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  1. Yeah, me too. But I want something... deeper. I want several types of Conversation Skills (instead of a catch-all Skill, like Speech), like Charm, Intimidate, Seduce, Deceive, Outwit, etc., Like, instead of having my companions deal with every threat, I'd rather convince that bloodthirsty rabble of Thugs to join a local youth group and do volunteer work cleaning up the city.
  2. Yeah, going to have to agree with everybody else on one thing: New Intellectual Property, something unique, or at least not painfully and utterly generic. No elves and dragons, please. Preferably with bucketloads of worldbuilding and characters. More specifically, there's something I've always wanted from my Western RPGs, and that's a viable Diplomatic character build. A character who just sails through the game entirely on the merits of his or her charisma and intelligence alone. Or, if that's not entirely possible, at least would passively provide buffs for companion characters.
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