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  1. The game looks artistically very busy and vibrant, overcharged even, but I can't help that it also looks very lifeless and static, even staged. All that colourful and confined emptiness to run through with an occasional predictable fight sequence or dialog. No interactivity or things happening at a distance, nothing. All just set there at steady intervals waiting for the player to come about to trigger it. Perhaps it's just Monarch (or what ever the planet in the video is called) or WIP thing, but it looks... barren, boring and claustrophobic. Combat looks shootery and generic. I don't know how much that sway or reloadspeed in the skill description affects the actual gameplay, though. Hopefully enough for the player to actually feel it, so that it actually makes a difference in gameplay and isn't there just for the show. Dare to make it have an impact. Dialogs seem fine enough, and what the mission design promotes, it sounds good. But... gameplay... that's a bit of a sore spot as presented.
  2. That's 12 extra months worth of patches and personal assesment over whether this game is worth the full price. I can do that.
  3. Combat looks mechanically just as boring as they say they don't wish it to be. A normal shooter based on HP attrition with a slow-mo gimmick to pick your head/weakspot shots (when using a controller... I suspect with a mouse and kb the whole feature is just as useful as VATS was in Fallout 4, which is to say very little at best). Don't know about how combat skills work, though. I'd bet on % or flat inceremts on damage, but... we'll see.
  4. Same here. I'd want them to hone the perspective they have work the best it can for an RPG. And with that in mind, in this interview they said: So, with their chosen perspective it would seem like FPS is the way to go. But rather than doing something that, to almost everyone, seems like a really tired FPS, they should more boldly lean towards the RPG side of it and try out other forms of design. I keep harping about this, but I just can't get over it.
  5. Could be an interesting contrast if, instead going for ”violence is ****ing funny” or ”here’s some entertaining gore” the game, by the side of its humor, explored subtly the actual consequences of violence, that the gore as its result isn’t giddy to look at and there’s always more than one victim with every mutilated corpse you leave behind (possibly yourself among them eventually).
  6. Did Obsidian comment anything? No. And I don’t believe they will in a while either. TOW is published by Private Division who also published Kerbal Space Program, which is on GOG, so.... perhaps there’s some hope.
  7. There is GOG thread already, but it bears repetion as far as I’m concerned. GOG should be helped to stand out from being just a secondary distributor years after release.
  8. And they never will if no one will teach them. What better game for that that this here.
  9. While I'm sure people are largely used to suffering it, it's still an issue enough that with every RPG people bring it up. (Me included.) Same with the "please don't make it an FPS"... yet, the games alwasy do, both of these. Go figure.
  10. Is that a nice way of saying "Stop complaining and just swallow"?
  11. I'm pretty sure they can deliver when it comes to reactivity and narrative design. But I'm a tad worried about the gameplay, since the FPS medium they've chosen doesn't really lend itself well for.... "hardcore" systems and mechanics these days (or... it probably would, if there was intent to do it well). Gameplay, RPG systems and how they work are really my only concern with this game.
  12. I would just hope Obs adjusts the view and its functionality to be less rudimentary, and less like a simple commonplace first person shooter-looter.
  13. I like that it looks a bit on the "heavy and sluggish" side (i.e. like with the recoil throwing the gun up) rather than fast and messy, but there just doesn't seem to be any interesting systems or quirks to kinda back that up. I'd really like that they refurbished that bullet-time thing of theirs somehow to be more systemically interesting.
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