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  1. Mongol armors look awesome. Perfect for nomadic brutish race. http://www.ioffer.com/i/1200-1300-mongolian-warrior-armor-whole-set-117919619
  2. Finishing moves should be quick. Otherwise it will end up like Dawn of War that despite having cool and awesome looking moves, it sacrifices control of your character like performing a timely retreat before being surrounded by 3 enemies who are charging at your rogue. That can be downright annoying.
  3. Since the game will be a series revolving around the world of Project Eternity, it could be given the general name of the world first, before subtitling the actual name of the game. Known examples are Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate: Shadows of the Amn. So my own two cents for the title would be: Age of Eternity: The Watchers
  4. Word of mouth can successfully bring you to Minecraft's success. I don't believe they actually concerted any active marketing effort.
  5. While in formation, give characters positioned in parts of the formation certain bonuses? Something similar to Last Remnant which has lots of formations and actually has impact on gameplay. For example the wall formation could provide the units lined in the first row extra defensive bonuses while the units in the back row are granted with slightly better magical/range damage. Or the pincer formation grants the front unit better defense at the expense of attack damage while the flanking units are given attack bonus. This will only occur so long as the units are within their formatio
  6. I thought there was one time the forum hosted a list of Icewind Dale pics for use as avatars. What happened?
  7. Obsidian will be burdened with more work on the armor appearance since they have will have to create even more variations to fit the different sizes. Currently they have to build three different variations for each three different races who may already have different body shapes. For example, if we have to add skinny, obese, heavy body sizes, that means 9 different armor variations Obsidian will have to create for each race. Now we're hitting the 1.8 million anytime soon, that will be 5 races meaning 15 different armor variations for each race. In short, that's ALOT of resources to put
  8. I would thought they'll strip the middle wares from the Onyx engine to the bones like South Park. I kind of have little faith in Obsidian dealing with other people's engines...
  9. Aren't some of those Icewind Dale 2 portraits? Awesome stuffs. I love him to come back and do them again.
  10. I wonder what's the budget for the game? With the kickstarter fever died down, it will be a challenge to raise the obscene amount of money like Tim and Brian did.
  11. I need a time machine now just to see what happens on Friday.
  12. As your character progresses, the title changes from Douchebag to Butthole. Apparently the whole point is for your character to attain the "cool" status. Hence the tag "The quest to be cool."
  13. I believe a few years ago there was a leak of the Van Buren tech play demo. http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/dload.php?action=file&file_id=892 Try it though I heard its got a love for crashing.
  14. 1) Obsidian needs time to plan and create a kickstarter proposal with concept arts, vision document, some possible screenshots to offer, as well as the finding out the costs of production to propose the amount of monies to raise. 2) Finding the right time to propose kickstarter. Right now many people are saying they are drained of monies due to Wasteland 2 and DFA kickstarter program. Also the manpower issue since Obsidian is busy with projects at the moment. 3) Probably want to continue observing other kick starters and learning how they work so Obsidian could launch a fault free kick
  15. 3 settings I really love to see them materialized: Cthulhu Mythos Arkham_Horror_revised_box.jpg I just recently got the digital version of the board game "Elder Signs: Omen". Despite the gameplay simply a direct translation of the board game itself, I can't help but feel there's a strong potential it could become a proper RPG games. The range of characters you can select to form a party of 4 investigators, each of them unique and appeared to have distinct personalities, in the game helped me to be immersed and feel attached to characters despite being in a blank slate. Imagine if O
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