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Whatever you do you'll want your MC to be something that can pretty much solo the first 2-3 levels. The good news, assuming you're not against it, is that you can respec to something more party friendly once you get your other characters created. I started with a paladin myself. They're certainly tanky and I don't regret it from a combat perspective. I thought I'd like the RP aspect of sticking to your order's preferred dispositions but I've found it frustrating that some (very few) quest rewards are locked behind a single disposition that happens to be disfavored. At least that is my experience as a goldpact paladin (passionate, aggressive). I know I could pick a talent to make this go away but it's a talent you know?


Anyhow, rather than suggest a specific party I'd suggest picking an MC that you like from a mechanics/RP perspective and make the rest of your team be in support of that. A little obvious I know, but once you've decided on that it's easier to think of abilities that will support (or at least not impede) it. i.e. You play one of Boeroer's elemental themed tanks means you need casters in your party that can dump that specific element on his head.


Fwiw I'm currently playing 4 man on PotD. I've gotten to Act III and plan on taking a 5th member but so far I don't think the 5th is really necessary -

Paladin (Basically started with a Solo Tank build and swapped in a couple party abilities)

Chanter (Chillfog) - Support/dps

Monk (Juggernaut 3.0) - Offtank/dps

Pallegina (Paladin Accuracy Support+Ranged Alpha Striker) - this one wouldn't work for you as it uses a talent only she can have - Wrath of the five suns.

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I doubt there is a best, but I bet Paladin-Monk-Priest-Wizard could get through fairly easy, everyone would need to be able to handle some melee.  Maybe Paladin-Monk-Priest-Druid, would handle trash fights easier but not sure about bosses.

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With four man you want durable so avoid any glass cannon builds. Casters are fine just don't make them glass and wearing a dress. I'm using a Juggernaut 3.0, Pellaginna, Kana and Devil and doing well. If I replaced the MC with Zahua and dropped Devil, I could go for a Wizard or Cipher and have them be the mechanics guy. I mainly bring Devil for the banter and the mechanics.

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