of game would be the small things - a headquarters with lots of smaller features and party interactions (like in the Suikoden series), character specific storylines, towns and villages that you can invest in (like the original Wild Arms or your own NWN2), stuff like that. One thing that I loved in KOTOR2 and would love to see executed even more complexly is when the party splits. It's a compelling dynamic to have the focus shift to different characters within an overarching plot line. One game template to consider is Shining Force 3. That game was broken up into three releases, each one featuring a different main characters. However, all three featured in each game, and there was an overall narrative that brought the plot threads together. America only got the first game in that series, so I don't know how well it worked, only that the concept alone is amazing and one you guys could obviously do justice. Oh, and one last thing I would love - an ability to name my characters. Even better...a chance to name characters at the beginning of the game, and enjoy it as they get introduced over the course of the narrative. ) Good luck, and hoping I get a chance to donate to the cause!
  48. 4 points
    Please add an option to either disable autosaving or reduce its frequency. It adds significantly to load times later in the game for my old machine.
  49. 4 points
    You will see a lot of people suggesting 3D RPGs, perhaps in the vein of Alpha Protocol and Mass Effect, but I'm sure you will also see very strong support for an OLD SCHOOL TOP DOWN ISOMETRIC (SIC) RPG. That's exactly what I would like Obsidian to do. It can be in any setting you wish, because I know Chris Avellone's writing skills shine through no matter what. A Planescape sequel / another game in the setting would be most welcome, but any other setting or space time combination would be great. Just make sure to include Sawyer, I love that guy as well!
  50. 4 points
    @CommanderCool Not a sequel. Another game set in the Planescape universe.
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