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  1. Hi there, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? It's only been happening since the most recent update, but essentially, everything that used to have the New, Load, Options menu and the little buttons down the bottom-right of the menu screen that opens when you open the game are just big pink blocks, as if the image for them is missing. Here's a link to an image I took (the printscreen on my keyboard is broken so sorry about the quality) Funny thing is, if I approximate where the buttons would be, I can still go into the Load, Options, etc. menus by clicking, but wh
  2. So there are two quests that are still in my journal, I can't finish them even thought I have finished them. So they are both on Nar Shaddaa, one is Vogga the Hutt and the other is Power Shortage from Fassa, I have compleated all other quests on this station but these won't finish. Spoken to the Hutt and let him know goto was not a problem anymore and got him to agree to ship fule to Telos but the quest 'Vogga the Hutt' is still in my journal at the stage where it talks about overhearing the thugs and how to break in and all that. I am assuming this is why I can't complete the quest for Fass
  3. Looking to make an Officer inspired Priest of Magran build. Mostly an RP for Normal or possibly Hard difficulty with companions from the game. Almost like Cadegund from the companions that were dropped before release. Think heavy plate, arquebus, sword and shield. Anyone got any tips for stats, talents, gear to look out for (and what quests to do to get that gear)? Would appreciate any tips and hints at all. I know I want to play Human (Meadow Folk), and that I want to be a Priest of Magran and Mercenary background. But other than that I am flexible. Thanks alot!
  4. Hi , then i launch the game i have the error " failed to load dx9" and i can't played i have bought the game 3 days ago i dont know what to do !? i have actualy windows 10 and directx12, i have already try to reinstall the game ,check the cache , reinstall directx9 , check my windows update , install direct into the game folder change the compatibility to windows xp but the error is always there! I need some help please ! and sorry for my bad language!
  5. Hey guys, After an unfinished playthrough after release I started playing PoE again this year. I have reached what I presume to be the last encounter (Thaos and Woedicas Judge & Headsman). I haven't had any issues with the difficulty of fights up until now. After about 20 tries I can reliably make Thaos transfer his soul to the judge and beat both him and the headsman. That's when things start to turn ugly though. Thaos' domination (!) and pillar spells wreck my party pretty quickly. Party consists of: Main Character (Level 10 Ranger, Wolf companion, outfitted with unique b
  6. I'm at the cinematic where Mira is cornered by Hanharr under the Jekk Jekk Tar. The cinematic plays and as it goes to black to transition to the fight the game gets an error and stops working, causing a crash to desktop. I've seen a similar thread from before about this bug where the problem was caused by corrupt save files that were found using KSE. I have been trying to do this but I'm not skilled enough using KSE. If someone could use KSE to find the corruption in my save files I would be very grateful. Link to save files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x4piqn1bc454n7y/AABL0xMyLRR7d6Ia
  7. After the frist time I initialized the game, it just didn't open. The screen went black for a while, and then the error message appears. The error register folder is in the attached .zip file. I hope someone can help me. Thanks. 2016-01-13_013350.zip
  8. Hi, i need help to solve this problem. Im playng with my Priest, solo and in POTD. I have after many hours come to Durgans batteri, and i am now locked inside. I cleared the 1. floor and went to the second. Now i cant get out to buy camp rests, because of the door at the first floor apperently have closed itself after i went through it. Is this a bug or? And can any help me? I have attached 3 pictures, so u can see for yourself what i meen. Anybody knows what to do? Sorry for my bad english... I have no rests, and have no chance of survive to the final and 3 f
  9. I still cannot find Azo anywhere in the Sanitarium, I first had the bug that the door would not open after that was fixed i could not find Azo (need the key to the North Ward). Tried to leave the area and reenter but it didn't fix my problem. I would be really grateful if anybody can help me. My game is updated to the latest beta patch. I played Pillars of Eternity some months ago and this bug ruined my mood for it because I didn't want to start a new game and I don't know if loading an old savegame will fix it. I hoped that upcoming patches would fix it but as of now there is no fix. I want
  10. One of my characters will stop moving and will not move regardless of what I do. It happens with different characters at different places. I have to reload a previous save and delete the current save.
  11. So now that I'm learning a bit more about PoE and the basics, I've started my third game now and bumped the difficulty up to hard. Realizing I never got much farther than the stronghold portion, I'm reserving future judgement on how difficult the game will get (though Normal seems too easy for what I'm looking for). My question, now, is (at the stage of game I'm playing) how detrimental will it be that I'm not using a perfect build for my character? For roleplay reasons, I haven't spec'ed my built for optimization entirely (16, 8, 15,14, 14, 13) as a rogue, but I'm planning on taking a f
  12. Hi, i'm unsure which PC i should play. My NPC party setup is, like i would say "cut in stone", but i dont know which PC would complete my Setup. I would go with: Eder - Frontline Tank Pallegina - 2hand Off tank + Supporter Aloth - CC and likely DD Sagani - DD Grieving Mother - DD my problem now is which class + spec should i play to fit in this setup. I'm really bad at this part of the game when u plan your charackter and decide what you play, so i would like to hear your advice. Oh and i prefer any role, especially in this type of games. Thanks for your time and i a
  13. Hi, im stuck on Caed Nua Floor 8, i fighted Fampyr and after the battle Itumaak cant move (he is stuck on the bridge), i cant go to ANY stair because of that (you must gather your party...), dont know what to do, help T_T PD- i REALLY love your game its like old style rpg 8-) Here some pics: This is where itumaak is stuck These are my system specs More system specs; Here is my saved file =D https://mega.co.nz/#!0J9ThIJA!IK8_KwwOFdtPzu0Zrv19PGED3oEJd3Cy0usaIh3Df5I Another BUG there is another bug i want to report, sometimes (since i reached Caed Nua i have problems choosing
  14. When i use force sprint my screen turns dark it's really annoying!!! Does anyone know how to solve this??????
  15. The issue appeared after i quickly exited and reentered the Blacksmith in Gilded Vale. Observations - I can see the party standing in the doorway, but i cant mark them. Also the portraits are not showing the the lower left corner of the screen. Nothing is interactable though the cursor can hover over items and the right cursor icon displays. When i display inventory the windows and frames of the inventory are blank, as if there were no party members. Both the quicksave and the autosave have the same problem. (I got no other saves then those effected) Quicksave dropbox link https://www.
  16. Hello everybody First off, awesome to get some patches to my favourite game! Now to the question, will the patches (stat changes, class changes u name it) come in effect even on my old saves? I hope so, im in the middle of my 2nd playthrough and i dont want to start over again hehe!! Thanks for any answers, im sure this has been asked before so bear with me if its annoying.
  17. Hi all! Really liking PoE so far. Only 20-something hours in, about half way through Act 2 & I've got a question regarding my party's damage output, specifically why it seems so low. Whole party is level 6. Eder (Heaviest armor i can find, shield, fine sabre) Aloth (leather armor, fine wand) Durance (fine robe, fine wand) Kana (heaviest armor available, shield, fine hatchet) Pelligrina (Heaviest armor available, shield, fine pike / spear thing) Cipher [me] (fine leather armor, fine war bow / lead spitter, key spells used are Mental Binding & Mind Blades) recently been doing some
  18. Hey guys, I just got the game and I have a few kind of dumb questions.. Firstly the bar above my head with the 5 dots (green for me, and red for my enemy) What does that even count for? I know it's probably endurance but how does it work exactly, for example does one dot go away per hit or it is there to show your total endurance (20% of total endurance per dot??) or is it simply HEALTH? it's a little weird because I already can see my endurance in my portrait.. Secondly and this question isnt as dumb.. Im at the very start but sometimes when I attack an enemy it says my attacks arent as e
  19. just like the title says when ever i left click an item to read the description all the stats overlap with the actual description, Also i am unable to enchant items. Any assistance with this would be much appreciated thank you.
  20. So I understand that the various factions in Defiance Bay are at odds with each other and that choosing one will result in not being able to interact with the others. That makes sense to me, even if I messed it up in my most recent play through. However, I found that when aligning with one (the mafia-like one), I had already completed quests with both the dozens AND crucible knights. As such, the game has now locked me out of ALL factions, as I am at a "faintly good" reputation with each of them. Is this a bug or intended? I like the idea of exclusive faction quest-lines and such, but the
  21. Hi everyone! I have a huge problem with in KotOR 2. I'm DS male (5 lvl Sith Lord), I've already trained Bao-Dur and Atton for Dark Jedi, and now I have a problem with Handmaiden. When I start conversation and ask her about her mother, then becoming a Dark Jedi, she agrees. Kreia says "Betrayal"... And here we go... After this, there is a cutscene in Telos Academy where Atris says Handmaiden betrayed her and her sisters. Then she goes to meditate and my screen goes full black, I still hear Telos Academy theme playing and noises of surroundings but only thing I see is cursor. I can check my equi
  22. Got this quest via storyline. Take vision from god Galawain, where i run from bear through thorns, after thorns came to field where lion was, and lion start fighting with bear and i run. After that i found place ingame where need bring this prophecy to life, i use my class path in dialogue to start escape from bear - Oernos to Snul (lion) field, Bear with 2 adds, near lion also 2 adds + 2 unnamed npc and Irency, when i came close to lion nothing changed in aggro list 4 main bear - oernos, Adds fight with adds and npc, but Snul stand on place and Oernos continue try capture me, also th
  23. Fellow RPG fans, hello! My name is Felipe, and I'm currently working on a crowd-sourced book on cRPGs. After organizing the RPG Codex's Top 70 list, I decided to expand that into a full blown book. The idea is to feature in-depth reviews of over 250 great cRPGs in chronological order, from Akalabeth to Might & Magic X, plus interesting articles on the genre and interviews. All that written by RPG fans from all over the world, compiled into a beautiful book with big a colored screenshots. It is a book showing what the genre has best, and how people enjoy them. A book that every review
  24. that's what the title says i wanted to create a thread for those who want help finding specific sound effects found in many games or movies and link them here for example i wanted to know how it's called the background wind sound in this video from 3.02 to 3.33 please help i want to so badly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HkPb1gBe7k post your request here who would like help find some of his favourite sound
  25. Chaps, I'm considering doing a big chunk of work 'on the road', and consequently I'm thinking about having a laptop. Requirements at end. I need your help refining those requirements, and suggesting possible solutions. Implicit in being this rigorous is that I don't wnat to overspend, although I can justify spending whatever I need to meet my core requirements. Novel solutions would be fun, but would probably kick up the cost. ~~ Size: No minimum size, maximum size 24" screen Weight: 2kg [remember my busted back?] + 1kg peripherals Battery life: 4 hours (longest expecte
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