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  1. Join the club. They didn't adress the 32bit issues. So we're just looking at wasted money
  2. They actually made HATS for CATS but i still can't play the game on a system that meets the requirements... I am actually steaming right now. I will not be buying anoter Obsidian game ever. Will resort to lesser RPGs - so be it
  3. What the actual **** Obsidian?? How do you not adress the game not being PLAYABLE on a system you stated as being capable of running your game? If there were a refund system on steam I would want my money back now. This is unacceptable and extremely arrogant. You want me to mess with my system to make it 3bg ram compatible - while this can ruin my other games and could make my system shut down? Right... Nice fix... NOT HAPPENING! I want a straight answer: When will you fix the 32bit problem??? Cant EDIT: Approved post but replaced one word with asterisks. Please don't try to bypass the filter.
  4. Hi I crash every signle time I try to travel to Gilded Vale after leaving the collapsed cage and traveling through the woods. Is this a common bug and will it be adressed in this weeks coming patch? I really(!!) want to play the game, but so far I can not progress past the second game location:( Thx in advance
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