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  1. Howdy Ranger experts, I'm finally getting a chance to really dig in to PoE! I don't know if you're as excited about that as I am, but I'm pretty excited. I'll probably try starting on Hard and see how it goes. I started a game last night as a Cipher but stayed up way too late just learning the rule set (I think I read the entire Cyclopedia). The Cipher seem extremely cool, but my mind kept going back to Rangers. Ever since I first played D&D in high school Rangers have been my favorite class. Now, I remember when the game first came out Rangers were getting dunked on pretty hard, but I also know a TON of updates have happened since then, so I'm wondering how they stack up now. Since this is my first deep-dive into the game I wanted to look over an in-depth character guide to get an idea how the class works and I found this on over on the Obsidian forums and I'm wondering if it's outdated or not. Also, any tips for playing it from the start? It looks like it focuses pretty heavily on the Stormcaller bow (as do most of the Ranger threads I've seen), which I think is in the expansion? So I'm guessing there's a lot of game between starting out and getting my hands on it. Absolutely any help would be appreciated! tl;dr - How's this build look? Any Ranger tips you can think of? Thanks!
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