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Found 4 results

  1. do we have a thread about decent games on portable platforms? if yes, feel free to merge this one with it. I came across a very nice game for Android, and just wanted to share, but thought a separate thread for that kind of stuff wouldn't hurt. anyway, the game's called (Joe Delver's) Lone Wolf, it's an RPG/choose-your-own-adventure hybrid, and I'm loving it so far. it has good art direction, decent combat and progression systems (for the platform), decent writing, and good production values overall. it's just what I needed to scratch that RPG itch when I'm away from my PC (which is a lot lately thanks to school, can't even continue my BG2 LP due to the lack of spare time). give it a try if you're into this kind of stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3AjrtTlMRw also, excited to see your recommendations (preferably RPGs, but any game you consider good will do)!
  2. I look at Obsidian's facebook page and get sad. 60,000 backers and barely 20,000 Likes? And no thread about it? I just convinced two people to Like the page (one hadn't head of any Infinity Engine game), which means about 200 more people will at least have a glance of Obsidian in their walls. This is from me, somebody with very few facebook friends who, in turn, keep relatively tight contacts on FB. If 40,000 more like it, extrapolating from me, about 4,000,000 (+/- say, 2,000,000) people will hear about it. Who knows how many of them had a good time with either BG1/2, Fallouts, IWD, PS:T, Arcanum or NWN but haven't heard of the Obsidian kickstarter. A few more of them will like it, some will even contribute, numbers both in Facebook and Kickstarter will get way bigger. If PE is something you like as much I think you do, make sure you "Like" it! Then pester a few more people to Like it, too. You will be a slight annoyance to somebody, but it will actually help. Did you manage to get somebody to back the project? Then getting them to Like it will be way easier, it's free! Don't have a facebook account? Make one! It takes a few minutes, then about half an hour to find pretty much everybody you can think from your real life friends on it. Then tell them about it. Tell them how amazing this project is! People like excitement! If you like this "strange thing" that much, people will like it just for the hell of it, just to make you happy. And their friends will see, numbers will grow! In three days we won't just get 40,000 likes, we can get 400,000!
  3. Folks Feargus is asking on the kickstarter comments that we get as many likes for the official facebook page as possible. http://www.facebook.com/obsidian Go here and hit like, we get another level added to the mega dungeon at 20k likes. Also if you dont mind share the latest update on your wall. Spread the word!
  4. Hey. I'm super excited for Obsidian's upcoming game and I've created a fan-page on facebook. The page currently have 40 likes and i'm looking for a person who can be a moderator for the page (Along with me). I might hire more than one person. But there are some conditions: - You must write good english - You must be over the age of 15 years old It is also a big pluss if you have experience with facebook-pages. If you're interested in being a Moderator for the page, message the page a short message why you wanna be a moderator. (The message button is at the top-right.. Above where the likes are displayed). This is an unofficial page, so if you have any questions about the page please message. https://www.facebook...463757270322911
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