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  1. Another thing I loved from the Double Fine kickstarter was that it would also come with a documentary. Do you see promoting one as well?
  2. I'd like to conjecture a bit about the blog post... Given that Chris Avellone is at least a level 12 intellect, I think the recent hits this forum has obtained are well within his expectations. But also, given how much Avellone promotes and facilitates access for young hopefuls into the videogame industry, I am starting to think that the reason behind the blog post is to show, potentially at least, how an outsider could influence in a videogame production. What Kickstarter does is democratize funding, so maybe the message here is to inspire everyone to pursue their own game project...
  3. Greetings Mr. Avellone. Before daring to make a petition from you, I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful experiences you're partly responsible in sharing with me. Like all others in these posts I am a fan. So much that I made an account just to write this. I also confess that I've played Planescape: Torment around... sixteen or seventeen times and dug around the infinity engine files. With that being said... **** the fans. (gently) We are not game developers. If we knew what makes a good game and how to make it, we'd be making it ourselves, instead of asking it from you. I a
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