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  1. Yes I did all those things. And Vogga even told me he would transport fuel to Telos but when I go back to Telos I get no option to tell Dol about it. Both quests Fassa's Power quest and Vogga the Hutt quest are still active in my journal and I have done everything, the only thing I can think of is the Itholian did not give me a power cell but I was able to assign codes to each pylon and the power pylon console right next to Fassa says 'all pylon's active' I found cheat codes and used the console to give myself one of each of the power cells, there are five of them it seems, to see if that
  2. I did go back to Citadel Station but when I spoke to Dol Grenn I got no option to tell him about the fuel.
  3. So there are two quests that are still in my journal, I can't finish them even thought I have finished them. So they are both on Nar Shaddaa, one is Vogga the Hutt and the other is Power Shortage from Fassa, I have compleated all other quests on this station but these won't finish. Spoken to the Hutt and let him know goto was not a problem anymore and got him to agree to ship fule to Telos but the quest 'Vogga the Hutt' is still in my journal at the stage where it talks about overhearing the thugs and how to break in and all that. I am assuming this is why I can't complete the quest for Fass
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