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  1. Chanter using the ranged fire/reload speed chant. One melee, doesn't matter. He's just there to hug people. The chanter and everyone else gets Gunner/Two Handed. Use arbalests/arquebuses. Win game. Oh, I guess there are skills to use, too?
  2. This type of free roaming is the definition of an open world game. PE will be a story driven game and making this exploring possible will not be a design priority. Just keep that in mind when you expect a reward for that. But wait, you think you didn't get a reward? Lets look closely: * You already get the stuff you find there and maybe even a unique item. * You get the satisfaction of finding this hidden cave all by yourself and isn't that the purpose of "exploration"? * But it doesn't end there: You might have the chance to talk to them, they even might have a quest for you. Or you hea
  3. To the berserk reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6tz_von_Berlichingen "He had a mechanical prosthetic iron replacement made, which is today on display at the Jagsthausen Castle. This prosthetic hand was ahead of its time, being capable of holding objects from a sword to a feather pen. " ahahaha. Real-life badassery. To the wizard/gun references: I definitely think that there would be stodgy old mages against this. I also think that as soon as the opportunity arose, they would enchant the living poop out of a gun to get rid of their oldest rival. I like the points made
  4. I voted other/multiple. I'm just totally gay for Chris Avellone's writing. Anytime you can be utterly convinced that what you are doing is the correct thing, and then be sent spiralling into existential confusion about thirty seconds later is fantastic.
  5. I don't like the idea of ONLY gaining exp from objectives... That kind of creates a railroad for players, unless these objectives are placed all over the place. Maybe my idea of 'objectives' is off from what the designers are thinking. Let's say that you are exploring. If you find a curious assortment of humanoids or something in a lived-in cave, murder them, and then you get xp for finding the treasure cache, and a small bonus for finding the jewelled ring hidden in the third orc on the left's wooden clog (perception?), then maybe it would be fine, if done right. If there are no rewar
  6. I think a loose system would be best, maybe a series of possible events based on the class of the companion. If [thief] then, after x amounts of offending activity there would be a warning message (not necessarily a conversation with an option to talk them out of it, I think this is overdone and is too kind to players), something noting that this guy has been acting kind of suspicious, in one way or another. Clues in the message could give you an idea of what's coming (for slight offenses and butt-hurtness you could get something like "Bob's been avoiding the others lately, and things have
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