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  1. problem solved.thank you ! i just verify game cache and it works.thanks again !
  2. But mine showing like this.Tick but not installed ? i restart my steam still same not downloading.so thats why i cant find my pdf files and others
  3. thank you ! found it.the files is in unity3d format am right ? but all fiels in unity3d format.so hmm im thinking where is .pdf format for ebooks ?
  4. i just bought an upgrade to Royal Edition.Where do i get those files ? such as collector books,strategy guide,wallpapers,novel,digital map campaign etc etc that come within Royal Edition pack.i dont know where to look at those files after i purchase an upgrade. Edit : i bought the game on steam
  5. great.im not using any custom chanter.im trying using kana with this build.lol.i think not as efficient as your build but at least i get the idea.but now before level 9 im confuse what chant should i put and arranged.but nevermind,im on hard just using whatever it is still win the fight. are you still playing PoE Boeroer ? are you going to play tyranny ? sorry of topic a bit
  6. May i know how would you arrange the phrase for this drake ambassador ? like dragon slash > terrify > and then next what etc etc ? or you just repeat ?
  7. thank you.if the main problem for this build with durance is because of low DEX,then i will put ring of thorns or Finreah's Grace and Belt of the Stelgaer as Boeroer suggest.good to go.thank you !
  8. I could build up my durance companion for this build ? but the only things is the gear.is it possible to get duplicate item for example garodh's focus as i wanted to use it for my main character.so is it ok if i use other gear other than this build using ? what is the most crucial weapon/shield/armor needed for this build that i cant change it ?
  9. wow.i just knew about that option you can set companion start at level 1.thanks for that !
  10. at the early game,is it important to retrain your character to a certain build or money is more useful in other things ? i mean in 'hard' difficulty is it really important to use money for to retrain char in early game other than buying other things such as potion.
  11. Sorry,im new here in this type of game.I purchased this game long time ago but havent finish it and haven't reach until late game. 1. Is it normal for someone to retrain their character often enough in the game to change the build ? like if i want to change grieving mother cipher to backlash beldam build or Kana as the ambassador's apprentice,there is no other way other than retrain your character so that you can change stats build.am i right ? and if its like that,what about our money (ingame),because it use a lot of money to retrain character and is it really important to use money for t
  12. Understood. Maybe if you have time later you can revise this build again and im interested to see what changes will you make between patch 2.0 and 3.0 thank you !
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