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  1. So long Collin could control the team. Otherwise. Prepare for an unevenly baked cake.
  2. New soundtrack http://kotaku.com/5991425/a-new-music-track-from-the-planescape-torment-successor Titled "The Bloom"
  3. Besides, looking at the announcement page, its advertised in a way that seems to hint an MMO or social game based on looking at numerous character portraits there.
  4. Obsidian only signed a new contract in December. An announcement in March for a M&M game is a little too early isn't it?
  5. Sounds similar to Metal Gear Acid or Last Remnant combat.
  6. Music sample Very Torment'ish. Yet different. I like it.
  7. I thought people had been clamoring badly for true Torment sequel or a spiritual sequel of sort. From the direction Fargo is handling and what I had seen, it appears to be staying true to it. But I can kind of understand the hate. I really hated it when Bethesda made Fallout 3. But its a different story since Fallout 3 is simply Oblivion with guns, nothing sort of a true Fallout game. However, from what I've seen, Torment is nothing like it. And I really like the direction its going.
  8. Very likely its got to do with the mystari IP signed in December.
  9. Curious. Never really hear much about the development hell for Aliens Crucible. Mind summarizing the article for us?
  10. Could someone post this in neogaf? I would if I have an account.
  11. Looks pretty darn impressive for a product that's not yet in alpha stage. I can't believe Sega jettisoned the project and focused on a 6 year Aliens project that never lived to people's expectations. This game is brimming with potential from Anthony's comments. I thought this game could work very well in coop RPG mode too akin to L4D, but placing more focus on survival aspects.
  12. If its an Arkham game, its pretty much unlikely since its due in 2013, meaning Obs only got less than a year to finish it.
  13. Chrono Trigger does it well. Main Character dies, you could opt to complete the story without him and you'll get an entirely different ending sequence.
  14. Kinoko Nasu just for his unique world creation and concepts of souls, Akasha (Origin), Counter Force, Magic, Magecraft and "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception". However, he's not a professional author and his work can be simply described as 'raw' than refined. His first work "Kara No Kyoukai" (The Boundary of Emptiness) explored many of such concepts that it pretty much blew my mind when I was first exposed to it. Its not perfect due to some poor pacing and characterizations, but boy, the concepts he created were definitely unique.
  15. If you want pretty good ego stroking game, play Persona 4. You're like one hell of an idol to the characters there.
  16. Something oriental and different just to for the sake of being a combo breaker. Its from a chinese RPG series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy1EfNqCq30&feature=related
  17. Not exactly God related, but more of unexplainable force of nature that involves the Gods. I'm always fascinated with Kinoko Nasu's concepts and rules of the worlds he created for his novels and games. One of this concept revolves around "Counter-Force". To put it simply, this concept revolves around preserving the state of the world through the world's own unconscious will if the world is endangered, either by the hands of foolish mortals or reckless Gods who threatened to destroy it. So the world will, in a subtle approach, create unexplainable incidents, or forced coincidences,
  18. Watchmen. A group of characters finding difficulty to adapt to the society due to their 'super powers'. A lot of interesting conflicts between identity vs social norms can be explored. And then the manner for pursuing just morality for a permanent solution at the cost of indefinite immorality. Don't think there is a need to elaborate since I would simply encourage everyone to read the comics if you haven't done so.
  19. Considering there is no resurrection mechanic in Project Eternity, it might not be a good idea.
  20. Sure. Wasteland 2 at inXile has already been an opportunity to return to one of my favorite franchises, so I can check that off the list (until Wasteland 3 - ::crosses fingers: . Other ones include: The Wire, Firefly, Ghost in the Shell, the Walking Dead (movie or comics), Chronotrigger, Torment (although that’s difficult for a variety of reasons), and Star Wars (I’ve always wanted to do Knights of the Old Republic III and finish the trilogy). YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  21. Haiku Thy beauty like blade, Its edge stained with crimson fade, Of anger and hate.
  22. They could use the first three levels of the Endless Paths as a "Beta" to test combat abilities and balance, without spoiling the main story at all.
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