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  1. Basically what the title says. I'm running a nature godlike and I suddenly realised I was never sure if i saw my racial at work, its supposed to give some attributes bonuses when below 50% endurance. Anyway I looked at my char when i was with low endurance and didn't see any buff icon, or change in the stats in the char screen. Don't even see the racial listed anywhere in the char sheet.
  2. I made a Nature Godlike / Barbarian to see how much of a monster I could make him with Frenzy + Wellspring of life. I don't know when it started happening, but Wellspring of life stopped activating. I have a feeling it either started with when I got Blooded (x1.2 damage when below 50% endurance) or Enhanced Frenzy (Frenzy now grants +6 might, +6 const 'may not be correct numbers') When I drop below 50% endurance, it will only activate Bloodied. I dont know if it's intentional to stop abuse of stupidly high stats, as I'd be getting ~25 Might ~20 Constitution ~22 Dexterity Bloodied x1.2
  3. While testing some DoT stuff found this: Player is able to completely ignore recovery (reset attack timer / not hit end attack animation event / something) 1) Equip any weapon (tested with Rapier, Blunderbuss(very slow), Hunting Bow) 2) Attack Character 3) At time of damage or when projectile leaves weapon(ranged) pause game 4) Press I for inventory 5) Notice that pressing I "reset" characters animation (back to idle) 6) Press I again. 7) Character attacks immediately (no reload, no cooldown,...) EDIT: Pause is not required, you can attack and double-press Inventory at time o
  4. Hello, I've got a strange bug on my Mac Book Pro Retina 13". When I talk to someone in the game, I can't read all the text. The window with the text is bigger than my screen and there is no way to reduce it. Screen capture here : http://imageshack.com/a/img907/7448/e93MBL.jpg I didn't had this problem before and now I can't fix it. I've tried all the changes possible in the graphical panel but nothing is working. Thanks for your help. Gilles MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5 16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3 Yosemite - 10.10.2
  5. Once you have completed the first level of "The Endless Paths of Od Nua" and you have left the dungeon through a cellar door, clicking on the cellar opens the map where you can pick the dungeon level you'd like to go to. However, opening the map first displays an empty map. The only unlocked dungeon is on top of the screen. I don't think that it was intended that I first need to scroll around. Compare screenshots and savegame.
  6. Description: After getting to the bottom of the Endless Paths and then trying to return to the top the game crashes on any entrance to the Endless paths level 1. (hangs on a black screen before giving a windows error that it has stalled) Reproducing the issue: Pretty much any access point to level one of the Endless Paths creates the problem Dropbox info: Here I assume the issue lies here but I'll send a dropbox link as well: Initialize engine version: 4.6.1p2 (961a19933c56) GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1 Direct3D: Version: Direct3D 9.0c [nvd3dum.dll 9.1
  7. I was able to play the game a little bit, then had to leave the computer for a couple of hours. When I came back, the game had crashed to desktop. A message popped up, saying it would be nice to send a particular folder to devs (could not find folder, did not provide address to send folder). Tried to load my save- crash. Try to start new game- gets through character creation, then crashes. The same message pops up every time. Guys, I really liked the little bit I played. Please help!
  8. Hello, I started a new game today, and noticed this weird sound issue. It sounds like it may be a Chest opening, or a page turning, but its repeating constantly. The first time it happened I was attacking the Wolf at the very beginning area near the berries. Thought it would go away after I loaded into the next area in the caves. It didn't so I saved and closed the game. Reopened and it was gone. Then I proceeded to open a chest and it started again. Closed and Reopened. Opened chest again and it did not do it. Proceeded to the pillars that you light with your torch and it started doing it
  9. Hello! I recently experienced the grimoire bug on a wizard/caster using a summon weapon skill. I was able to replicate it once, but not multiple times. After using Kalakoth's Minor Blight, I switched weapon sets, causing my grimoire to disappear. Now the slot is bugged and nothing can be placed. Anyone else seeing this? Just me? I'd rather not reboot a load... Thanks!
  10. Dear Obsidian, Being a huge fan of titles like Baldur's Gate I took Path of the Damned difficulty simply so this wonderful experience would last as long as possible. I wanted to be forced to eat consumables and search for items that help with certain enemies and experience the game in it's full potential rather than just run through the game on normal without any serious challenge. The game still seemed too easy... Boring... There is only one initial playthrough of the game and now that I am close towards the end I realised mine is ruined. I did a quick bug search and sure enough m
  11. It was stuck at 9 turns, even after completing couple quests it didnt show any progression, but after completing another quest it actually finished, so im pretty sure just the progression didn't show.
  12. Description: While in the Dyrford Ruins, I accidentally triggered two traps -- once (stupidly) while in stealth, and once out of stealth. Combat started, one of my characters died, and I got a NameError in the message log in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This really isn't a big deal, but it might be worth looking into. Steps to Reproduce: I can't verify that this works consistently for the two traps in question, because I wasn't able to load a save file where I had not triggered them. When I triggered the traps (the first by opening the container not in stealth mode, and the
  13. Hi there, Love the game but I've encountered a very irritating bug. I just fought off a group of Shades, phantoms and shadows in the Lle a Rhemen dungeon in the Stormwall Gorge map. Unfortunately my main character was knocked unconscious during battle and now that he is awake and the battle is over he is constantly "flanked", ( minus 10 deflection all the time). Reloading the game does not fix this, changing map areas and leaving the dungeon does not fix this, sleeping does not fix this. There does not seem to be any legitimate in game reason he is now flanked all the time. P
  14. Description: As stated in the title, I believe when creating a playable character (or an NPC you can hire in an inn) choosing a Culture does not give you +1 to any stat. The first choice (Aedyr) is already highlighted and the game recognizes this as you having entered that portion of character creation with one less point in Resolve than you actually chose, and when you choose another culture than Aedyr it will deduct the point in Resolve it believes it gave to you and place it elsewhere, leaving you 1 Resolve point short. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Choose Hard difficulty &am
  15. Ok, so when you enchant your weapons, it should have different skin.Better quality looking material, or flames etc. On some items it works nicely (crosbow, pistol) on some it dont work at all (spear, sword, mace) is there a way to display it properly? BTW, is there a way to enchant -exeptional- on -fine- quality weapon?
  16. The friendly AOE buff for Devotions of the Faithful doesn't benefit from Intellect's AOE range bonus, which is contrary to the behavior of other buff spells. This is likely due to the fact that the spell has both friendly and foe components, and the code mistakenly fails to apply the buff to the outer circle of the AOE range.
  17. In the area Anslog's Compass there are (at least) three hidden stash locations that contain a page from Fulvano's Travels. If you put them in the stash together they stack. Each of the three pages is supposed to have a different story (one about the gloves, one about the boots, one about the compass) but when they become stacked they evidently seem to take the form of the first one in the stash. So now I've got three Fulvano's Travels pages that all discuss his gloves, even when I take them out of the stash and separate them.
  18. When you remove the armor, you lose the DR from the talent Scion of Flame. I did not test the others similar talents.
  19. Description: Casting mental binding on a troll twice triggers a graphical error. I've only noticed this to occur when the second mental binding is cast thile the first is still active. The actual distortion grows with time (even when the game is paused), and disappears when the troll is killed. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Cast mental binding on Troll. Cast it again before the duration of the first cast is over. Important Files: DXDiag Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  20. I am on Level 9 of the Endless Path and twice in this map I have encountered enemies, slaughtered them mercilessly, and then they come back to life and continue fighting me now invincible and untargetable. The disease slime and the Cean Glwa have both done it. After loading several times and getting the same result, I ran away from the disease slime and it eventually left me alone. Now it just sits there with the animations of being alive but I can't target it. When I went into combat with others near it, it started attacking me again and after beating the beatles I had to run away to get it
  21. Once I'm within the options menu (within the game), I can't leave. This window asking me to save changes keeps returning, regardless of whether I click Yes or No. I have to quit the game entirely and can only use quick saves and quick loads to record my progress.
  22. as above. in 7z: -bug report folders with output_log -dxdiag report -my saves. http://www.filedropper.com/poebugreport
  23. I decided to defend the merchant Verzano, and after killing Danna party i only get exceptional negative reputation with them but the quest don't progress. I talk to Verzano and his text is as if i didn't even delivered the package yet :/
  24. I am doing the main quest Through Death's Gate and after I interacted with the soul energy in front of the soul machine in the ruins my journal does not update. The journal entry for Through Death's Gate has all of the entries grayed out. I read somewhere that the quest actually ends after you interact with the soul but my quest did not. I'm afraid I don't have a save close to that point either. I would attach my output log but it seems to be too big. I'm just looking for any information at this point, if my information is correct, if there is any workarounds. Thanks
  25. I wondered into the Bear Cave well before meeting Nonton and conversed with the soul and ran from the bear early in the game. I talked to Nonton on my way to Gilded Vale and left the bear slaying til later. After having slayed the bear, I confronted Nonton and Ingroed, and ended up killing them after selecting "turn into the magistrate." After this happened, the mission remained open. The soul is gone from the cave and my journal says "Confront Nonton," like I never did anthing - I have no way of completing this. :banghead: :banghead: Please fix this! POE is an awesome game, just bugs are
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