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  1. Hey guys, I have been playing on potd after finishing on veteran upscaled. I have re-rolled so many times I wouldn't want to even guess how many times, I've finally found a duo that works really really well. I want to figure out how to make the best out of them. Soul Blade/Troubador Paladin. They are both really solid defensively, have access to good heals and buffs, they are fun to play individually and do a truckload of damage. So The Key Theory Points. The soulblade/troubador. Troubador for brisk recitation for the summon skeleton chant(many Lives pass). Until t
  2. This is a cool idea. That said, given you have an Ascendant that could restore the Paladin's resources with the Cipher spell that gives Brilliant, maybe going fully Pally to get Divine Retribution isn't needed? In fact, if Chill Fog is going to be a key element of play, you could also consider Steel Garotte / Tactician, which should be able to self-generate Brilliant if the Chill Fogs nail all the enemies and flank them all, right? Or if you flank them all with other Cipher spells like Phantom Foes? Or SG/* where *class brings a bit more to the table for tanking or damage, if the cipher
  3. Can we discuss some tank builds, what do you think is the best? what do you like playing? I have played chanter/pally and I'm looking for something different.
  4. ^^ This is the best tank build I have played, you can also take chilling grave on grave calling and kill your summons, taken with the chant that summons skeletons at 19 it's hilarious- you can use brisk recantation to make them pop out all the time. I also took shared flames which helps a little, I went bleak walker which was fine
  5. Any gear recommendations? With the chants and phrases are there any recommendations I tend to stick with the healing phrases and ogres, weapons, worms and paralyse. What else is good?
  6. You definitely want to take disciplined strikes it’s a great buff, confident aim is also good. Most fighter/pally builds will have goldpact for the pally for plus 4 armour, I like kind wayfarer but only if you are dual wielding. Your intelligence is low which will affect your buff durations which is something to think about. I don’t know if there is a specific fight pally tank build in the forums there is a more all round version though. I don’t think devoted would help this build much if you were dual wielding or two handed that would be different
  7. Hey guys I have made it through most of potd with a duo, one of which was a pally chanter. Gold pact and troubadour he was really hard to kill and actually fun to play. I’m thinking of running something similar but with a little twist and was hoping to get your thoughts. I ended up dumping resolve which wasn’t a big deal because I was still able to get defection to a pretty high level, I had seen people say it’s an all or nothing stat which doesn’t seem accurate because even if you are not able to avoid all attacks you can certainly avoid a lot which makes you a lot tougher to kill e
  8. I have gone with pally/chanter- kind wayfarer/troub. She has exceeded all expectations so far, managing to solo the starting island, which is big for me. Great sustain and damage. Decent aoe. Just need the second piece now.
  9. Hi, I'm looking to do a duo or 2 man potd run and just wanted to get some input as to what 2 classes/characters you think will work best together?
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