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    looong comment I would probably donate to a project started by Obsdian -- provided you give us more than what DoubleFine did (it's why I have not donated to them yet). I want a game concept, more than a genre and a promise that it will either be great or horrible. What is the setting, what elements do you want to try? The game can fail, in a sense, but we need to know more about what you want to create. We know we're taking a risk, but we need to be a little more informed about this risk. When a lot of the big picture is laid out, then I will support you. What would I like to see? First of all, Obsidian does great work, but you guys also have made some big flops. You've not always had the best gameplay ideas, though your narrative and the general flow of the game tends to be incredible. I would like to see a unique, unused setting. Perhaps something pre-historic and/or anachronistic. Maybe something political? The Indus valley civilization. The ancient Olmec, the forgotten people of Teotihuacan, the people of Ankor Wat. Something quietly sinister. Something unknown. Something mystical and ancient combined with modern elements (Perhaps the cities surrounding these great ruins are really anachronistic, with some modern inventions like guns or steel or machinery or very advanced mathematics or philosophy). I would absolutely love to see "Kreia" return. As far as I'm concerned, she's the best character to have been featured in your games. A "neutral", unreliable yet wise character with a complex motive. If you can promise someone like Kreia, I will shell out sixty American dollars. You don't need a large cast of party members. Three to four will suffice, if they're all of sufficient depth and design. The scope of the game does not need to be "epic"; though it should obviously be of some decent length (longer than the newest Final Fantasy we were just graced with, which clocks in at under 25 hours). As for gameplay, you can do "traditional" Baldur's Gate-like combat with its isometric perspective. Or you could do something real-time like Skyrim (though please, please don't copy Skyrim's abominable combat system). I would only ask that spells and abilities be unique or at least interesting. Skyrim is exactly the antithesis of this, in terms of spells and abilities. If you were to use the mesoamerican setting, you could easily do an interesting ability system using blood sacrifice (or some kind of sacrifice to the gods) or something different like that. Actually, green /obsidian/ was of immense importance to the central american cultures... it symbolizes rebirth. That could easily be your currency too... A 'Planescape 2' is a bad direction to go in. But to call it that to get more donations? Go right ahead. Grim Fandango is an excellent example of how a creative 'morbid' setting can go. Planescape's right up there with it. Why I love Planescape so much is because of its setting... so getting the setting right is important. I want female characters that matter. That just aren't pieces of ass like Tali or Miranda from Mass Effect. I like Visas, but I think you can create a strong female role which is more complex than hers. Of course, 'keep it simple stupid' is also not a bad strategy to undertake. For this kind of project, you're getting all the money up front (though I suppose you want to consider selling this on Steam or something afterwards too), so I expect there to be a little level-headedness. You can't go overboard with your freedom, as that, in my experience, tends to create a lesser product. Some self-constraint is good. Romance? Well, a little bit is fine, but female characters exist to capture that other 'essence' of humanity and sex hardly has to do with that. Graphics don't matter. Voice acting does not matter. I don't want loads of money poured into either of these. In fact, you can have "average" graphics and that will more than suffice. Voice acting? It can be completely unvoiced. The only RPG which has ever had voice contribute to its atmosphere and value was Vampire Bloodlines: The Masquerade (though I guess some of Obsidian's Voice Acting has been good in the past). I doubt you will be able to achieve quality voice actors on a budget, so just skip this. A good soundtrack is great though. But just look at how bad voice acting detracts from the The Elder Scrolls games - don't do it! I don't think I need to tell you how to write. You do a great job at it. You can write the game like it's meant to be followed up by a sequel or not. But please, please, please make choices matter. Mass Effect is such a disappointment. Don't be afraid to go all out with this. Plan from the very beginning to make choices matter thoughout the game. If I **** up and the world ends, great! What you decide in the first five minutes of the game should directly effect what happens halfway through it, if you can manage that! The game being easily mod-able and open-world are big pluses but not required. I hope you're not teasing us by asking this question. I think a lot of us are serious. We would pay you $60 or more if gauranteed us another jewel like KOTOR2 or Planescape.
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    Good turn based combat like Temple of Elemental Evil, Age of Decadence combat demo or Jagged Alliance 2 or something fully original (Baten Kaitos is a fairly recent example of an entirely unique battle system) did. Unique world, not a Tolkien rip off, or generic space opera or generic modern day/spy fiction (though AP went for a less than serious parody approach in many places). Unique space opera or unique modern day (Like the World of Darkness or Deus Ex's web of conspiracies, and even then DX is near future) are fine. Licensed (Planescape, Avatar: TLA) or new doesn't matter. No boob armor/gratious cleavage. It can be appropriate to the character (Sie's Bond girl parody), but I really prefer it not get used Choices and Consquences I actually wouldn't mind seeing a non-sexualized female as a "fixed" player avatar (Like TNO or Gearalt or Mike), though customizable dood takes preference. And, as much as MCA would make it redundant to say: No ****ty romances. Graphics, as long as I can tell things apart and the prospective is consistent and not head tilting bad (coughKotCcough), same with voice acting Magic should never be bland. One great thing about 3.5 D&D is that while spells are broken even used as intended, they had effects beyond "blast, buff, nerf, heal" and rewarded creativity. Temple of Elemental Evil captures a lot of it, though is limited by the system. Extensive character customization. Easily modable.
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    Constant and Veteran's Recovery reduced from base 90s to base 45s duration Constant recovery was close to irrelevant at high levels already due to the lack of scaling. With the level cap increase this seems like a further, unwarranted nerf. As it is, it's already straight up worse than active healing abilities because you can't really control when it's used, so some of the ticks are often wasted; furthermore, a 45s base duration means that the total amount of the heal is now 45 endurance, tops, while Veteran Recovery now heals for 30. That's quite unimpressive compared to most healing abilities. I get that with the change to athletics they might prove redundant, but why don't you guys just remove them already and give fighters something worthwhile instead of just crippling it into uselessness? Also, is there a reason an ability with a set duration (and one that gets shorter ad shorter, it seems ) is still called Constant Recovery? The rest of the changes look good. Aside from that, I've been wanting to play a pig fighter watcher for awhile, so I'm glad that they're getting a melee attack :D
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    It must be a decade since I last played Planescape: Torment, and I've been waiting since then for another game like it. I don't mean some sort of prescriptive nostalgia-fest with isometric what-have-yous and all that, but I would love to see something that picked up where it left off in terms in of being driven by character and themes rather than dungeons and combat and power fantasies. I remember the combat being so easy as to be basically trivial by the time you started wandering out into the Planes to do really bizarre things --- and that felt absolutely great; by that time you were hooked by the story and didn't care. Planescape was a seriously lean game, the opposite of a Dragon Age or a Baldur's Gate. There must have been a little filler, but not much. Fighting happened when the plot needed it, and quests told interesting stories that expanded on the games' themes. Items, stats, and lore appeared when you needed them and kept out of the way most of the time. And most important, the story never, ever stopped moving. I don't really remember anything about the gameplay mechanics --- I can't remember a single spell (and I'm pretty sure my Nameless One was a mage), nor one fight, nor a single item --- except for the sacred disc that the religious exile carried and which you gradually unlocked to discover his past and its intersection with the Nameless One. But I sure remember the bizarre mystery of the Nameless One's past and the terrible realization that all the evil you got a chance to fix in the game had started with him. I remember the chaste succubus and the renegade robot and the tower of skulls that you had once pulled Morty out of --- and the remarkable revelation that he was the game's most faithful character. And the Lewis Carrol-weird portals to other worlds. I remember how uncomfortable it made you with who you were, and how you gradually realized that every one of the characters was somehow fighting their own nature. And oh, man, I remember the themes. They were over-the-top and a little ridiculous and really fantastic. I don't remember any moment in gaming better than when you realized why the game was called Torment and how much it was really about what can change the nature of a man. For me anyway, that's what made it unique. I don't think there's ever been anything else like it, and it would make me enormously happy if there were.
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    - no fix for abilities getting stuck as "already activated" - no fix for (randomly) varying movement speed among characters - no fix for perma health increase after fighting guls - no Sanitarium hostility fix Yeah, this is the last time I pre-order anything.
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    Sweet I might actually be able to play this cool game i bought last week now.
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    Another thing a companion should bring to the game is you should get access to at least one quest that you wouldn't otherwise get access to without them in your party. Also, at some point with any companion-only quest line, there should be at least one interesting decision for the player to make. At the end of the game they should be able to look back on that decision and wonder what would've happened had they made a different choice.
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    Yes, but what about Obsidian's Kickstarter project?
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    Pretty much this. Then again, it's the whole point of a Kickstarter project (especially in the case of a well-known developer, like Double Fine or Obsidian). Anyway, they have my full support as long as they promise two things: 1) Solid, satisfying combat (whatever style, and only if the game has combat) 2) Proper QA / bug hunting These are usually the glaring issues that plague their otherwise brilliant games.
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    I would cash everything I have in the bank and give it to Obsidian if they did this: Onyx Nights 1. An open-source 3D engine similar to NWN2 (so the ****ty camera can always be programmed correctly). 2. A scripting system that is easy/robust as NWN2. 3. A rules set that is fully customizable (as in it could support any rule system). 4. A ****ton of art assets including medieveal/modern/space. 5. Tile and 3D environments, just like NWN2. 6. Very good modding support for 3D models (3DS Max and that open-source one). 7. Combat can be turn-based or RTwP. 8. FACEGEN (so you can create as many new/different looking NPC's) and Speedtree 9. An easy to use yet powerful editor that is also open-source. Basically take all the bad from NWN2 like it only uing the D&D ruleset, and open-sourced and very very modder friendly. If Obsidian truly cared about the cRPG genre, they would spearhead a game developed like this. That said, they are however a business and need to make something that would be profitable for the company. They probably could re-tool the onyx engine already to do all of the above. There you go Obsidian. This is something you could give to the entire cRPG community and it would only continue to grow and thrive.
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    I am definitely looking for banana! A lot of cool stuff.
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    How come NONE of these in this thread have been addressed? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79258-common-recurring-bug-list-patch-105/ These were supposed to be fixed in this patch at least: cRichards Developers 241 posts This is the status of some of the issues mentioned as far as I am aware: #2 Companion dialogue skipping - Probably an issue with the computer running a parallel server or virtual OS, addressed here #4 Permanent status effects - Fixed and retroactive #5 Paladins in Noonfrost disabling passives - Fixed and retroactive #6 Dual-wielding with unarmed and 1 weapon not working properly- Fixed #7 Retaliation on friendly spells - Fixed #12 Losing items when dismissing companions - Fixed, cannot be retroactive Seriously, what is going on with this game and its treasure trove of game-play bugs? And the sound bug was established by users as NOT being related to anything on the post linked. And how on earth can this not be fixed yet? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79382-issuebug-hiravias-stuck-at-half-endurance/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79445-bug-permanent-reduced-endurance-for-hiravias/?hl=endurance Good job customer beta testers, you are doing a nice unpaid job for obsidian. Me too with all my bug report compilations. If I was business savvy I would be asking for some kind of compensation for all this. :D Even the devs admit we ate doing their work: cRichards "Two-handed weapons are intended to cost twice the amount of ingredients to enchant, but very nice job discovering that the x2 ingredient requirement does not properly get reset when viewing the crafting menu. This issue has been reported to the team. Keep up the great work!" https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79288-105-v567-crafting-bug-ingredients/ So, keep it up guys, your great unpaid work for the devs!
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    The issue no longer occurs. However, if you have a save file with this issue already on it, follow these simple steps to fix it for good: 1. Turn OFF Reckless Assault 2. Save the Game 3. Load the Game 4. Turn ON Reckless Assault 5. Save the game 6. Load the game 7. Turn OFF Reckless Assault 8. Save the Game 9. Load the Game
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    The game is still way too demanding in terms of system requirements for how it looks. I just hope you guys realize that and work on at least some optimizations. =/
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    won't start my 1st playthrough until this is released
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    I believe most of what I would wish from potential Kickstart funded game made by you has already been said among all these posts, but since this is a vote of sorts I'll add my opinion among the others to weigh it just slightly bit more towards what I'd like. While getting a sequel, or a prequel for that matter, to any RPG made by Black Isle Studios or Troika Games would be fantastic, I'm still not going to ask for your hands to be tied by the earlier history of some people on your team. Yet getting something in the spirit of those games is what I would wish to see, since good role-playing games are a rare breed nowadays. Having you to use your budget for licensing something is not something I'd want you to have to do, unless you can get a real bargain with no strings attached and you think it's worth it, so I'm completely fine with original IP of your own. Having all the dialogue in the game voice acted? Well, while I have nothing against good voice acting it's again a money sink and I'd rather have three times as much equally good dialogue in written form. Of course having key characters in the game voice acted adds to their depth and feeling of importance and if it is doable at reasonable cost then why not. Apart from the aforementioned points I have no further wishes for the potential project. I know from experience that you can make really captivating games with interesting story, memorable characters and great dialogue and all this despite someone breathing down your neck, so no matter what direction you decide to take this project I will be backing it in anycase just to give you a chance to work freely for a change. Thank you, and best of luck with all the demands us fans make!
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    Another one who signed up just for this thread. I used to post on the BIS forums though. I would support any game that Team Torment would have made before all the financial pressures at BIS/Interplay forced them to make action games like Icewind Dale II (and to a lesser extent IWD). IMO, Obsidian has only made two good games since BIS. MOTB and FONV. I never liked the KOTOR series or Alpha Protocol for some reason. Not because of the writing, which I'm sure was great, but because of the combat mechanics which I found unbearably dull. I would love to see a PS:T 2 in spirit. To some extent MOTB was like that. Except the story, although excellent, was not nearly as good. In fact I'd also love to see an MOTB sequel in spirit. Of those of us who worship MCA as a god among men I think it is nearly always due to the genius that was PS:T. It wasn't merely a game. It managed to transcend game-ness into something that was more like a wonderful novel. It was the story that continuously pulled you through the game. I really wanted to solve the mysteries of the story. I think the way to repeat that is just to write a good story again which would intrigue the player and make the player want to discover whatever tantalizing secrets you've set up. Unfortunately great stories like that tend to be associated with a lack of replay value. Even FONV suffers from that. It's the inherent trade off I think you always find in CRPGs between story and strategic combat. Although I think it might be possible to write a compelling story for a game like BG2 which I still replay due to its fun combat. Bioware was never able to write, but Gaider and company definitely knew how to design a fun combat system. Then after you finished the story you could replay just for the strategic fun of the battles. I did like the Planescape setting, but it sounds logistically impossible to purchase a license for it. Why not simply take most of the things that were great about the setting and use those? I liked the Planescape setting because it seemed like an interesting and complete world. Things like the lady of pain and made up words like 'birk' etc. It was wonderful. But you don't need Planescape for that. All it takes is some imagination to make up your own unique setting for the game with its own gods and mythology and little sayings and way of speaking. So the perfect game would have a suspenseful/philosophical/thoughtful story like PS:T (and to a lesser extent MOTB) and the strategic battle mechanics of something like BG2 or TOEE. Battles should be sufficiently difficult and complex that they would be pretty much impossible to play in real time. You have to pause and think and micromanage your characters to win and even then you should not always win. That obviously implies either RTwP with an autopause as in the IE games or true turn based as in the Fallouts. I don't personally have much preference between the two. As others have said you don't need any voice acting at all. Good voice acting is wonderful but its not essential. Of course if you could find voice actors who were competent and very cheap or even free well..., but that's the kind of thing you'd want to just tack on at the end if you had the time and money to do so. You can also skip the soundtrack. A good soundtrack can definitely add to the emotional punch, like Deionarra's Theme in PS:T, but getting someone like Mark Morgan is probably too expensive for a project like this. Although it is possible to find skilled, unknown composers who will work for peanuts or even free (for the credits). The only aspect of sound that I think is essential are the sound effects. Those are critical. One game that had particularly good, even memorable, sound effects was Arx Fatalis. As far as graphics, as others have said, I don't want that to be the focus. As long as the graphics are as good as any of the Infinity Engine games that is more than sufficient. The focus on graphics should be adequacy and cost, not supremacy. In most modern games 90% of the focus is on the graphics and 10% on everything else. I would hope for something more like 80/20 in the other direction. Iron Tower Studios has even gone so far as to use the awful Torque3D engine and yet it looks like their game is shaping up to be wonderful. I don't think it matters whether the graphics are 2D or 3D. Just do whatever is the most cost effective. Probably that will come down to what your artists are actually better at and what graphics engines you have available. I guess you don't have the license to the Infinity Engine anymore, which is too bad because it was perfectly adequate. Maybe you could figure out a way to adapt the engine from the latest action game you made. Just make sure to remove any somersaults and other console kiddie 'ooh shiny!' and silly, unrealistic, fighting moves from it. Everyone is making games for them. Including you. They don't need to fund a game like this. Publishers already love the kiddies. You'd also have to convert it to turn based or RTw(a)P. As far as deciding on a setting. I don't think the setting should be a primary consideration. I think the great Master Chris Avellone should let his imagination do its thing and come up with a story first. The greatness of the game hinges on that. You are the only game studio that has someone like you: a good, perhaps even gifted, writer. As a studio that's your greatest strength. Any publisher who doesn't realize that is a fool. If you come up with a good story idea in a futurustic Blade Runner-esque sci-fi setting go for that. If you come up with a good high fantasy story involving dragons and wizards and magic go that way. Or maybe multi-dimensional or time travel fantasy like Time Bandits or A Wrinkle in Time or something. I think one of the great things about the story in PS:T was that it had some some tragedy mixed with philosophy that really made you think. So maybe a story with some great tragedy at its center. One story that reminds me of the tragedy at the center of PS:T was the film A Tale of Two Sisters. In that film there was a ghost who didn't realize she was a ghost and when she did realize it she discovered that she was already dead. Another way of choosing the setting is based on what engines you have available. Obviously a Scifi setting probably isn't going to work with your Dungeon Seige engine. Or maybe it could be adapted. I don't know. I think it would be great if you and Feargus could come up with various price points and what it would buy us. How much extra money would it take to get at least some area-focused game music? How much extra money for this kind of setting or that kind of setting? How much to finish Torn or other projects you started but didn't finish? That sort of thing. That might give us various levels to shoot for. Although ultimately each of us can only contribute what we can afford. Also is it possible that you could find a publisher or other investor who might be willing to meet whatever you can raise with crowd-funding as an investment? If you could raise, say, $500,000 with kickstart that would give you a million to work with.
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    I hope that you, as a company, would get to make the game you want to make - true art comes from the heart.
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    There's a false dichotomy going on here that's bugging me. It goes like this: "An old, isometric game you could NEVER sell to a publisher because, uh... it's old! So make that, Obsidian!" Except, to the contrary, an isometric, old-school, traditional RPG with low costs and low risks (to the niche being sold to) would have no trouble finding a publisher. I mean, look at the success GoG have had. If a developer approached a group of publishers asking them to sell such a game, they'd probably end up with more than a few offers. I agree with the notion of having something you couldn't sell to a publisher, but a thing that's already been tried and proven isn't the way to go about it. "Wild and risky!" doesn't equal "Make the same game that GoG is selling twenty times over." I mean, the way most people do it is to either keep the traditional mechanics, or the traditional setting, and that's why that sells. Cthulhu Saves the World and Avernum have seen success, so has Kingdom of Amalur. But (barring perhaps the humour of Cthulhu), these games are all quite dull. Quite, quite dull. The way to really create a game that a publisher wouldn't buy would be to go outside of the comfort zone of the lowest common denominator. And that means being experimental and controversial, not only with your setting but with your mechanics. It's intellectually dishonest to claim that a publisher wouldn't buy something that's a sure bet, and really, with the low production costs of an isometric RPG and a studio like Obisdian behind it, that's a sure bet. This is why I challenge them to be abstract with their game, to NOT create the same generic world, to NOT create the same generic RPG, to NOT dwell on the same old mechanics. To make something that's actually new, and to do it their own way.
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    I want a game that has the literary/thought-provoking ambitions of PS:T, in a world that is at least as interesting as PS:T's - and when I say 'interesting', that could include contemporary times, just something that's fascinating and well thought out. Beyond that, I'm happy to give MCA and crew free-reign. In PS:T, I found the combat boring and often would cheat to raise wisdom, intelligence and charisma to max levels just so i could get the dialogue and choices - so I can't cast a vote behind using those gameplay mechanics again. But the world, characters, story and quality of writing made it one of the greatest games of all time. Do that again, please... And get Mark Morgan to do the soundtrack. Also, if Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are up for it, involve them as well
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    Ideally I'd like to see the Source engine Arcanum game in some form. Probably not on that engine in particular now but I'd take it. Something very similar in style to Bloodlines would be incredible as well. Licensing not required; it's not why the game was great. Oh, you know, Troika stuff.
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    Hey Awesome, this sounds and looks cool. When can we expect to see the Rise of the Goblins content go live? Will the Rise of the Goblins Adventure Path contain multiple adventures (maybe 6 in total) or is it just a one shot? How will the changed cards interact with the Stash and the Rise of the Runelords Adventure path? Will existing Treasure, Promo and Loot cards be available in the Rise of the Goblins Adventure path? If Rise of the Goblins is an Adventure path, will there be new loot cards? How will asymmetrical Dice work? Will we ever get more than 24 Character slots? My vote is for Vika or Flenta Thanks
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    If we don't get a banana with the next patch, we riot!!
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    Thanks for adding some developer names to the features! I started out being annoyed that the first few things are cosmetic, but it makes sense that not everyone can be working on adding new content or fixing issues
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    The cipher powers recent buff sounds actually quite good. There are a lot of fun and diverse tools now. A nice and subtle change is what Obsidian did for Whisper of Treason and Tenuous Grasp. Now you have a CC followed by debuff versus a slighter longer CC with faster cast, but without debuff. Both are nice, you will probably not select both, but each of them has its purpose. Now it seems that Cipher are meant to be the top dog for Single Target CC. They have a lot of excellent spells for this, with slightly different uses (Whisper of Treason/Tenuous Grasp for quick and cheap CC, Mental Binding to deal more demage to the target, Puppetmaster for complete, quick and long domination, Silent Scream to kill some stuff around.) AoE CC are a bit less noticeable, but Amplified Wave is still valuable, and Mind Plague is still a crazy spell (It was the best cipher power IMHO, even if less convenient than the old amplified wave. Multi-target Hard CC with crazy duration is priceless.) They also have a wide range of (mostly) ally friendly AoE damage powers, from echo to Detonate, which is rather cool too. But still no love for this poor stasis field ? 70 focus for a single target hard CC which prevents from attacking the target ? This power's concept is not bad, especially after adding immunities to the game (I don't think that a single creature is immune to stasis). My suggestion would be either longer duration or greater bonus to accuracy. 60-70 focus will happen in most fights. Cipher will start at 45 at max level. So you barely have to deal about 45 - 75 damages to cast them (without even counting draining whip... or greater focus). That's not so much. But I agree major Power will become more rare. But I don't think it's so bad. Spamming Amplified Wave was strong but boring. But please consider that 10 focus from greater focus is a lower amount of focus if all powers cost more. It could be better to raise it to 15-20 bonus focus. Anyway, I feel that 3.0 will make the class probably neither stronger nor weaker, but nicer to play. I was tired of spamming Amplified Wave. Nice job, Obsidian !
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    Well yes, a description was already there since the beginning What I mean is, does it have a black-and-white illustration of the weapon in the style of the IE games? All soulbound weapons do except for The Grey Sleeper in 2.01. Example from St Ydwen's Redeemer: By the way, do modals retain their graphical effect upon saving/loading now? Gotcha. Ya still no illustration. sorry about that.
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    URGENT fter new update prcision system seems bugged, generally weapon upgrade seems does give precison upgrades on my old saves. I notedthi lookin became precision level very low in my characters.
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    I will dig through our changelists for more specifics.
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    The way you experienced it is the way it is intended; only 1 2nd faction quest should be able to be accepted and completed. However, there was a very specific way of progressing through the quests that allowed players to accept 2 of the 2nd faction quests, which also made it impossible to complete any of them. This issue should now be resolved.
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    Oh this looks like a good one! Can't wait to try wizards after those buffs.
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    Really soon! I heard today that they sent along the final cut for us to review, so once that makes its rounds internally (and barring any adjustments) we'll get it out there. Thanks for the interest. Nice. Thanks for the update! And thanks for an awesome game! It was well worth the 2 1/2 year wait! Oh, and more personally, thanks again for letting me come down and tour your office with Adam immediately following the Kickstarter campaign. Not sure if you would even remember that since it was so long ago, but it happened!
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    "Chill Fog is now a friend or foe spell." BOOOOO
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    Darren your Avatar killed me ^_^
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    For players who own the GOG version, will this patch be available straight away, either on GOG or as a stand-alone installer?
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    Does that mean I can't have a pretentious professor, philosopher with a handgun and a monocle as a companion?
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    Augghh, so many things come to mind! I certainly agree with something Planescape or an Isometric turn-based rpg. I wouldn't mind something like NWN2 graphics-wise but with more freedom in terms of character face creation so the player could tweak things more. Other than that anything in the Forgotten Realms (or any other D&D setting) could do. But most of all I'd love to see some new IP. Planescape and Fallout really stand out because they don't fit with your usual fantasy or sci-fi setting. I'd love to see a type of fantasy that isn't all orcs, dwarves and elves (how about unique races for a unique world). And I don't mean just grabbing an existing culture and making a fantasy version of that (though this can be done well sometimes), I mean completely making everything up. It would be so nice and refreshing. I really liked how colourful the spirit creatures were in NWN2: MotB. The way that you worked your character up from such a low level to practically being able to take on gods in NWN2: MotB and BG2 really gave a sense of your character progressing. And the way both those stories tied to the players character personally (I don't get this whole thing against 'chosen ones' some people have, they can be used to create very good and immersing stories). Would definitely like to see something focusing on dialogue, character interaction and player choices in dialogue too. I dislike the way a lot of games seem to be trimming down on what the players character can say these days. I don't care about the players character being voiced, I want the freedom to actually make my own character, not have it decided for me. Bring on the interesting and intricate plots that can actually surprise and shock you. Also: Choices that aren't plain black/white or good/evil. I am a big fan of neutral options, or being able to sneakily have things both ways by double-crossing people. I've been interested in the idea of a science fiction setting with magic for a while too and how that might work. But there are so many different ways you can go with making up something new. As long as it was an rpg where I could make my own character I don't think I'd be able to resist trying it. (Whoops, I ramble)
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    The prospect of a new RPG true to the golden 97-2002 era makes me shiver and cry! So long the wait... Dear Santa Chris, I would like a top-down game (with optional other cam modes, why not) with a deep and rich atmosphere, story and characters. A game made with 100% pure juice of cleverness and 0% clich
  40. 1 point
    I don't think they were passionate and proud about DS3. That falls under the category of making license plates. I don't think MCA even worked on that Diablo clone. Another Diablo clone is just what the world needed and Obsidian were passionate about providing it? As far as South Park, I'm left speechless. I don't even know what to say. What's next? A Beavis and Butthead game? That stuff isn't about art. It's about doing what you think will make the most money. Pandering to the lowest common denominator. A race to the bottom. If they were already doing what they wanted I don't think they would need a kickstart project. The problem is that real cRPGs are dead and buried. RIP. Good ones are profitable, but not profitable enough for publishers and investors.
  41. 1 point
  42. 1 point
    This was all said by 'Wulf' (the stuff that I'm replying to) but the quotes stuffed up and this is me trying to fix them. Nope didn't work, guess it hates me messing around with the quotes. Hmmm well I guess we all have different opinions on what games were really that great anyway, so actually people are asking for sequels to games that (in their head) were really that great? Not sure how constructive that bit is but whatever. And asking for a sequel to a game, while unimaginative, is also pretty convenient shorthand for "The kind of work you did here? This was good. I would like to play another thing that has similar experiences." For example, Planescape Torment is wordy as all heck and has weird people or whatever, people want to see that, I dunno. This next bit confuses me. I don't think anyone was advocating a difficult UI. Most isometric games I've played have been relatively easy to control. Well these are good ideals I guess but 'do something new' is fairly nebulous. Some systems work pretty well, and having had them once, people are often gonna want them again rather than some nebulous "New revolutionary thing that is totally gonna blow your mind I promise you, or my name's not Peter Molyneux!" (OK perhaps a little cynical, but I am often fairly skeptical of alleged 'paradigm shifts'.) Then again, games like Baldurs Gate and Planescape: Torment are even more beloved than Bloodlines, so perhaps the isometry (Is that a word? Probably not, I've decided to use it anyway) is not the reason for Redemption's relative obscurity as you seem to think. I don't really know what you're talking about here. Is this about how a lot of the mechanics in RPGs are based on stat numbers? Like, percentage change to do x amount of damage, that kind of stuff? If so that kind of stuff's actually pretty important in an RPG. Being able to reduce the value of items and stats to a numerical figure is easier than a bunch of nebulous 'excellent/good/bad' or whatever values. I mean you probably meant something else entirely but to be honest I'm not certain. It gets a bit weird from here on because you do all this ridiculous gushing and talking about paradigm shifts and how they're not hard... but you're also still calling other people hipsters? Odd, but OK... I guess my response to this bit is in my rewrite of your bit. Telepathy, gotcha. Been done. Worked OK I guess, by which I mean it was exactly like normal speech except they'd punctuate it with asterisks or something and mess with the syntax. Actually I'm not sure most publishers would be all that keen on PS:T, it was a 'cult classic' rather than a 'box office smash', and those are not exactly what every publisher dreams of. Agreed on the licensing thing, although I'm not sure why option 'b' has to be 'something unusual'. I've played 'something unusual' a number of times, it rarely ends well. My impression of the original suggestion was that we, the potential backers, would be giving them an idea of things we like, not trying to design their game for them. Smooth. Play the 'get some time up' card. Also, mildly amused at the "Not played years of RPGs" and then referencing a game that came out over a decade ago. If paradigm shifts were 'not hard' they'd probably occur a little more frequently and a little more successfully. And reading Avellone's original post, it actually seems like number crunching, sequels and 'ancient game', as you so dismissively put it, are exactly what this is 'all about'. The problem with your above ideas (apart from being a pretentious load of tripe) is that in general, we play characters for whom a world will NOT be alien. Trying to play a game in a world where everything should be totally normal to your character, when actually everything is completely bizarre to the player, is an artificial barrier to roleplaying that runs counter to its ideals. Familiarish settings are good because they help facilitate roleplaying. EDIT: Well this quote thing is now my archnemesis.
  43. 1 point
    Honestly, I would sell my soul for modern-day remake of Planescape with all the content that "might have been" "should have been" or "wanted to have been" :D Alternatively, another game set in the Planescape universe would be wonderful, there is INFINITE potential for that universe. I don't think I'd want a Planescape 2 as such though. But I'd trust you guys to know what's best and make another legendary classic <3
  44. 1 point
    Fallout Van Buren resurrects with modern HD 2D isometric view and new scifi story. How about the story before Fallout, just before the apocalypse...
  45. 1 point
    So in my opinion you should be careful about how much money you are expecting out of this. If you're lucky, you can repeat the success that Double Fine had. But still you probably should not put in a number such as 1 million dollars to start with. It's clear that Double Fine aimed too low with 300.000 for the game (+100.000 for the documentary), but you have to remember that you don't usually see numbers this high on Kickstarter. You should probably aim for a game that you can make with a few people and a low budget of something like 500.000 dollars. So from the technical side something old school without voice acting and probably with 2D art. And then the idea of this entire thing is to fund a game that wouldn't get made through the classical publishing process. And I do believe that your chances of Kickstarter success are highest if you do something like that. That being said I would like to play a truly fantastical game again. As in a game outside of the boring elves'n'dwarves fantasy worlds. And I would like to play something that is really heavy on story. Which doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be a lot of story, but rather that the story is very important to the game. Otherwise I'll trust you to do something awesome.
  46. 1 point
    As much as I loved Planescape: Torment (I'd love a sequel) and Alpha Protocol (the combat lacked some polish, but the RPG elements were superb), I don't think you should be beholden to any sort of particular IP. I imagine the licenses and strictures of certain IPs present their own expense issues (You don't own Planescape or Alpha Protocol I imagine). Aside from thinking an actual Shadowrun RPG would be cool (surely that license went cheap after FASA killed it?), I think a new IP is a cool idea. What I LOVE about Obsidian is the quality of the storytelling, the depth of the characters and dialog, and the extent to which you make that interaction a part of the game. I think you've run afoul of deadlines and issues with other people's engine's in the past. Your strength has always been there though. Even industry "leaders" like Bioware can't touch you when it comes to dialog/characters. While alot of people enjoy them, I think Bioware falls in "Bioware-isms" with their characters, and you get cliches,repetition, laziness, etc. To reiterate, I don't think the engine or IP necessarily matter. It's about doing what you do best. Though I think it should attempt to be at least "kinda" modern in terms of support/platform (support HD resolutions, possibly console release if that's not too painful).
  47. 1 point
    The bottom line is I'm willing to throw at least $50 into any RPG Obsidian funds this way. It's just too cool to have this kind of direct input into what games get made and I want to support doing it this way. I also trust you guys to make a good game, whether you listen to suggestions in this thread or not. Things that I'd like to see: * A turn-based or at least pausable battle system. Make me think a little bit. * A unique setting * Strong story and characters Things that aren't so important to me: * Graphics - pretty graphics are nice, but I'm willing to sacrifice them for other things * Voice acting - again, nice to have, but something I'm willing to forego * Licensed setting/characters - unnecessary and too expensive
  48. 1 point
    Well, I consider excellent writing and meaningful choices/consequences to be a given, with Obsidian's pedigree. Beyond that I'd like to see: 1. Turn-based, party-based (at least 2 NPCs with full control over them), enjoyable combat. No tedious filler combat or trash mobs! Every encounter should be at least moderately interesting. 2. Option for a female main character and decent visual design of female characters in general. No whore/stripper/high heels/steel bikini estethics, please! DS3 visuals were utterly cringeworthy and ensured that I'd never, ever buy it. 3. Exploration should be about more than just combat. I'd really love to see some pit traps, secret doors, illusionary walls, etc. I know that a lot of RPG fans are in arms about puzzles, but surely something that takes into account stats (but not to the extent of PST's puzzles, which were all about stats) and is strictly environmental could be acceptable? Party needing to affix a rope to get over a chasm, strong character being able to lift something heavy and uncover a secret passage, a mage (or an explosives specialist) being able to blow something up ditto, or maybe freeze water with a cold spell/some tech gadget, etc. Indie iOS (!) games reminded me how enjoyable something like that could be.
  49. 1 point
    Yeah, me too. But I want something... deeper. I want several types of Conversation Skills (instead of a catch-all Skill, like Speech), like Charm, Intimidate, Seduce, Deceive, Outwit, etc.,Like, instead of having my companions deal with every threat, I'd rather convince that bloodthirsty rabble of Thugs to join a local youth group and do volunteer work cleaning up the city. That would be amazing, having entire pseudo-combat phase composed of battle of the wits/tongues, if you fail badly it sends you into combat or punishes you in some way. I'd like it but I've hit my quota for the day
  50. 1 point
    Well I would love a spiritual sequel to Alpha Protocol, but I imagine that is out of the question. As long as this project has tons of choices, especially of the morally gray variety, and a reputation system with npcs like Alpha Protocol it should be all good.
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