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  1. Tank - lifegiver/goldpact. Offtank- marauder dual wield Sniper - rogue / ranger with ice bow. Your bear pet can offtank. Nuker- helwalker /fury. Dance w/death and storm spells. Debuffer- zerker/wizard warlock. Enraged and then cast super fAst stuns and blinds. I’d probably switch one character with a single priest or priest/chanter. Devotions of the faithful is huge for accuracy. The Priest chanter can then cast the shield cracks to debuff your foes.
  2. I used Lord Darryn's Voulge in my 1.02 game - I'm not sure how badly the changes they made to it affected it, but I'd love to use it for this character too, since it's really fitting. I also saw there's a more battleaxe looking pollaxe in the DLC, so that looks cool. I like the idea of axes, battleaxes especially, as a pirate weapon. The Obnoxious Medieval Combat Nerd in me feels the need to point out that it's realistic, too! Axes and pikes were staples of seaborne warfare in the Age of Sail. Awesome! Have any good book recommendations on this topic?
  3. I've tried and liked the following custom companions:Goldpact/Lifegiver (18/18/16/3/20/3) - this one is tanky (with superb AR and decent defenses) and has lots and lots of heals. He's my main-tank that makes sure no one dies. Plus carries defensive and healing scrolls. (I was also considering a shieldbearer of wael, but that would require modding since the combo is locked) Unbroken/Wizard (3/17/18/19/18/3) focused on cc - rymrgand vissage, charge, mule kick, and attacking with cudgel (or Shattered Vengeance with modal on). Basically a disruption machine. His role is to prevent enemies from using their abilities effectively. Wayfarer/Skald (17/9/15/19/15/3) - Rännig's Wrath rapier (with modal on) in main hand, and Lovers Embrace / Pukestabber dagger in off hand, spaming Shared Flames and mostly 2-phrase-costed invocations (Thunder Rolled / Killers Froze). His role is to off-tank, off-heal and off-cc. At some point, was considering to take a trickster/skald instead, but atm I find wayfarer/skald versatility to have a larger impact in my high-AR party (and do appreciate White Flames, Shared Flames, 2nd aura and emergency LoH/Liberating Exhortation). These are awesome! So you go with an extremely Tanky party with lots of healing? Who is doing your damage?
  4. Can sadly probably close this thread. Joshs twitter feed doesn’t have a trace of Pillars on it. Dude is done with the franchise.
  5. This expansion only has some ice and snow. The vast majority will take place in the beyond, per Brandon Adler.
  6. Nice! that's a great theme as well as a powerful character. My first run was with a Priest of Berath MC and I thought it was a blast. I'm currently running without a priest (getting high enough level for Beast of Winter so i can have Vatnir) and I badly miss having one in the party. It's not about power either, virtually any combination of characters can be powerful in the base game even on POTD as it isn't very hard (and i'm not a powergamer like many on these forums, its just easy), I just miss the flavor a priest provides. The buffs look awesome from a VFX perspective, and the holy spells are pretty sick. Love those clutch withdraws to save people as well. Damn it why did i make Xoti a monk i miss having a priest! I like the Wael concept alot though!
  7. Interesting stuff from Josh on SA regarding the ending of Deadfire (heavy spoilers here): https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/91v32a/looks_like_josh_wont_let_the_watcher_fight_eothas/?st=JK1VKKL4&sh=5bf13866 Makes me a bit sad to see his frustration here. Probably is time for him to move on. I’ll be eternally grateful to him for these awesome games and have a lot of faith that the talented Obsidian team will keep Eora games going for awhile.
  8. Hey all - i'd like to make Xoti my primary killer/disrupter on my current POTD soon-to-be Beast of Winter run. Is anyone finding success with keeping Xoti as a single class monk? would love some tips! I'm curious if you're keeping her with the sickle/buckler or switching to everyone's favorite ...FISTICUFFS. (or something else) thanks for any advice you can offer!
  9. Check it out! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/7fy7s9/icewind_dale_like_spinoff_to_pillars/ Lol @eric monitoring the thread with interest Very interesting josh sawyer comments too.
  10. Sounds like a lot of fun! Does assassin require a lot of micro? I’m Assuming you need to restealth after shots to get the big bonus attacks right?
  11. While I don’t like OPs idea for Deadfire, the Obsidian team has expressed interest on reddit in doing an Icewind Dale style POE spinoff. I’d be thrilled with a game like that. For the uninitiated - that would be a Pillars game focused more on character creation, team building and combat / dungeon exploration rather than companions and narrative.
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