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  1. Assassin is the exact class i am playing in my turn based run! I love the character concept but never had the desire to micro to that level in RTWP with so many characters and summons. Now, turn based basically forces you to micro. I’m still on the first island but it’s a blast so far ...
  2. The subject of this thread is not "what makes the best tank" it's "best ways to gear Eder specifically." If you're not going to stick to the subject at hand and just inject your own opinions, then you're better off not posting. The OP mentions Eder being a tank. I found his post relevant as I play Eder similiarly. You guys and this mob mentality smh. Before you come rushing in to defend the troll you might want to actually read the thread in question, Verde. No one had a problem with Marigoldran commenting on Eder tank builds. The complaint was about him shoehorning Heralds into every single thread despite them having zero relevance to the thread. It’s impolite and lazy.
  3. Why do you have another username Cartoons Plural? Also when Boeroer mentions Morningstar in every thread you and the cronies slob all over him. But someone else gets excited about something different and it's 'off with his head'. Keep the peace yall. Lmao. Just have the one username. But nice sleuthing Sherlock Holmes! You’ll catch the villain next time. Your comment strongly suggests a lack of intellect. Speaking of intellect, anyone know of a multiclass combo that benefits from high intellect? Maybe something tanky that can summon and heal? I like chanters and paladins. Any ideas?
  4. Say what you want, I, for one, am enjoying the successive episodes of the "Marigoldran 'discovers' all 66 potential class options, one by one" show. Lol
  5. Obligatory Eder swashbuckler sword and board (club and board with kupana tanga) reference. Build for engagement. Strap on some REGEN gear.
  6. Man this is so cool. So encouraging to see Obsidian thought putting this much effort into Deadfire was worth doing. The game is tremendous and if this gets it in the hands of a more mainstream audience then that’s fantastic. Looking forward to my turn based playthrough!
  7. I’ve always wanted to run a 5 man ‘boring’ no magic fighter team (maybe a rogue or two thrown in). No magical weapons or armor, just gear these dudes to the teeth with superb armors and Spears and crossbows and win fights the old fashion way!!!
  8. I have a solution to this. I keep a lvl 10-ish save in Tikawara that has a good amount of coin. Anytime I want to try out new characters I add them to that save, and run them through the surrounding battles and Lagufeth Broodmother, and if I need longer testing I’ll run them through Poko Kahara Btw, for those of you who were beta testers like me, it’s a wonderful bit of a nostalgia playing through those experiences again. Dead fires beta was one of my favorite gaming experiences ever. Not sure how many hundreds of hours I put into it.
  9. Well then apologies for two things 1) reread my comment and I sounded like a jerk, not my intention! And 2) not being aware that that was an issue. Hadn’t seen it except for when I didn’t know how to use the system. But obviously I believe your extensive play testing.
  10. Not to derail, but what are the best ways to stack Party ACC if you don’t have a priest in the party? I can think of Paladin’s ACC aura, and maybe some individual buffs like eldritch aim.
  11. Pretty sure you just don’t know how to use the system Dude. This never happens to me. Hasn’t since my first playthrough. Watch a YouTube video or something.
  12. This Konstanten build looks awesome, especially given that I’ve always had trouble making him useful. Which teammates benefit from the defense lowering the most? Maybe aloth throwing missiles due to fortitude debuff?
  13. LOL. Love that dude. Actually used him in my first playthrough for Deadfire bc I was drawn to him. Going to give this build a go!
  14. It’s been months since Justin Bell said they were polishing everything to have it ready to release on Spotify. I’d pay whatever they want for this thing, I adore the soundtrack and want to listen to it all day including while pooping, working out, and engaging in sexual intercourse (maybe ‘the watcher prevails’ for that one?). Anyone hear anything?
  15. I think Serafen and Xoti make for great candidates to come back. I’d love to see a character or two that wasn’t playable in Deadfire join as a companion as well: Furrante, Governor Clario, Aeldys, Atsura, Nemnok! Also not sure what they’d plan for the stronghold, but I’d be thrilled to see the ship back!! I know not everyone was thrilled with the entirety of the systems involved, but it was fun as hell having my own ship
  16. Hey don’t sleep on my bOy Vatnir! He’s great with all three class combos available to him. I’d keep him single class for buffs and nukes.
  17. Lol a shame? Quit bitching. I’ve played the game to level 11 basically a hundred times, it’s quick and frankly that part of the game is really fun. There’s nothing wrong with the class you chose, but if you want another one just start over. It will go even faster now that you know what you’re doing.
  18. Running a single class troubadour right now and he’s the star of my party. We are about able to take down stuff way tougher than our current level ( due to his strength and flexibility. Right now the ogres are absolute beasts, they have tons of health and hit HARD. With brisk recitation I get phrases so fast I can keep the ogres up 100% of the time. Looking forward to throwing out the occasional empowered eld nary later though!
  19. I’ve done both and I have to disagree. Mainly because I can’t win boarding fights until I’ve beefed up the team quite a bit, whereas I’m leve 6 right now and I’m The scourge of the freaking Deadfire with my ship. Archaven- if you dig a bit there is a great thread of ship combat where Gromnir and others lay out exactly how to do it. Ive been having a blast every since, pun intended thank you very much. Short answer - get double bronzers ASAP, close to within range of cannons (under 350), turn, then HOLD POSITION ONE TURN, blast, jive, hold, blast, rinse repeat until they are dead. Easy and fun
  20. Xoti blunderbuss monk with stunning surge Tekehu Druid work darryns voulge and deltros cage for storm spells Serafen barb with dual sabers Eder swash with dual spears, persistent distraction and engagement modal Mirke shadow dancer with daggers and alcohol
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