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  1. What about aggro from enemies, how much of a problem is that for you?. Because I don't think ciphers have an escape/vanish ability like rogues. (I do plan to use Eder and Pallegina in party though). Also, wouldn't 2 handed weapon be better than dual wield for gaining focus because of high DR that some enemies have? Anyone else playing melee? I'd be gratefull for more informations.
  2. I'm still thinking if to go melee or ranger style. What do you guys suggest, what should my build look like? Preferably melee, maybe. What build do you use? It's been a week since game launch and I'd like to hear what you've learned so far. Thanks
  3. Good job. Now I just have to decide if continue with my rogue or go cipher.
  4. Dam, what kind of build exactly are you using if you don't mind sharing with us?
  5. Ok, so I'm having some problems with my rogue, not sure if they are actually bugs or if it's intentionally this way. I also have the dobule click equip bug, so that may or may not influence the following issues. 1. Reckless Assault ability can't be turned off once you activate it. Since it's not passive or at least it doesnt say so, I'm pretty sure it's broken. Funny enough, the only way I managed to turn it off, is by using the double click bug already known, but that's not a good idea for future stats and unlocks etc. 2. Blinding and Crippling attack abilities don't get any bonus damage from Backstab talent when using a melee weapon (only tried with spear and sabre). It does work however with a crossbow. I'm not sure if this was intended or not. Also regarding the double click bug, does this actually influence Backstab and Sneak attack for a rogue? As far as I can tell it works just fine (from what I see in combat chat and more damage also), except in the examples that I mentioned above. When can we expect a new patch btw?
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