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  1. it was tricky but I managed to cast "call to slumber" just out of their los and then moved the rest of the squad into their view so they ran into the AOE.
  2. just did the fight outside... full party level 10. not sure if there's more ogres if you choose high level scaling but it was ridiculous, had to dump everything I had on them constantly. Did Nalrend first time, nothing by comparison
  3. possibly because I'm running an old as hell driver amd catalyst 15.3 beta - driver 14.502.1014-150319a-181821E DxDiag.txt
  4. you can see anything that's effected as it will say "base X number" and then a green higher or lower number based on your intellect, same for spell duration and area of effect, hover over stuff for the tooltip
  5. it's intellect, and it should effect their duration. Can't remember if this is true with quickslot summons
  6. play it all before the patch as it's currently worse, and they've made a bunch of annoying changes and added too many buffs
  7. my descriptions still read one per rest for some of the talents
  8. It's becoming so tiring watching people having to explain this over and over.
  9. Survival was a solid ability and provided a good bonus maxed out that you can't get from any other means.. it was a mistake to change that. What I would say is make potions much quicker to use, I think making them instantaneous (if you're not afflicted with prone or paralyzed etc) with their own cooldown timer is the way forward.. because of the anti pre-buffing mechanic (which I like), it makes no sense for me to use them mid combat over a more powerful spell or ability as I've still got to go through the animation and the recovery just like any other skill or spell, and they cost nothing. I've not been in a long enough combat situation to use up all my best abilities to the point were potions represent a sensible choice. The only thing I use item wise is start a big battle with the single use summon as they're obviously hugely beneficial and hard to substitute. Oh and your item cooldown timer could be reduced by investing in your lore skill.. (maxing it out would maybe allow you 2/3 item uses during a typical large combat situation?) adding some much needed value to that. (you can probably roleplay that knowing your inventory and ingredients better makes it easier to administer or something)
  10. I can't comment on ciphers but I've yet to use them on a playthrough. Based on your description I'd bet my PC mage would make them look silly at 24 might and 21 intellect.
  11. Yes I'll concede that stealth in it's current form has it's uses for all characters and to characterize it as completely useless is wrong. But I'm talking about a backstabbing rogue in a classic D&D style. The opportunity is so limited that it almost doesn't exist as a play style or tactic and when I chose a rogue I chose it with that play style in mind, being as it's advertised from the outset with the talents and skills that are presented to you. Just change shadowing beyond to one per encounter, even that would be preferable and a some way to a solution, at the very least a partial relief. In addition. you can't backstab with your special attacks from shadowing beyond but you can from stealth. Escape is broke as **** and coordinated position is sooo situational I can never use it.. and I chose that first thinking it would be great. Just fix the glitch and engagement issues and widen the area for these skills and we can see a unique and interesting class take shape. I feel just looking at these survival bonuses, the DR bonus and accuracy, they are horrendously overpowered, a basically free couple extra DR is huge for my mage, I tend to powergame pretty hard (I just call that "how to play a game") and the game is an absolute cakewalk currently on Hard. I don't enjoy the notion that everyone should be able to heal themselves... I just don't know where they came up with these.. was the community really requesting these kinds of changes. Even the white march talents are just ill thought out, they're either so weak they're a waste of a talent or they're an instant selection for someone in your party, they seem to be having a nightmare balancing at the moment. I understand it was to attempt to add some new potential builds and a pseudo multi classing element but it's more like, muddying the whole experience and blurring the lines as to what each classes' purpose is. It seems like for every hit obsidian make there's an equal miss, props for still working away at it though. A lot of people making a lot of good points, especially the selection of which active rest bonus you want.. I'm relieved to hear that it's not just me that's frustrated with the new UI.
  12. Personally the update to the UI is jarring. I didn't feel it was necessary and wasn't up on my to do list. Feel like time was wasted that could have been used fixing more important things. Frankly I preferred being able to see all the things I could use and cast on display. Never really got stressed having to figure out which one was per encounter or per rest... you just know? By all means categorize them but more submenus I feel is just creating extra work for me. How does the public feel? do you prefer the declutter? I looked at the change log and not one of the things that had bugged me recently had been addressed. I think nerfing the per encounter spell uses was probably a good idea. I was at the point where I was spamming first level spells with the wizards ring and laying waste to everything. Stopped me mixing my tactics up and using high level spells. looking forward to the flexibility a 5th spell will bring. Personally I can't believe they did such a big overhaul and didn't improve stealth.. The one thing everyone's been crying about. I can, generally, only use it on weak ass enemies and at that point taking one out of the game early is kind of redundant as they don't last more than a few second anyway.
  13. I think the issue was different. I couldn't couldn't get the backstab bonus on special attacks from shadowing beyond. Seemed to come out of invisibility before the animation. Not sure if this has been addressed in 3.0. I've yet to have a proper go at it
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