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  1. So, to summarize, you might be able to achieve dps parity (non-Bash vs Bash) on trash with relatively low deflection and DR. But in tough encounters (moreso in PotD I would assume) you're better off with going with a non-bash shield, having higher deflection, sacrifice an indeterminate number of ripostes, and ultimately have a more consistent dps rather than a slightly higher alpha strike. Did I misunderstand anything? Might be interesting to get some video of rogue solo fights illustrating the difference. Of course time trials would only make sense if you had many datapoints due to RN
  2. Lol, sorry. I didn't mean to imply that Godansthunyr is good/bad for riposte. Just what I had down for my build for the devil. I think it was probably Boeroer's suggestion from my earlier thread. I was mostly looking at it as an extra disable. Though I do have riposte in my build. Not sure if there's something better to take or not. I think I just stuck it in there because of the buff it got in 3.03. /shrug. Personally I'm not that worried about it because my rogue is pretty much just there for the companion story. Too bad there wasn't evasion tanking in PoE. Though I suppose there i
  3. Well two different results from the same date seems to indicate that your getting random rolls instead of a static list. I'm guessing that is probably working as intended. Just not sure what the difference is.
  4. Whatever you do you'll want your MC to be something that can pretty much solo the first 2-3 levels. The good news, assuming you're not against it, is that you can respec to something more party friendly once you get your other characters created. I started with a paladin myself. They're certainly tanky and I don't regret it from a combat perspective. I thought I'd like the RP aspect of sticking to your order's preferred dispositions but I've found it frustrating that some (very few) quest rewards are locked behind a single disposition that happens to be disfavored. At least that is my experien
  5. Too bad you couldn't melt down weapons and armor to acquire some unit of essence that you could then use to enchant things with some of the "unique" enchants. Balance it by making it only practical to do by sacrificing other uniques or items with higher lvl enchants. I'm always bummed when I realize I can't get something until mid-late game. Speaking of rogues I still haven't picked mine up. Looks like I already planned on using Godansthunyr+Barricade.
  6. Well, yeah that would be broken stacking sworn on one enemy. My original point was that you can't tell targets apart if you're marking multiple mobs. Usually it won't be a problem if you don't take them off their targets. But if someone needs LoH, etc and the mobs are still in motion (or disengage due to pathing issues) you may find yourself wondering which one it is. Not that you can't figure it out by process of elimination more often than not and it doesn't matter a whole lot with charming.. unless you want to reapply it. It's a situational issue, but it would be nice if had the characters
  7. Figures. Well it hasn't really effected me because I'm using pallegina's wrath as part of her alpha strike against casters and such. Tbh, I forget to use it on my MC most fights because my monk and chanter kill things so fast.
  8. Yeah, I thought I ran into a problem spot myself last night but it turned out I had the wrong loot point (Ogre cave, Dyrwood crossing). I'm kinda at a loss as to what might be happening if you're playing 3.03 on Win7 and having a problem. But to be clear it's not that it's totally different from the list but that there seems to be an offset of a few hours? As if it's counting the days at a different interval than what is displayed on the UI?
  9. Which is kinda strange since the buff only applies to the paladin who cast it but I suppose that is a limitation/oversight as the buff must look the same to whatever code handles sorting and suppresses all but the "most powerful" effect. Unless I'm wrong and it does apply to everyone? The tooltip for sworn enemy seems to indicate otherwise.
  10. Yeah, I figured the n was for numeric. And if they are globally scoped variables it would make sense that it would include the NPC's name. Seems they settled on "variabletype_Objname_variable_name". My bad for not considering that in the first place. I get a chuckle out of the fact that they don't seem to have something like a b_Durance_is_dead variable or at least don't check it. There's been several times people have talked about Durance as if he were still alive in my game and unfortunately he was killed by a pack of wolves I was kiting near him. In fact I got banter about him when I ne
  11. Hey, at least we can all agree (I think) that it's a good thing that the humble trap isn't the best class in the game. Iirc there was more than one D&D game were you could stack many many traps on one spot and instagib anything in the game given the chance to prepare it. Though that was patched out of most (all?) of them.
  12. Ahh, it's been so long since I've played a cipher. Tactical Meld > Sworn enemy. At least in terms of pure Acc. It doesn't have the damage bonus and has a base duration of 30 sec. Probably more than enough for most targets. Well the chanter has a mind control invocation, right? So it has more options that way? *Goes to look at Drake's Ambassador again*
  13. Strange. Wouldn't this mean that whatever node this condition was attached to, would only run or be available if Andred was winning? And only once he had won 3 or more games? Unless they confusingly stored the players wins in a variable with Andred's name? Not that I'm questioning if you're right. The other possibility is that comes to mind is that this is the "Let's play a game (again)" message it will default to until he's losing and then it falls through to a message in which the player is deemed the champ and has the talent added? At any rate I don't doubt the dev could have been mista
  14. Oh, yeah I hadn't even thought about PotD stats being different. Otherwise I could have used the saves from my Act 3 hard run from a year ago. Well maybe after I'm done with this playthru I'll update my spreadsheet for PotD and post it here. Well, when I do finally try the dragons solo at least I won't have to worry about people spawning the whelps. But more dots!
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