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  1. Same here, and I could've sworn I filled that thing out as soon as I got it. But I agree with OP, the game has been amazing so far. =D
  2. Honestly, I'd just like to see a game that exemplifies what you and the rest of Obsidian do best. You have some fantastic writers, a great sense of how to make an RPG that actually offers a true role-playing experience, and you've created some complex, enjoyable, and immersive settings that are fun to get lost in. Something like that. To me, it doesn't matter if its isometric or 3D, I'd buy it. Here's a list of things I'd personally like to see in it: -Character Creation -Muted Player Character -Lots of dialogue/responses -Exploration -Make it possible to get to the end of the game without killing anyone Pretty much what you guys have already done with Planescape, KotOR 2, NWN2, and Fallout: New Vegas. I'd just like to see you guys carry on that tradition in some way. Good luck! If it happens, I'd support it!
  3. For the record, I thought this was an amazingly clever way to give the Courier a backstory without causing disconnect between him (her?) and the player. I kept wondering what the Courier could've possibly done to piss off Ulysses to such an extent, and if it was something completely out of the realm of possibility in terms of how I might have handled it. But he just delivered a package, and I can safely say that I probably would've done the exact same thing in my Courier's shoes. That's what made "Lonesome Road" such a fantastic way to go out, in my mind. Wish someone could convince you to write a novel about Ulysses's travels through the Divide, Big MT, the Sierra Madre, setting up Wolfhorn Ranch, etc. Also, I wish you guys were making another Fallout game. Most of my wishes involve Obsidian + Fallout, actually! Might as well just take this chance to pass along my praise for this game. The base adventure was great, but the DLC took everything up to a whole other level. If you guys ever do a GOTY edition, I'll very likely buy the whole thing over again - that's how much I loved it. Bethesda would do well to keep you guys heavily involved with the series going forward, if not at the forefront. In any case, can't wait to see what you and the gang have in the pipeline. RPGs that actually involve role-playing seem to be few and far between these days. Very glad your company's still keeping the faith. xD
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