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  1. Hey Sking, thanks for the reply! Neither of these worked (also tried removing all equipment from her, for the hell of it). Forgot to mention in the OP the problem started under patch 3.03, didn't coincide with 3.04 or anything.
  2. For some reason Ituumak has a movement speed of 0. Buffs to his movement speed allow him to move again at the speed being added (the only one I could easily find that could effect a ranger's companion animal was the chant Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of His Tribe) No clue what caused it, but some stuff that might logically relate that took place between when I last saw my good pup move and when I noticed his crippling disability: I put the boots of speed on Sagani for a while, and then took them off. I got revive companion and used it several times, including atleast one time where he
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