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  1. Another thing I loved from the Double Fine kickstarter was that it would also come with a documentary. Do you see promoting one as well?
  2. I'd like to conjecture a bit about the blog post... Given that Chris Avellone is at least a level 12 intellect, I think the recent hits this forum has obtained are well within his expectations. But also, given how much Avellone promotes and facilitates access for young hopefuls into the videogame industry, I am starting to think that the reason behind the blog post is to show, potentially at least, how an outsider could influence in a videogame production. What Kickstarter does is democratize funding, so maybe the message here is to inspire everyone to pursue their own game project... I dunno, I'd like to think that more than a mere gauging of public interest, there was some trickery behind all this. All the responses and suggestions have made me wonder something, all this interest in making RPGs... do people in this forum play PNP games? Do they have experience DMing? With so many people asking for a complex, dense, heavy roleplaying experience, I am sure we could start something less ephemeral than forum posts for all those fantastic ideas. How does the idea of a small group of people willing to play an online tabletop RPG sound? If enough people are willing, those ideas could be transformed into world reference documents.
  3. Greetings Mr. Avellone. Before daring to make a petition from you, I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful experiences you're partly responsible in sharing with me. Like all others in these posts I am a fan. So much that I made an account just to write this. I also confess that I've played Planescape: Torment around... sixteen or seventeen times and dug around the infinity engine files. With that being said... **** the fans. (gently) We are not game developers. If we knew what makes a good game and how to make it, we'd be making it ourselves, instead of asking it from you. I am not sure what's your thought process (immaculate and glorious as it must be) behind asking what sort of things the audience wants to see funded. The consensus seems obvious, a high concept WRPG that evokes to the novel, immersive experience from Black Isle times. Well, that may seem appealing, but part of that quality is well, the novelty. Planescape 2 would not alienate and awe us as we once were. Hell, whatever we ask for would not do such a thing since it'd be present as an idea-seed in our brains. So I believe the best way to give fans what they want is to ignore them and do your own thing. I trust you, Mr. Avellone. I consider your plume a sure sign of divine spark in games and writing. You do not need to ask what we want, what we want is for you to work in a censor-free, wild environment that allows you to produce something new and refreshing. Even if that isn't a high concept WRPG. Out of curiosity, could you risk a budget estimate for a low-end WRPG? Do you think an isometric view is still viable?
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