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  1. I am curious to know wich one of them are you PC ? I main the cipher (ranged) mainly. Because ascendant ai is still a problem and otherwise the cipher would attack with weapons when focus is full which is stupid - they should be casting spells at that point. I sometimes manually switch to the marauder just to teleport them to the backline of enemy mages so she can get to work. The healer and tank pretty much run on ai. Actually, the marauder does too once you set them to prioritize target:spellcaster - it's just it is sometimes faster to click on them, use "escape" ability to teleport behind an enemy mage and that point the script kicks in and the marauder start attacking the mage backline. I mean you can get any ai script to work really well with few exceptions like the cipher focus thing still seems not to work, even with the ai expanded mod from nexus. But I would recommend when leveling a toon to manually "adjust" custom ai script for that toon and not use the default ones 1.) clean up any script by removing abilities in the script that you don't want used. 2.) Puting defensives/ high priority attacks at top and on low cooldown while more general buffs like circle of protection etc off as you want to use those manually in case you run into a boss or hard encounter and need more protection. 3.) if a class needs "buffs" or self buffs through spells like trickster or wizard put those on top of the ai script but make cooldown pretty much the ability's duration length as you don't want them to recast the buff on themselfs when they have the old one. 4.)adjust the ai script as you go through the playthrough as if you see something that can be better optimized or something not ideal tweak the ai script of the character doing something weird in combat. Thank you very much. I nedd to dig on the AI. Current default behavior makes me mad !
  2. Hello everybody ! I need your help. Indeed, I have not replayed since the very first days of the game, preferring to wait for a greater maturity and I would like to try again at the highest degree of difficulty with an optimized custom party. Unfortunately i do not have time to follow all the evolutions of builds and modifications of the game's balance. Could you recommend some interesting builds to create the custom party I have in mind? - Two melee characters (tank / off tank / DPS), with possibility of cleave / magic aoe / synergy - A sniper at range - A magic nuker - A Healer / buff / debuff support Just one limitation please, not a lot of stealth mechanic / abuse... Which classes would best fit this kind of setup? I am also interested in all your suggestions! Thank you in advance for your contribution.
  3. Nice ! Fighter / Monk is indeed really strong for the time being. Chanters are obviously almost broken. And oc. you're right, it's difficult to compare without real challenges. But for now, if we think about it without spamming, with only original class / sublass mix and maybe with synergies between all members in mind ? No more chanter / monk spam abuse. What comp would you do no matter how easy the game is ?
  4. Hello everybody! I can not resist the insidious desire to ask you this brutal, amoral, obscene question: What would be the most overpowered custom party that your sick brains could imagine right now ? The most monstrous class combinations? / synergies ? Thx for your perversion.
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