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  1. Surprised people are still humoring Firkraag. He’s pretty obviously trolling. These forums have been a super fun community of people sharing knowledge and enjoying a game together. He trolls the forums by looking for fights. I recommend ignoring him - working great for me!
  2. Not qualified to critique - just wanted to say thanks for puttting this together! Thoroughly enjoyed reading. Definitely gave me ideas for my next run. Also funny that is doesn’t include chanter or monk, my favorite classes. They come on every run with me!
  3. Dude very nice! Thank you. A few questions: 1) what’s circle of protection? 2) any particular equipment needed for chanter? What weapon? 3) would love more info on the wizard! Does he do any damage or just tank? What’s the stat spread? 4) what does your formation look like?
  4. Looking to leverage the collective smarts of the forum for my first POTD run. Here are the rules of the challenge: 1) team needs to be powerful! 2) no weak links that need to be babied/protected. Hoping each member can pull their weight and not be a liability 3) no repeat classes. I like variety. Don’t care to do a 5 Chanter run That’s it! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s version of a kickass 5 man team
  5. Master CIPHER I kind of saw your pick coming ... But seriously, that party you just put together is a great representation of why Deadfire is going to kick ass and be infinitely replayable. What an interesting party.
  6. Before this update, I was dead set on playing a Ravager (monk barb) - unarmed and carnage! Make him a berserker, hit frenzy, and get Tekahu to put a few summoned minions between him and my party For a safety buffer. But dude, the Fury subclass turned my world upside down. Shifting into storm elemental form?!?!?!? YES PLEASE. MORE OF THAT.
  7. Yep I’m good with this change. If you think about it, spells are now more aptly described as abilities with magic being per rest (with minor differences), so it would make sense you only pick one per level. (Long term lurker on the forums, love all you guys for regularly contributing here! Big fan of Boeroer, Fardragon, Maxquest, Dexgames, Lord Mord, and who can forget the forum mascot, Gromnir!)
  8. On a scale of 1-10, I'm a 5 in terms of skill level in this game. I've beaten the game on hard with a 5man party. I'm ready to take on POTD, but I'd love to include mostly story companions in my party. My question - how hard will that make the game? I like a good challenge, but I want to make sure I'm not gimping myself too severely with Aloth, Eder, Durance, and the like.
  9. I'm decided on making a Brawler in deadfire (barb/monk) who cleaves rows of foes with his fists + carnage. My question, can you guys help me make a non-monk class (preferably barb) that uses novice suffering in POE1? Is this viable for the whole game on POTD?
  10. Multi-classing - will we have to choose both classes at level 1? What if we start as a single class do we still pick both possible classes at level 1? How will respeccing work in relation to this?
  11. Gosh you can TELL I'm just getting back into the game. Called a fighter a warrior thanks for the correction
  12. Hey all - getting back into the game and I LOVE non traditional class setups. I've heard people like to use wands on warriors. This sounds hilarious and awesome. Someone please help me power game one!
  13. So if you are disagreeing with others on this thread by saying it is 'by no means' the weakest class, then who is?
  14. @gromnir why do you Speak in 3rd person and sign off with 'ha good fun!' ? Personally, I think you are awesome.
  15. Here's what I'm planning: Orlan Magic lvl 6 - dirty fighting Chanter female (person of color) guns and stealth guns Human Human Cathy - dwarf male cipher - rat pet 4 rangers Thoughts? Suggestions?
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