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  1. Whats transparent is your bias in delivering news infinitron. Meanwhile steam is mostly a platform to wait for sales, and we use discord to chat with our gaming friends etc. Had epic cut prices (from their own pocket) , gotten involved in regional pricing and done some marketing, they'd slowly be gaining a steady customer base. And I wouldn't mind adding another launcher to my pc in that case. What they instead push is exclusivity which is a cancerous kind of competition that adds no value for the customer.
  2. Not sure how much Obsidian is to blame here, since the decision was probably taken by "Pirate" Division and Obs didn't have too much say on the matter. Still, I will not support anti-consumer exclusivity deals, so I refuse to buy the game alltogether. Unless we make publishers realize exclusivity is a mistake, they will keep repeating it.
  3. I'll be sorry to skip a Cain / Boyarsky game at launch, but that's exactly what I'll be doing just out of spite. Exclusivity is cancer, and any money you spend on Epic will return metastasized tenfold.
  4. I thought Nalpazca's power level bonus on drugs not reflecting was a bug, but I missed the heal factor of whiteleaf. So "some" aspects of drugs are affected by power level and some are not? How are we supposed to know? That is some sloppy design.
  5. Thanks aweigh these are good to know. Does the setsubclass command change the subclass, or add it as a new one? I've done it the hard way with addability command, it was something like: addability Companion_Eder(Clone) streetfighter addability Companion_Eder(Clone) streetfighter_flankedandbloodied addability Companion_Eder(Clone) streetfighter_flankedorbloodied addability Companion_Eder(Clone) streetfighter_notflankedorbloodied (not sure about the exact commands, I press TAB after typing addability Companion_Eder(Clone) street and it autocompletes the string each time I press TAB. Same goes for typing addability Comp and it autocompletes for each companion you currently have)
  6. I guess there is no spells/feats list for people who don't have the beta...
  7. Is it possible to make a mod so that you can remove restrictions / choose subclases for your companions? That'd be great.
  8. The racist remarks against orlans are obvious in the game, especially with Durance. Some npcs clearly see orlans as sub-kith, like their real world counterparts who believed the african black people were sub-human. Regardless of how stupid or vile this behaviour is, it was (is?) real and eminent in some cultures. I believe the game tried to picture how geographical conditions affect the development of a culture, rather than inherited racial traits, and specifically pictures black people as an advanced seafaring nation due to their appropriate location in Eora. At the same time they wanted to mirror the racism in our world, by projecting a not-so-much-developed culture/race and making them a prime target for racism and slavery due to their perceived differences from other races, largely because of their lack of contact with the rest of the civilization until that time. And this is all good, for racism still exists in our world due to thousand year old prejudices. Ignoring racism is just as bad as promoting it, we rather need to draw a realistic picture of how and why it emerges, and why those reasons are baseless.
  9. Same here minus the aoe damage, I use all of my wounds for CC and a single swift strikes at the beginning of combat. 14 sec prones with max int, max str and dex for damage, min per and resolve, my monk gets hit all the time when he engages (which is the left overs from the tank, enough to get wounds but not too much to kill), and deals out damage and stuns/prones like a truck bomber plane. The class starts to shine after lvl4 when you get vulnerable attacks talent. No armor for max speed, clothes enchanted with might, 2 weapon fighting talent and works like a charm (unarmed attacks count as dual wield and the talent speeds them up too). Really like how the class turned out to be, though the wound raw damage over time mechanic could have been fun for tank builds too.
  10. The game could be leaked from the backers. You won't do it, I won't do it, but someone would. And the pirated version would be up on all torrent sites right before the game's release, seriously hurting day1 sales. Media copies also carry this risk, but they don't number 75.000+ , and Paradox has experience and control in this subject. Oh and btw, it's not Obsidian taking the shots here, it's Paradox. They partnered up for a reason, Obsidian has little to no experience in distribution.
  11. "I" would have prevented myself from waiting until release day. I would have torn myself apart playing, skipping work, skipping social life, skipping basic hygiene obligations, and play the game like there was no tomorrow. Like I was a base animal, right out of hibernation with an empty stomach.. Now I can take a day off work, get the necessary permissions from my girlfriend, stockpile some coffee and play the game at least with a semblance of humanity. So thank you Obsidian, for considering my sanity.
  12. Obsidian values their backers, so they didn't want them to play the game without the first day patch. The media however, was subjected to bugs. Thank you Obsidian, for your considerate actions.
  13. Well if we're taking D&D as an example, no DM would allow you to cast 36 skull traps by resting 6 times, right outside the line of sight of baddies, just because they can't see the skulls magically appearing out of thin air right in front of them. If you enter a dragons lair and know what you're going to face since you scouted/clairvoyanced etc, go ahead and use successful tactics. Be a winner, nothing wrong with it. But IE games did have encounters that were over before they began and this involved cheesy tactics. Just saying IE is not better than PoE in this regard.
  14. I agree with this, RTwP should definitely be twitch-free, unlike MMO's or MOBA's. While I don't think this was the reason for implementing the recovery penalty, it's still an important point when comparing games. I don't find the penalty offensive btw, it's consistent with the game world and combat mechanics. Getting into a flanking position should cost the melee characters some something. Even so, I wouldn't mind much if they removed it in a future patch, not a game-breaking mechanic imo
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