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  1. Nice build!! I imagine this could work with Aloth as well you just lose the extra power level from illusionist.
  2. Cipher-Psion, I have not tested, a lot of people say he is suboptimal, but on paper he suits that, except the fact of Blood Sacrifice ia a damage that stops focus-gain. Just did a quick test and Blood Sacrifice does not suppress Soul Mind. That's consistent with my previous tests with other forms of non-hit roll self damage (destructive channeling, DAoM). Haven't tested Beserker self-damage (but I would assume it too does not). I agree that Chant/Troub and Furyshaper seem like good options as well. And wow -- that was my first BM test -- at high levels Blood Sacrifice will kill you dead if you aren't careful. Yeah I’ve been thinking of running a low might high per high int troubadour furyshaper. Focus on shouts, wards, and debuffs. Shield cracks and killer froze invocations.
  3. I remember you from when the Black Isle forums switched to the Bioware boards in late 2001/early 2002, when we were both excited for Neverwinter Nights to come out. Even earlier than that, you'd become a presence in BG2's expansion, Throne of Bhaal. Why are you doing this with your life? What's the endgame? I remember deducing you were late twenties/early thirties then, so you have to be in your fifties now. What do these boards even still offer you? Haven't you seen enough of life by now to not bother posting here? Why do this ****? Let me give you an example from my own life. I've grown up with you. You and Karzak, Chosen of Shargaash were my first experiences with internet trolls back in 2002. Going back to newsgroups I now realize you must have had at least a 10 year advantage on me. Even so. You're still doing this. Since first encountering you I've obtained a bachelor's degree, a doctorate, and I've learned two new languages. But you're still posting in a fake orc dialect on isometric rpg forums. Who are you? What do you do? This keeps me up at night. What should keep you up at night is how you’ve become an insufferable, irredeemable pathetic jackass. You got two degrees (like a hundred million other morons In the world, hardly an accomplishment) and learned two new languages (who gives a ****), wow. And this is supposed to be an indication of success? Neither ‘accomplishment’ proves you’ve done a single thing of value in this world. These forums are full of extremely successful people, good fathers and mothers, business owners, Philanthropists, who all enjoy connecting over a game we love. Kindly **** off. #gromnirforlife
  4. Damn Bo brought it today. Spittin’ Truth. I sincerely do have extreme appreciation to the folks in this forum. I’m a pillars junkie and like to replay it many times, and the wisdom and experience shared here increases my enjoyment of building characters by about a hundred. While I’m in an appreciative mood, I will say that we all have our nitpicks and maybe even straight out problems with Deadfire, however Obsidian 100% delivered on bringing us the most (or one of the most) replayable RPGs ever. Surely this is a worthy tribute to the Baldur Gate series.
  5. Love it! Don’t have any other meaningful suggestions but corpse eater is MANDATORY. If you want a companion I understand that Xoti can go an evil route.
  6. Yeah I reported that in beta (right when it came out, Furyshaper was the first thing I tested). I got a response that they'll look into it and now it seems with they fixed that issue. Like they did with Tactician's Interrupt-based refund of Discipline. The wards are damn squishy and the debuff from a destroyed Ward is hefty, but the effects are damn nice. Remember that it's still a full-fledged Barb! I didn't really play with this subclass (only tinkered around a bit), but I guess Furyshaper could become my new favorite Barb subclass. Going to include a Fury Shaper / Priest of ??? in my upcoming forgotten sanctum run. He’ll be buffing accuracy and then dropping fear totem (once my wizards had the chance to debuff the enemy), then jumping into melee to smash heads. Off tank/ support jack of all trades. Considering going fist dps with him for flavor. Tribal shaman kind of dude.
  7. Feel free to include the new subclasses. I like to have a few distinct roles in my team and I could use someone who focuses on disabling enemies so that might nuker and dpsers can mess them up.
  8. Just a reminder dudes- these subclasses are in BETA. Not saying they will launch perfectly, but let’s give the devs the time to gather some of this feedback and make tweaks. There’s been a lot of chatter lately about low sales numbers on Deadfire. Patch 4.0 is yet another reason while this team will keep getting my money. Not only do they deliver on an all-timer with Deadfire, here they are still adding significant content to the game. It almost feels like the new subclasses are specifically for all of us super dorks who do multiple playthroughs. Really awesome for them to take care of their die-hards this way. Also J Sawyer is sexy. FIN.
  9. I almost fell off my toilet I was so excited to see this!
  10. Someone wake up @boeroer! Get @maxquest off the toilet. Gather the other usual suspects. I need a breakdown of the new subclasses And I NEED. IT. NOW.
  11. What a joyous day in the forums! Thanks Andy! My monk guess: Plaguebearer Wounds cause the Plaguebearer to vomit on his enemies, causing an AOE that sickens enemies.
  12. Of course there is gonna be a large overlap between these 3 communities but I don't really see the issue of posting it on multiple forums? If you have read it already then just ignore it? It seems Boeroer has a lot of weight on these forums (from my tiny inspection it does seems deservedly) but he is launching a lot of attacks on my post and making claims about it with stuff taken completly out of context. Not sure whats up with that. Obviously I want people to check out my channels but get this - I actually enjoyed making these guides and having a civil discussion afterwards! It just kinda sucks waking up and seeing a lot of hate but w/e, I will still try to take peoples criticism into account just not as enthusiastically as I would have liked to. <Rips a loud, looooooong wet fart> S tier.
  13. From what I’ve been reading on here, it seems like players tend to favor multiclassing a caster (priest Druid wizard) with a melee class that can buff their casting damage and speed (barbarian, fighter, monk). I haven’t had the chance to test these but I’m very eager to test barbarian/evoker and fury/helwalker. Seems to have better synergy than going Druid/Wizard for MOAR SPELLZ
  14. Take a bow! This is sensational. I hope other forum goers and follow suit with companion builds from time to time. Kind of cool to theorycraft around the preset strengths and weaknesses to come up with a original take on a companion - you’ve done that here brilliantly! I JUST kicked him out of my team for the DLC...time to fix that mistake!
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