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  1. Hey guys thanks for the responses. So I guess for me shattered pillar is out. I didn’t know that only autoattacks give wounds. That was a big bummer. Do you guys have any good ideas for good multiclassing synergies with monk? I was thinking a Monk/Steel Garrote might be interesting. But the fact that steel garrotte works for woedica kinda goes against the role playing a little. What about Monk/Streetfighter or Rogue? Not sure how that would gel together. I’m trying to avoid barbarian or fighter classes as I already played those classes in my first playthrough. Open to sugg
  2. I recently finished my first playthrough with a Brute (Devoted/Barbarian) and had a blast. I dual wielded sabres and had a good time with the carnage caused. A few difficult parts such as the engwithan drake and the messenger but that was about it. I’m thinking about my next playthrough as a single class shattered pillar monk. I role played my brute as a good character who didn’t enjoy being thrust into his position but made the best out of it. This shattered pillar monk will be different. Thinking of him as being born into the Huana as a roparu slave? He left the deadfire because he hated
  3. Mysterious Rekke's tribesman? I wonder where those Asian looking people actually live in Eora. The Living Lands? Beyond the impassable eastern ocean? Thanks Aramintai, that is awesome! If any of you guys want some more portraits, there are a whole ton here http://san.nobuwiki.org/sancg/san13_04 They're actually from the ROTK games, but some of the barbarian ones might actually fit nicely with some roleplay and imagination. Examples:
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