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  1. I'd hate it. "Realism" (and this becomes virtually impossible in FPP) ruins RPGs, which rely on a certain level on abstraction in order to deliver wealth of options, actions, descriptions, avoid immersion-breaking, etc.
  2. Really hope they do this! (no need to be anytime soon)
  3. Some people just want to be the bad guy. I once played fallout as an evil, self-driven person bent on only their personal desire to get what they want and then killed people when their usefulness was at an end. And let us not forget the thieving brats in The Den.
  4. Obsidian doing a sci-fi RPG was my response when they asked many years ago what we would like a Kickastarter to be... so I'm interested to see the responses! Maybe there's a gem I'm missing.
  5. Most of us actually prefer it this way, hehe. Full voice acting is one of the reasons games like this disappeared at the turn of the millennium.
  6. I came here to ask about this same thing! I want me some track names and numbers!
  7. I'm totally okay with this, but I'll add... ...my two bits: a) I doubt I'll be able to support Eternity more than I already did (damn you cost of life!) and more importantly b) I wouldn't want significant release delays because of this (being totally selfish here). So to be clear, I have no problem if you have to delay the release to do more polish/finish off whatever, but to delay it for extra stretch goals doesn't sound cool to me. In short, you are free to fund extra stretch goals if you are confident it won't cause delays and/or if you release them later as small expansions or whathaveyou. Also, I generally prefer smaller games that provide a tight, very intelligently designed story+gameplay than huge, expansive games that offer a disjointed, less cohesive experience. Yes, yes, RPGs (and Eternity) are closer to this second category, I'm just tryin' to say that adding content for the sake of adding content doesn't necessarily make a game "better".
  8. I wasn't convinced at first (seemed to be overpowering melee chars)... but the awesome set up sold me right on the spot.
  9. I voted for the ones I specifically like more, the rest I'm somewhat indifferent except for one I dislike: "Icons marking the tone and skill implemented when picking dialogue options". I don't want to know which skills/attributes are affecting my dialogue! I want it to be exactly like FO/PS:T(and Arcanum/BG if I remember correctly). I am not opposed to having an option to toggle this on/off in gameplay options.
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