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  1. Chanters are probably my favorite class. I’m curious which summons people love, which are your favorites, most OP, etc. conventional wisdom is using skellies early and switching to Ogres and maybe the enchanted weapons later. Anyone like the wisps? Or spores? Like running a single class chanter so you can get the giant dragon as fast as you can? Hit me with those chanter strats!!
  2. Scout with Maia run using the red hand is pretty bonkers. Sin Tee has a guide on YouTube for it. I’m using it now and she’s tripling dps of my other guys.
  3. Dump resolve. Con to 8 or 10. Max PER and INT. Rest in dex. Might at 10 or so is fine. Stats don’t make that big a difference. Folks have different philosophies with armor. I like everyone in mail or heavier. Enemy AI likes to gang up on squishies. You cast a little slower but it’s worth it.
  4. Nice RP back story! For your guy I’d recommend the ‘intimidate’ passive skill. It’s really fun in conversations and fits your character.
  5. 1) change main character (priest of berath , then fighter/wizard) - new character runs in with fear AOE, plus I max intimidate and role play as a big hulking badass named Leary that scares everyone in and out of combat 2) ally with diff faction (first pirates, then Deadfire company) 3) use different companions (this is huge! The main ones have tons of reactivity in the game. You should experience the game with each companion at least once, more than once if you want to take your relationship down different paths) 4) different romance 5) ships! Ignored the ship game first go around. This time? I’m the most feared, bloodthirsty dhow in the Deadfire. Ships name is the Punisher Having a blast through my second full playthrough ! Already planning my third, which is why I spend so much damned time on these forums Re: sidekicks, I love them, but miss the rich interactivity of the main companions. Vatnir, however, is my BFF.
  6. Would like to run a priest main character for next run! Actually ran a Priest of Berath for my first run through the deadfire on hard at release and had a great time, but I’m looking to optimize this go around. So please pass along suggestions! Just to be clear I’m looking to hopefully run a priest who can be the top dps and nuker for the time. Will likely even bring Xoti to handle the Devotions buffing and teammate saving. I want this guy to be the bringer of the apocalypse. Some general questions...single class priest the way to go? Which god - magran for fire priest (ring of Fire accuracy, dropping shining beacons and pillars of fire)? Berath again? New woedica? Does it matter? Go single class for higher power level and top spells? If not, multi class with what? Could see the helwalker caster formula with enduring dance helping the spell damage. Thanks for the ideas!
  7. Not to derail but this makes me want to run a Tempest (Barb/Druid) with the voulge. Storms, frenzy, carnage....one woman wrecking crew.
  8. Gosh I love write ups like this. Really cool to hear your perspective and to hear how your party fared. Curious about your war caller and pathfinder from previous runs! Mind sharing the details?
  9. Great point. I like the rod idea better. Best way to lower deflection in Aoe? I’m guessing confounding blind is a good one.
  10. This actually sounds crazy fun. Wanted a single class Rogue build for my boy Eder (though I’ll need to boost his int). Which Rod would be best for this build? Haven’t had time to test but does Wayershaper focus cause toxic strike to bounce?
  11. Monk monk herald. Going two monks three heralds. Or more heralds more monks. Single class monks. Whispers of the wind! Team setup: monk monk herald herald herald monk herald monk monk (single class) herald DESTROYS. Autopilot. Monk ! MERALD! HONK! MONKERALD. Single class monk.
  12. Yeah in my mind Tekehu is the only companion that is flat out better than even created characters. Love having him round out my teams as he can fill so many roles (even within the same battle!), heals, blinds, stubs, shield cracks, even AOE nukes with storms plus upgraded Lord Darryns Voulge. PLUS YOU CAN HAVE SEX WITH HIM
  13. Not much to critique. These are heavily optimized Meta power gaming builds. With little strategy you should be able to stomp the game easily aside from the mega bosses. I bet you’ll have fun! It’s generally not my taste to run with 5 Uber optimized adventurers like this, and unless using unity I just miss the companions so much. Side note, I keep telling myself I want to do an evil run but I can’t let my main bro Eder down! I did hunt and kill a whale and he’s still pissed at me about that .... To each their own though! I’d be curious to get an update on how your run goes. If it’s fun maybe I’ll try one like this.
  14. Discover them yourself when you become active again instead of letting others spoil that fun for you! That’s not how the ‘character builds’ forums work, dude.
  15. Extremely thankful for the folks who have passed through and those who still contribute to these forums! This has been such a special place first for POE1, then all aboard the hype train and build up for POE2 (nearly 2 years), then launch, and patch after patch, and hopefully we’ll into the future. Appreciate all the regulars around here like Boeroer, Maxquest, Gromnir, Raven, Andrea Columbo, Baldurs Gate 2, Enoch, and so many more (even you Sonic Mage!) Happy holidays to you and yours, and thanks for being a constant part of my life! As a good friend of mine would say- HA! GOOD FUN!
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