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  1. Always wanted to build a powerful version of one of the back alley thugs you’d run into in Delver’s row or Ondra’s Gift. A leather armor wearing, club or dagger wielding, crossbowman. Appreciate any help you can offer! In other words, what’s the best single or multi I could go for to make a mean crossbow wielder? My thoughts so far are sharpshooters garb, high dex and per, and maybe the spearcaster? Certainly will pair him with a chanter for sure handed ila. Appreciate your contributions!
  2. I don’t bc I’m lazy. I prefer my rogues to either charge in with dual wield or plink away with arrows. I evidently can’t be bothered to worry about precise positioning for backstabs. God, why am I so lazy?
  3. Yep! They are doing twitter polls to allow for what it will be. So far we know it will be a hunting bow, made with animancer technology, that has wild and unpredictable effects when using it. Sounds fun! I never play archers though so I’m curious who you guys would build to take advantage of the bow.
  4. Even though we don’t know his subclass or attributes, I could see the Rymyrghand priest in this role!
  5. New companion/sidekick, new items, new pieces of lore, new ending slides.New priest subclass as well iirc. if this all they are adding this is an incredibly underwhelming expansion release? So apart from new magic items all we get is a new sidekick and 1 new subclass while at the same time not being able to level up any higher? I can t believe i am seeing this actually happening You know, I’m starting to think ...that you MIGHT not actually be the number 1 fanboy
  6. One can hope! They didn’t add him to the party in the steam so we don’t know for sure. I LOVE the new guy, Vatnir, already. This is a great addition for us folks who weren’t terribly fond of Xoti, or just thought that one playthrough with her was enough. Great work Obsidian! DLC is looking glorious. I would LOVE to know what level the content starts at for BOW though, so I can have a play through ready for the expansion.
  7. Don’t forget - as far as locations are concerned I expect most of the expansion to take place in the ‘beyond’. Think the animancers quest that sent you to the Beast of Winters realm. Really fun aesthetic.
  8. I’d love to hear some ideas for how to make this little masseuse most useful! My idea so far, Howler build - barb/skald. Either 1 hand with puke stabber for extra crits and extra phrases. Or unarmed monastic for fist fighting! Thoughts?
  9. Would be shocked if level cap increased. DLCs likely sell better if they have an impact on the EXISTING game so it will entice more than just the most hardcore of players. More classes, side quests, etc.
  10. Playing a helwalker and he’s wrecking the back line with lightning strikes and stunning blow. Monks are still beasts
  11. Don’t get some of the hate for the new POTD - I am glad to see there are others on the forum who, like me, see this as a tremendous step in the right direction. We as a community can’t complain about the extreme lack of difficulty in POTD v1 and then complain v2 is too hard. Come on! POTD is supposed to be a supreme challenge. By the way, many of us (and I’m Not even a great player like andreacolumbo or boeroer or others) are progressing through POTD pretty well. FYI I took the advice of another poster and hired a Cipher hireling. Empowered whisper of treason is a godsend and helped me through the early drake fight among others. Now that I’ve got Pallegina and chanter Summons the game is going very well! Though the Steel Garrote Paladins just whooped my ass...
  12. Dude, the game is a cakewalk on the hardest difficulty. I don’t give a crap about over- nerfing. Better thAt than the current state where the game is largely without challenge.
  13. I’m sick of all the xaurips trying to blow me! Arkemyr made me watch him beat off!
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