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  1. You are right its 30%. Berserker and disciplined strikes offer alot of hit to crit conversion so you can get away with lowering your accuracy a bit. I think it affects you more in the beginning of the game since she modal takes off a flat 10 acc when you only have only 40 acc right at the start compared to 115 acc at the end of the game. I also really like sanguine greatsword since it makes your mule kicks super accurate. Great fun to play pingpong with bosses. Sanguine is kinda hard'ish to get though.
  2. I really like Karabörü. (for devoted beserker) First of all i'd reccomend greatswords because their modal gives you 15% increased damage. With all the accuracy you get from conquerer stance and disciplined strikes you can afford to give up some accuracy. You get improved crit damage and an aoe cone attack that triggers on crit straight of the bat. To really use this weapon you need a chanter in your group though. You can get another 20% crit damage if you have 4 of your allies die in combat. This is usually kinda awkward to do but it counts summons so having your chanter summon skeletons just once will trigger the full buff. I think this is they way to go if you want to hit as hard as you can. Hope it helps
  3. For priest i really like barring death's door and salvation of time. If you have some way to get the brilliant inspiration (for example tactician or ancestors memory) You can make your whole party literaly immortal and make all your buffs last forever. Just make sure to interrupt anyone trying to cast arcane dampener. Even without brilliant cheese you can have something like a really squishy assassin/skaen priest that just does crazy damage while refusing to die. There are also some dps caster builds with magran priests going all in on fire and some melee oriented ones that utilize all the deflection gained from wael.
  4. I have already completed most of the quests i can think of in the main game. Atm im at lvl20 and just want to play the dlc and im trying to get his hat before i jump in. Are there conversations that aren't linked to quest outcomes?
  5. Hello guys, I have done his personal quest and got the sayuka interactions with the greeting and feetmaster. But his loayalty is still only 1 and 1/4th filled. How can i quickly raise his loyalty?
  6. Dragon's Dowry is pretty good. I use that on my devoted/ascendant. You get so much accuracy(even without the modal) and single-hit-damage that you can often get to full with just the first crit auto attack. Its also pretty awesome on PotD because your high precision and penetration means you can hit pretty much any mob(except skeletons) for full damage. Dragon's Dowry also gives access to a 40% attack speed skill once per rest which lets you really go ham on your ascendancy. Ofc guns in general are especially nice because you can just start cating after you have landed your shot without having to wait for the recovery. You could go for multiplge guns and weaponswap as well but nobody wants to micromanage that. Slap on Acinas Tricorn and Sharpshooters grab(you can get both really early) and you're good to go. So the main problem with this build is that the gun does so much damage that i often don't even bother to cast anything.
  7. I think this doesn't work on ranger pets because it lasts forever and is balanced by the summons duration. As it stand druids already get Nature's Balm on the same powerlevel which also does Robust but in an aoe to everyone. I'd probably rather cast that 95% of the time. Sure wild growtth makes them a bit bigger but as far as i can tell this does not increare their power and might only be cute for having your summon clog up a a choke. But with the time investment to cast a summon and wild growth it im not sure if thats even worth it.
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