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  1. Since it was mentioned in the interviews that "charge" is being implemented in battles, walking is fine with me.
  2. It was mentioned in interviews that Feargus was especially particular with the cost and budgeting of the game. I like to think he had already considered about the taxation issue.
  3. Fetch quest can be used as an opportunity to nudge players to explore undiscovered regions of the map. So its not that bad if implemented well.
  4. 1.'s concept sounds similar to Type-moon's world concept of "Origin". Its fascinating despite people's dislike for Japanese anime. Just this concept alone makes the lore of "The Garden of Sinners" so intriguing. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Magecraft#Origin If the souls are capable of giving birth of new ones in the cycle, bringing a concept of "death", meaning there must be a way a soul can be destroyed brings in a natural order of the universe will be very interesting. Thus we can introduce creatures in the world whose natural order are simply to devour souls.
  5. The concept of souls in Eternity has some resemblances to Japan's Shinto where it highlights the importance of a soul's purity This can be an interesting comparison to real world's religion.
  6. Letting you encounter directly, fighting it and winning a supposedly scary monster. That kind of monster isn't even scary at all if its winnable. Just drop background lore of the monster. Small drops of hints in journals of dead adventurers, hints in carved stones of forgotten civilizations, obscure cults, ravings from mad men. Fill up the player's imagination of how terrifying this monster is and yet no one in the world even knows of its existence or believe in it. And the player's goal in the game is simply stopping the supposed monster from waking up / released from imprisonment be
  7. 4 million funding. I just want to use the extra zots for refinement, bug fixing and testing that improves the game's overall experience. Not for some celebrity's role that is not even the main focus of the game.
  8. It will show Obsidian's popularity in the market, which at least I hope will persuade publishers to hire Obsidian again to make RPGs.
  9. Why can't we have both Icewind Dale combat experience, while also having a PST characterization experience at the same time? Best of both worlds don't you think?
  10. Hurmm... Have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Its good news to know that Wasteland 2 and a proper expansion pack will be coming out. However, the latter could had been announced after the kickstarter ends since people would be complaining that Obsidian would seem to be holding back funds to make a full game. Furthermore, there's no information at all about this expansion. Overall, great news for including Wasteland 2, really a bad timing for announcing an expansion pack.
  11. I like to play with my own custom party with my own play through. Would be nice if the game reflects that in the ending as well.
  12. Pretty sure there's a reason we don't know why they're hesitant to make commitment. Lets just wait and see.
  13. Tim Cain mentioned that they couldn't make any confirmation of additional personnels outside of Obsidian until the Kickstarter is over. That's when they could budget their resources accordingly.
  14. Since the game revolves around the concept of souls, I thought this might be a good opportunity to be more creative with magics connecting with souls. Some poor examples from me: -Decimate Soul (Instant kill) -Fragment soul (Weaken effect) -Detach soul (Unconscious) -Bound Soul (Charm effect) -Fuse Soul (Strengthen effect)
  15. My main sentiment is that she's wearing a full plate while wielding a gun and a shield. The combination is mind boggling. She should lose more plate pieces while retaining her breastplate, carry satchels for gun powder and ammunition, a close combat weapon like a hand held axe. The concept art at the moment is just so unbelievably impractical.
  16. She looks awfully too heavily armored to be a character wielding a rifle in my opinion. It just looks so strange and unpractical.
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