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  1. For me, Iovara was the best Moment in the entire game - She was the character I felt the most emotional connection to in my entire playthrough Could have done without Lady Webb though
  2. Mask of the Betrayer Dragon Age 2 Mass Effect 2
  3. Hm.. I uesed a Mod in NWN2 to bring all the companions at once, and it was a better game for it! (especially MotB!) gimme 8! not 5! at least make it possible somewhere deep down in the options menu.... *cries like a baby*
  4. i sure hope so, the music was for the most part one of the stronger points of the first one
  5. A Total War game that actually combines all the good features of all the Total War games, and has a map much larger than they have now, and with a lot more provinces and it has to be fully modable
  6. Liked a lot the opening hour of the game, all the great vibes of those past games have been here at once Also the Ending is FAN TAS TIC, the whole philosophical dialog about how gods are not real and what it means is one of the best moments in gaming
  7. oooooooooooooh THAT was why this quest was so god damn hard now i get it
  8. ok, now i am soooooooooooo hyped..... btw, i think requiem is mechanically superior (quite a bit actually) to masquerade, but the latter just has this whole cool backstory and metaplot that i like a lot, somehow the old version just had more "soul" in i a way, can't help it
  9. i barely hit lvl 12 at all (pre expansion) doing all the quests - EXCEPT the bounty hunt kill tasks from od nua, those tasks are really the biggest XP boost in all the game, without them, xp is quite hard to max actually
  10. no, cead nua has nothing to do with the rest of the game at all, you need to finish the main quest in defiance bay to progress to act3 then the water in one area will lower, and you can pass it
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