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Elmshore - Task failed: The Sealed Missive



Has this been changed for the beta?


No matter how carefully or quickly I approach the dying monk, there are two stelgars waiting just next to him and kill him immediately. The task fails and doesn't appear in the journal anywhere either, so I don't even get a hint what I may have done wrong this time.


The two stelgars don't patrol. They seem to be waiting just a few steps east of his tree. Nothing works to draw their attention towards me. They rush towards the monk to kill him.


A bug? Or related to me having visited Elm's Reach before?


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I just got a message that I failed The Sealed Missive, at the end of a fight with an Adgragan and some Water Blights near the east end of the Adra Pillars.  My party was to the west of the Adragan, and north of the Adra Pillars.  I was exploring from west to east and had not even discovered the northern bridge.  I found the Dying Monk's loot on the east side of the bridge.

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I do not want to create a new topic



Sagani just stuck in a tree, a little free to move area circled in red. Save / load is not helping, save broken. If it was on the Iron Man, I would have hang himself




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Hey Zzealot,


You should probably make a new post about that tree issue. This issue was about the Dying monk getting merc'd before the player could respond. There should be some other posts about characters getting stuck if you search around a bit.


I got your back


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