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  1. Hey everyone, thank you for your comments! I don't have much to add as my original post was already quite long. It is important to give positive criticism to encourage others to continue and improve. Resources like time and money are limited, especially for the first in a series, so I am really looking forward to an even better expansion and sequel!
  2. So I finished playing PoE this weekend and thought to leave some of my impressions here. Perhaps you had a similar -- or different -- experience, or one of the developer is interested in how their game works for a random gamer out there. I will discuss four topics: story/writing/companions, gameplay/mechanics, graphics/art/animations/environments and music/sound. There will be no real spoilers, but if you have not played or finished playing PoE yet, you might want to make up your own opinion before reading this. Story -- Writing -- Lore -- Companions Let me say this: The writing in PoE is r
  3. If the ranger pet never takes hits to it's health, than it it should not have a health value at all. This feels like a bug. I noticed the fatigue on the pet too. This is probably also a bug. The pet should share the same fatigue as the ranger. My bear is pretty durable and actually makes a good tank. And even if he dies, the hit my ranger takes is not too terrible.
  4. Yes, this seems to solve it. Altough I would like to read the tutorial messages And yes, the game is definitely great!
  5. After playing for a while there is a stuttering sound played. It sounds like a page in a book beeing flipped, just repeated endlessly in a very short interval. It's pretty annoying... It happend around five times now: first time after ~1hour, last time after ~10 minutes. When doing save, quit and load it goes away. It does not go away when I just save and load.
  6. I am currently playing with the ranger and chose a bear animal companion. A couple of things regarding the animal companion mechanics are not clear too me and I could not find hints in the manual or strategy guide. When the animal companion endurance is decreased during combat, after combat its health actually never changes. For the player and normal companions the lost endurance is removed from health points. Is this indendet? Can my animal companion actually never die? If the endurance of my animal companion drops to zero my main character gets a penalty. But after combat the animal
  7. Please find attached my DxDiag,txt and an output_log.txt. The output_log.txt was created in a session where I clicked some buttons in the character creator, opened some menus in the game and walked around a bit. --- If have to say you do like the color green RGBA(0.000, 1.000, 0.000, 1.000) used 38778 times. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  8. My system is: Windows 7 64bit (Service Pack 1), GeForce GTX670, Driver 332.21, Phenom 2 X4 965, 3.4GHz, 8GB RAM. While this is not the newest machine it should be well enough to run this game. Please don't put this issue away as "lack of optimization" - there is definitely something amiss here if it runs completely fine one some machines with lower specs but on other systems there is a lag of more than 5 seconds each time the character model ist loaded. Perhaps it is an issue that I have a Unity3D (non-pro) installation for my own projects?
  9. Thank you for the feedback NCarver! Any hints what we could try to avoid the problem? For example changing any graphics settings or hidden ini settings?
  10. Did you manage to avoid the problem? I would love to actually see all the different classes or even the game itself. With the lag that is highly demotivating...
  11. Personally I think crafting in an RPG is always more an obligation than fun... If you can craft the most powerful and unique items it feels like you have to do it because you will never be able to get that item otherwise. I prefer a system where for example you find a broken weapon and bring it to a blacksmith and he tells you to go to a specific spot and find some rare ressource so that he can fix it for you. Or you find a part of a weapon and have to search the other fragments. This is much more fun than collecting every pile of rock or pick any plant you see just in the case you will ever n
  12. I completetly understand that you want to keep the forum clean. But I think backers and supporters who pay for your game should not require post approval. This just generates a lot of additional work for you which could be better spent elsewhere...
  13. I very much like the idea of specialization. You could later in the game be given a choice to pick a special "kit" as cleric or druid. The kit would increase the potency of a few core skills and weaken some skills of an opposite "school". This could also go as far as adding a new special spell or completely removing one. For example with the druid shape-shifter kit your animal forms get increased duration and damage. Additional you get a completely new skill to transform into a powerful beast with large health pool and life generation. At the power of your healing spells is halfed. As
  14. I just paid 20$ for the beta (in addition to my initial pledge) and can not even post in this forum. Now I have a game breaking bug and my post in the bugs forum avaits "approval from a moderator" for 2 days now. This is the worst handling of a paying customers I had in a while! But like my previous post, this post will probably also never be "approved by a moderator"... Keep up the good work at suppressing honest feedback from people paying for your stuff!
  15. Same issue for me. This makes the game completely unplayable. I can not event create a character when every one of the 57 attribute points takes around 7 seconds...
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