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  1. It's criminal how little attention this game has gotten since release, it was a successful Kickstarter campaign made only by 2 people. And it's better then a lot of games created by massive dev teams.
  2. I would play the hell out of any Star Trek CRPG to be honest.
  3. To be honest the people screaming censorship and threatening to never buy or back an Obsidian game again are just as extreme and silly as the people who complained in the first place. The only person who could be legitimately angry about this entire issue is the backer who paid for it. Provided he was involved in the decision who the hell cares? It's between Obsidian and that specific backer, and has no bearing on the games plot.
  4. And this thing went from bad to worse... Oh boy. Well - I'm grateful I never backed this with more than the minimum required for the basegame. I feel so bad for the people who spent hundreds or more, only to be shat on. Maybe you should check to see if the backer agreed to the change before you go off the deep end?
  5. Best of luck during this last busy period Obsidian, hope things don't get too stressfull.
  6. Asking if we want more added to the game halfway through development seems a bit silly. Finish the game you have budgeted and planned for already. Unless of course you've run out of money?
  7. I dont mind how he does it as long as he doesnt do it completely blind. I dont mind him not knowing the best quest outcomes or what to do in situations. What I will mind is if he completely gimps his charecter at the very start.
  8. Dont give these criminals a penny. Seriously. And if you think i'm being harsh look up what Hervé Caen and Titus did to Interplay and by extension Black Isle. They are money grabbers with zero talent.
  9. I doubt hes even started yet, hes only just got back from Australia I believe.
  10. Respecs have no place in a single player CRPG, this isnt an MMO. If you screw up your build then either load a prior save or start again...
  11. Dont really understand the obsesion with including famous youtube musicians to be honest. Let Justin Bell write the music and if he needs someone to sing it then just make sure they have the talent to pull it off. This isnt a bioware project so I dont expect to hear 30 seconds to mars in the credits.
  12. Stupid poll, and there is plenty of porn on the internet already. So it's a no to your first question and why the hell do I have to pick any of the other choices to your other questions. This is an isometric rpg, I dont think watching two animated video game characters bump uglies from a birds eye view is going to rustle your jimmies.
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