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  1. Thanks Loren. How about a ladder!? Is there a route via the Console then? Not quite sure of the logic of being given a "Boon" (Skaen) at the end of the game if there is no way to benefit from it.
  2. Hi, Once in The Pit, there are a lot of points to be earned as the final quests are completed on the way to kill Thaos. However it appears there is no way out of the pit. There is the option to go back to the "pre endgame save" but that means the experience points earned from these final quests can not be carried forward to White March 1. Is this right or am I missing something here. Can you use a ladder?!! I do not have one or else I would have tried! Many thanks
  3. Hi, After you jump into The Pit you earn experience points as you complete the final quests and fight Thaos. However it appears the only way to escape from the Pit is to go back to a previous save (Burial Isle Pre-Endgame). This means if you want to carry on to White March 1 as I do, then you have lost all those experience points just gained after the Pre Endgame save. Is this correct or am I missing something here!? Can you use a ladder to get out? (I do not have one!) Many thanks
  4. Hi, Aloth can only lay one trap at a time. If he lays a second, the first one disappears. Should I be holding down a key on my keyboard when putting down second/third traps or is it one only!? Thanks
  5. Sorted! I did not appear to have been given a password but when I went back to the door I had the option to open it. Thanks to everybody!
  6. Hi, There are 4 spirits, pls confirm. I have spoken to all four. One died. One where I found the refined adra, he did not seem overly interested to talk to me. One working on the broken machine and one near the secret wall. I have spoken to both of these, and gone back and forth between them (all 3), but I still do not have the password! Help
  7. I am having difficulty in opening the door that requires a phrase be spoken obtained after talking to the spirits. I do not have the option to say " I am a servant/hate Od Nua etc" which is what is required. Is there a particular order you have to speak to the spirits? I assume the one that drops dead is not important but the other two talk about the door but after the conversation I cannot get the menu that includes "I am a servant etc." Do I have to speak to every spirit I come across (assuming they want to chat? Obviously I am doing something wrong! Help pls!
  8. Hi, Have spoken to Mac App Store - had a reply last night from Macplay saying "coming soon to the Mac App Store!" thanks very much for help.
  9. Hi, I am not sure what platform I am on and I do not know how to find out. I bought PoE from the Apple App store and note the developer is MP Digital, How do I find out which platform I am on?
  10. Hi, In answer to first question my version is v.3.01.977. Where do I download 3.02.1008 patch from? I had assumed patches were automatic, sorry, too used to WoW. Problem is intermittent, last night I could get in, this morning, could not. many thanks for such a prompt reply yesterday!
  11. Hi, There is a bug here or I am missing something! When I enter the Maw for the Prison of Ice and The Old Queen quests, Fangs in there are in battle mode and I cannot leave "whilst in combat"! Any thoughts?
  12. I have a Mechanics of 13 but no joy! Any further thoughts?
  13. Hi guys, I have been unable to find this ring after killing the sky dragon. I found the war hammer but that is all. Is it still in the game? Many thanks
  14. Hi guys, I cannot find this ring in any of the bone piles after killing the dragon. Do have to have a certain skill level for it's whereabouts to show up/ Many thanks I have found the warhammer
  15. Hi, When I visit various fields, woods etc. I generally search out plants and grab them all. Some are more useful than others. Do plants "respawn " i.e. regrow over the course of the game or once picked that is it? Thanks
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