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  1. Dear Development Team: Would you kindly please add a dog to the possible list of Ranger companions? Thank You
  2. Howdy Ranger experts, I'm finally getting a chance to really dig in to PoE! I don't know if you're as excited about that as I am, but I'm pretty excited. I'll probably try starting on Hard and see how it goes. I started a game last night as a Cipher but stayed up way too late just learning the rule set (I think I read the entire Cyclopedia). The Cipher seem extremely cool, but my mind kept going back to Rangers. Ever since I first played D&D in high school Rangers have been my favorite class. Now, I remember when the game first came out Rangers were getting dunked on pretty hard, but I also know a TON of updates have happened since then, so I'm wondering how they stack up now. Since this is my first deep-dive into the game I wanted to look over an in-depth character guide to get an idea how the class works and I found this on over on the Obsidian forums and I'm wondering if it's outdated or not. Also, any tips for playing it from the start? It looks like it focuses pretty heavily on the Stormcaller bow (as do most of the Ranger threads I've seen), which I think is in the expansion? So I'm guessing there's a lot of game between starting out and getting my hands on it. Absolutely any help would be appreciated! tl;dr - How's this build look? Any Ranger tips you can think of? Thanks!
  3. I recently tried to play as ranger, but I found what I consider to be a detrimental factor in its balancing, other than in the fun playing it. Or you develop Ranged abilities Or you take pet's ones. Mixing is unsatisfying in my experience. Now, my frustration comes from the fact that the pet IS a second character, I am forced to keep it but its death cripples my Ranger performance. Therefore to augment its functionality and survive-ability I must devolve the points gained from levelling up on said improvements. This result in a very boring Ranger. If instead I decide to strengthen my Ranger, then the pet becomes much of a burden and more frustrating than fun. I've been pondering a lot about it, and I honestly think that the "pet only" abilities (like DR reduction, knock-down, or damage boost) should be automatically unlocked upon levelling up much as the priest spells do. Another way to do it would be to allow me to level up my animal companion independently (separate pet XP). In this way I would still have some chance to learn some new abilities and to progress my Ranger ranged proper development. I feel this change should be implemented by Obsidian, but since probably it won't happen, I would like to know if anybody could Mod it according my suggestion, or teach me how to do it myself. Thanks for the reading.
  4. I would like a balanced and damage oriented Ranger with the ability to (off)tank need should arise. So, for sure I need Might to deal damage, Dex to DPS, Per to crit and reflexes, Int for skills and Res for melee survive-ability. You see where I'm going... Might and Dex or Per should be maxed (18ish), but then I only have a bunch of points for Dex or Per, Int and Res. And no, dumping Con it's a baaad idea IMO. Now, I could forget to increase Res (and probably regret it first time I enter in melee) but still, Dex/Per and Int aren't gonna be as effective. I tried with a: Migh 18 Con 10 Dex 14 Per 18 Int 10 Res 10 Melee hurts bad and my skills are not as effective as I would dream. So I am asking the opinion of some of our RPG experts. 1. Which stats are easier to keep up by other means than char-gen? 2. What is most important to achieve the results I am aiming for? 3. In the aforementioned build, should I keep Dex at 10 and put those 4 points in Int? 4. Wood elf is good at ranged but I would go Human for more balance, is that ok? 5. What advice you have for me? Thank you! ^^
  5. For some reason Ituumak has a movement speed of 0. Buffs to his movement speed allow him to move again at the speed being added (the only one I could easily find that could effect a ranger's companion animal was the chant Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of His Tribe) No clue what caused it, but some stuff that might logically relate that took place between when I last saw my good pup move and when I noticed his crippling disability: I put the boots of speed on Sagani for a while, and then took them off. I got revive companion and used it several times, including atleast one time where he died immediately on being revived. I loaded my cloud save from another computer for the first time. Kind of a bummer since I have a lot invested in Sagani, and I can't imagine she's taking it well that her hunting companion has been crippled.
  6. Hello folks. I don't really have much experience with PoE yet other than blasting through it right now on hard with the default companions. I'm not too far into the game but so far it seems a tad too easy. I was thinking of starting an alternate playthrough with a solo character on POTD. I know there are builds out there but it kinda looks like most of them are outdated so I thought I'd ask you guys for some help / recommendations. The classes I'm taking into account are rogue and chanter. Maybe ranger if you convince me but I'd really like the build to be melee. Not really a fan of wizards and such because of the ancient mechanic of rest that should die a long time ago but hey, a man's gotta be open-minded. I'm thinking both rogue and chanter should be more than doable and I could probably figure out some builds on my own but I'm very interested in what you guys think about this. Thanks in advance for any input.
  7. First, Vicious Companion and Predator's Sense are affecting the Ranger instead of the pet in 2.0. Second, Resilient Companion said it gave +3 Damage Reduction when I took it at level 4, then it said +4 in the character screen. When I saved and loaded, it said +3 again. I'm not sure if the actual effect changed. It had 9 DR at level 3 and 14 DR at level 4 + Resilient Companion. Third, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but before 2.0 I would get a class skill every 3-4 levels (can't remember) that increased the pet's abilities. This is no longer the case. Fourth, the Stalker's Torc extra damage remains under "active effects" even when unequipped. It does disappear from Stalker's Link's description, and I'm not sure if the effect remains. Also, the effect under "active effects" keeps increasing when I level up (up to +140% extra damage at level 14), though it doesn't increase in Stalker's Link's description when equipped. This doesn't happen every time, I'm not sure what the trigger is. Edit: It seems to be leveling up with the Torc equipped. I attached a save. If you go south and fight some guls, you can check that my character has 3 DR bypass and +15% damage from Vicious Companion and 50% attack increase to enemies suffering damage over time. I don't have Stalker's Link in this save, but I do have the Torc, so you can add experience with the console to check it out. ac3a9032508f479db8b851d24624bf32 10128579 AnslgsCompass.zip
  8. In battle, Itumaak is moving incredible slow, probably at half speed. Out of battle, moves completely normal. I've had the new 3.01 patch for a bit and it didn 't happen until recently, last couple days. Tried restarting game, removing her from party, resting, nothing works.
  9. Ranger Pet AI seems to be completely non-functional. I don't play a ranger, but Sagani's fox Itumaak stands inert until I command him. If his target drops, he does nothing until commanded to again. Reseting the AI to passive and back to Aggressive does not work, kicking Sagani out of the party and re-inviting her does not work.
  10. I got this game right after it came out. Despite being the two classes I was looking forward to most, the ranger and druid classes were a huge let-down. Ranger: Despite being marketed as one of the main damaging classes, the ranger's DPS was nothing to write home about. Neither was the animal companion. (But I kept playing anyway, because I love animals.) The Druid was an even bigger let-down. Despite all the pre-release updates gushing about the spiritshifting abilities, it turned out to be very weak. It was only mildly effective during the first few levels of the game, but then it failed to scale up with the character. That, combined with the complete lack of special abilities to boost it the way you got tons of abilities to boost your spellcasting, meant you quickly had to abandon it and stick to spellcasting exclusively. (I know I sound greedy and ungrateful since the druid was one of the best spellcasters at the time, but it was the spiritshifting ability I really wanted. I would have gladly taken the option to focus on spiritshifting over spellcrafting, and sacrificed being able to become a first-rate spellcaster to become a second-rate warrior if only it meant spiritshifting didn't get me killed every battle.) There was some talk about the devs eventually balancing them better, but I quickly finished my first playthrough then moved onto other games and projects while I waited. Now I'm back, and I'd like to know if anything has changed since I've been away? Or should I aim to finish my cipher or chanter instead?
  11. I finally managed to kill him with my ranger an I must say it was easier than expected considering that my character wasn't even fully optimized (no durgan enchantments, no scale breaker...). Now I am 100% positive that a ranger can also beat the game solo without skipping any encounter. https://youtu.be/NBPgwipx3OM
  12. I have not been able to figure out how to get an animal companion for my ranger. She is a level 4 Deadfire Arch Hunter. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance
  13. One of my rangers' pets stops moving in stealth mode. Send pet somewhere, pet goes. Enter stealth mode, pet stops moving. Drop stealth, pet resumes movement. Every other char and pet continues moving normally in stealth. I run 4 rangers and currently also Sagani. Other 4 pets are fine, 1 is misbehaving, Duk's pet. This was happening before 2.0. Was hoping it will be fixed in 2.0 so I waited a few days but the issue persists in 2.0 as well. I tried removing from party and readding, changing formations and so on but doesn't help. It is super annoying as I always move in stealth as default as I believe everyone does in new areas. Savegame, output_log, dxdiag: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2zq1BH5JRHffnNUQ191TmZvLXZzRkFjYjFlbWhCV21maVQ3TUMtSHJlSWdFc3RFSlBiV2M&usp=sharing
  14. I dont know why people say ranger class sucks? I think class is pretty good beacuse it has very good supportive sides and gameplay is so much fun. Before somebody comes with argue, that have i tried other classes. Yes i have. Every class has their + and - side. I know that ranger is little bit weak in late game and have less damage output than other classes. But ranger can be pretty effective either melee or long range battles. Personally i like ranger class and i want learn more about it than wiki can say. I want hear people differend experiences and opinions about rangers. And its sad, this isnt openworld game but no can do. Its so much fun to play anyway pillars of eternity and i really want marriage ending too for him. Like one of female followers would be good wife or you can find differend females and have romantic story until game ends and you get marriage ending too. Another way is make own follower which you marry and you can make for custom companions somekind backstory or depending player choises, they have backstory already done when yoou choose, where they are from,race, were they slaves or mech etc. There is so much potential have man other things too. I love long story-driven rpgs and they are my number one games. When i bought pillars of eternity, i was so excited and i didnt had disappointed except bug where as example dun gets stuck and laggs there forever. So u need send him away. But if custom companion stucks, you just need load last save which is annoying if its before bossfight and companion got stuck between walls while in fght. So how you can send custom companion away if that happens? But this game isnt too hard, neither too easy. I like how challenging it is and how costly bad engagements are. If you make good engage, you get good price from it. if you do bad, it might cost you whole fight but most misplays you can even fix thanks to pause option and time to think. Its just too fun play this game. Obsidian: I love your game and i hope there will be more games like pillars of eternity. <3
  15. For people interested how to defeat the Adra Dragon with a ranger solo here's a little video. https://youtu.be/ewxtIFixUb8 In the video I forgot to show my accuracy vs dragon defenses in the logs. My max accuracy was 126 with bow while the dragon's lowest deflection was 96. I had 100 accuracy when I used Binding Roots and the dragon had 100 reflex. With Scale Breaker and the debuff from Lenas Er the dragon had 119 fortitude.
  16. So... 1.06 was "about Paladin". If we assume that Obsidian listens to its community, the next update could be the other class which received the most complaints... Yes, I look at you, Ranger ! In your opinion, what could be this patch ? For me it could be quite different from what they did with Paladin : boosting its abilities. In my opinion, many of Ranger's abilities are pretty solid and appealing : stacking accuracy abilities, stunning shots, driving flights... Some may be subpar, but any other classes has subpar abilities too. IMO, the ranger's problems are of 2 kinds : - Its defining trait, the pet, is not that great. Sure, it has its uses. The most complaints come from the fact that it keeps dying all the time, leading to a big malus to Ranger's abilities. The problem appears especially in boss fights and harder difficulties... exactly when you would like your party members to be the most effective ! - The other problem is that Rangers do not really have a critical purpose where they would excel : rogue is better at ranged damages, the pet itself is a weak melee and a poor off-tank. The requirement to have your pet in melee simply cancel the advantage of a ranged hitter. Currently, its "2 in 1" nature makes it a passable filler for a party, but it is hard to imagine why one would use a ranger to fullfill a given role. The solution should be about what makes ranger unique : their pets. Pets have indeed some cool traits : - They are infinite pools of health (something I think only melee wizard with "Infuse Vital Essence" could be ) ) - They have 2 engagements (which makes melee ranger the class with the maximum possible engagements, equalling fighters !) Pets could work as meat shields... if only it didn't trigger sadness ! (not to mention the lost abilities like staker link) And currently, nothing is more frustrating than loosing a pet in a fight, especially due to the rarity of resurrection powers... and no second chance for your pet ) So, what I would find really cool : - Pet overall buff, especially at high level (classic) - A pet resurrection ability !!!! something like 1x per encounter (with a nice buff like "Unbroken". A short duration and important buff to "revenging" pet damages would be a really cool "trap" to use.) or maybe 3x Rest (which would address the problem of boss fights. - Suppression of the sadness malus - Defensive Bond modification : I currently find it far too situational to be attractive (even if the idea was cool). Something like a boosted deflection and / or reflexes when the pet is close from its master would be more appealing, especially for melee ranger build. - Applying some Passive Talents and/or abilities to both Ranger and pet : Superior deflection, Interrupting blows, Aiming skills, etc... This would remove the need to "choose" between master and pets at each level up, and would enable a better scaling for the pet. (IMO this would be cooler than an overall buff... It would be far more interesting to build ) Not sure it would really address the "ranger purpose" problem though. But I'm pretty sure a "per encounter resurrection skills" by itself would make it far less frustrating to play. Do you have any other ideas ? PS : And one minor thing would be cool : let pet damages be counted as Ranger damages ! Currently, it is not the case, so this "heavy hitter" damages appear to be even lower than what they actually are !
  17. Description: Detection circle isn't showing up for my Ranger's animal companion. The detection mechanic is still working, and I hear the 'ping' when the AC is detected and combat starts. Didn't notice at first because Calisca/Heodan was always at the fore. Since Valewood, the lion's been leading and no yellow/red detection timer has been showing for it. Have since tested with 3 different companions at start of game - none show a detection circle. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Start a new game, normal difficulty. Create a Ranger with Lion, Wolf or Stag (haven't tested the others) animal companion. (Wood-Elf / Pale-Elf, Living-lands, Hunter background if that makes a difference). Approach first wolf enemy with the AC - no detection circle shows up, though it does work for Calisca and PC. Expected Behaviour: AC gets a detection circle (especially as wolf is said to be a good scout) (Last ranger I had was Sagani in 1.04 - I'm pretty sure Itumaak had a detection circle then) Can't upload save-game to dropbox/mediafire/4shared as they're blocked in China - if nobody else is having this problem, I'll try a full reinstall.
  18. Not surprisingly, I thought the ranger was prett lack-luster. Although I don't think the ranger's in danger of winning any overpoweredness contests, I actually didn't think the ranger was too weak. The ranger is really just the pet-owner class. Other than the fact that D&D also had (and struggled with) animal companions, the class barely feels like a ranger at all. This wouldn't be a huge problem if it didn't mean that, in the end, there's almost nothing to do with the ranger in both character building and combat. In my opinion, the ranger would make more sense (and probably be a lot more fun) as a series of talents available to any character. (Think about it: then Sagani could be a rogue!) That's a pretty dire verdict on a class. I'm not joking though. At this point, if I had to fix the ranger I would just get rid of it completely and allow any character to buy into the ranger pet through a series of talents (starting with something weaker, of course, since a whole ranger pet would be a bit OPed for just one talent). The remaining abilities could be divided among other classes as made sense. I'm not being hyperbolically negative here either. I actually think this would be a nice improvement to the game--allowing characters to be distinguished by the fact that they have an animal companion rather than defined by the fact they have an animal companion. The fighter with a pet wolf would feel a lot different than one without, both mechanically and from a storytelling perspective. Same for every other class.
  19. Itumaak (and I assume the other animals) seem to have the equivalent of 0 athletic skills and gets fatigued extremely easily. My lvl 9 party has a minimum of 3 athletics and after a few fights none of my party is tired while Itumaak suffers critical fatigue. Critical fatigue = -15 all defense, -30 accuracy, 50% max endurance It makes him useless in combat after a few fights and I suspect most people don't know this is happening because the only indicator is buried at the bottom of the hunters stat sheet. I even tried to cheat and give him 10 athletic skill and it didn't help. My guess is that animal_companions don't use skills and they don't ever increase their fatigue resistance.
  20. I am currently playing with the ranger and chose a bear animal companion. A couple of things regarding the animal companion mechanics are not clear too me and I could not find hints in the manual or strategy guide. When the animal companion endurance is decreased during combat, after combat its health actually never changes. For the player and normal companions the lost endurance is removed from health points. Is this indendet? Can my animal companion actually never die? If the endurance of my animal companion drops to zero my main character gets a penalty. But after combat the animal companion just recovers to full health and endurance. Is there actually no penalty for an animal companion dropping to 0 endurance?
  21. I'm still thinking if to go melee or ranger style. What do you guys suggest, what should my build look like? Preferably melee, maybe. What build do you use? It's been a week since game launch and I'd like to hear what you've learned so far. Thanks
  22. So I have noticed that all the other Animal Companions have actual attributes spread But the wolf. The wolf has straight 10's through all attributes yet the wolf description says he is high damage. The bear has 15 might so 15% increase to damage yet the wolf only has 10 might. does this actually matter do attributes factor in? if so the wolf is clearly under developed I hope this gets fixed with the next patch. If anyone out there knows the engine or how to look into the actual stats I would love to know if this actually factors in.
  23. I'm reporting the ranger companion issue as well. I was playing in Caed Nua trying to find that wizard master guy in the "The Old Watcher" quest in the "Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1" area. I went up the back stairs where you walk across Dr. Manhattan's hand and pop out the cellar door in Caed Nua's courtyard. Wolf was still with me. Went back in the door with that creepy statue lady who's probably a cat lady in a past life. Wolf was still with me. Went downstairs and opened the heavy iron door and my wolf up and ran off. Probably joined a circus. Left a white circle behind as the only memento. What a jerk. I beat the dude with the serious case of MPD and went to look for my wolf. I thought maybe his disappearance was part of the quest. Nope. "You must gather your party before venturing forth." OK. Reload my save from after crazypants' encounter and the wolf didn't reappear. I reloaded my save from immediately before and wolf-bro is there. Yay! I opened the iron door back into Maerwald's panic room and my wolf followed me in through the event transition. Yay! I reloaded the working save again, and purposefully moved my wolf where he'd be stuck on some of the environment when my party opened the heavy iron door to the Maerwald event. BAM. We transitioned and the wolf disappeared. It seems that he needs to be in view of the door to transition properly. The bug only hits some of the time, not every time. Hope the description helps. The files needed to report the issue are too large for the attachment system, so I put that ish in Dropbox. Savegames: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcursloqdrrpag7/Savegames.zip?dl=0 Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mujzgqltjsav4e4/output_log.txt?dl=0 System Specs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl4ivqj3jagdpfj/DxDiag.txt?dl=0 Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hd31s8t98uwha2/Screenshots.zip?dl=0 The save with Act 1, 6 days, 18 hours is post-Maerwald with the wolf gone. The save with Act 1, 6 days, 17 hours is pre-Maerwald with the wolf intact. Hopefully y'all'll be able to reproduce this bug with my saves and description to quash it! Also: GREAT game so far. Thanks for all the work you all put into it! -AGB
  24. The ranger's Marked Prey skill states that it grants 20 bonus pierce damage to both the ranger's and their animal companion's attacks against the marked target. This skill has a few issues: 1) It does not apply 20 bonus damage, though it does appear to apply *some* bonus damage. By examining the combat log, it looks like it's adding about 50% additional damage to the ranger's attacks so the tooltip may need to be updated. 2) Although it applies to the ranger's attacks, this bonus is not applied when their animal companion attacks the marked target. Steps to reproduce: - Find an enemy. - Enter combat, and attack the enemy with both your ranger and their animal companion. Observe normal damage in the combat log. - Apply Marked Prey to the target. Attack the enemy with both your ranger and their animal companion. The ranger's damage figure in the combat log will display "+ X pierce damage", but their companion will continue dealing normal damage.
  25. I just love the game so far, so detailed and exciting... but still cannot understand such massive bungle - which is driving me nuts! If playing as a ranger (as I do) every time you select your pet (a bear in my case) it makes no bear-sound at all, it's as if it was lifeless, a robot or puppet. You click him, order him to go or attack... and no sound produced. Complete silence, what's highly weird I must say! Actually I've noticed that there are bear sounds created and used throughout the game (for instance, the big bad bear in a cavern in the beginning) so I keep wondering why the hell Obsidian made such a blunder. I suppose it's the same with the other pets (boar, wolf, deer, lion...) Please, fix it. Thank you in advance! A fan
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