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  1. Yeah. Last I heard Obsidian burns through 1 million per month in expenses.
  2. I agree that its not a sustainable way on kickstart. But its one way for Obsidian to finally own their own original IP that if successful, it can be used as a source of bread and butter in the long run through digital downloads ect. In addition, Obsidian could do more in some ways due to their existing facilities like mo-cap studio and sound engineers, as well as the Onyx engine albeit a dumbed down version.
  3. What now though? Seems Obsidian is running out of alleys to run except through kickstarter's door. But its unlikely they'll function as a mid-sized developer anymore.
  4. A darklands inspired rpg with troika's TOEE combat complexity will be a genre i think the older generation is longing for.
  5. Nice. Their own Mocap and sound studio. They need more experience with Mocap though. Alpha Protocol's not up to perfection yet.
  6. To be honest, based from what I heard from the interviews, I felt that SP game would fit better on handheld games anyway.
  7. I wish Obsidian great success for SP rpg. Just because i want to see them making Warhammer 40k rpg eventually. THQ has the license afterall.
  8. I encountered lots of problems with camera in SP campaign. Namely in the caves where the walls doesn't disappear and the camera perception is forced to bounce upclose to your character in the middle of combat. Its frustrating.
  9. And camera. Terrible terrible camera.
  10. -A mini sim game like rebuilding the chapterhouse as well as recruiting Legionnaire followers similar to Suikoden or NWN2 town building would be nice. This at least solves some money sink issue of the game. -A tighter narrative story would be nice too. Playing four different kinds of characters are fun, but they don't distinguish far apart enough to make their stories special at all aside from minor conversational changes. There's not much opportunity of inter party banters within the game so I really find the influence system very unambitious and pointless in comparison to previous Obsidi
  11. Tried using the health regain ability? Hold block and activate the first skill. It lets you gradually heal up to half of your maximum health when activated.
  12. Once you have a purple empowered orb ready to use (Located below your focus bar), if using a controller hold right bumper and tap on the attack button. Otherwise the keyboard control would be Shift + left mouse button. Anjali's normal form has a pretty awesome empowered attack as well which is even more damaging than Luca's.
  13. Knock down pushes the enemy away from you and they do take time to recover back up on their feet. So its effect is similar to stun in a way. Not sure if knockdown works on bosses. But stun effect do sometimes work on the witch boss of the demo.
  14. 64 players for modern games? Any examples besides the Battlefield series, MMOs and Neverwinter Nights 1/2 multiplayer with uber servers?
  15. Gamebanshee interview http://gamebanshee.com/news/101765-gb-feat...-interview.html
  16. Timeline of Dungeon Siege series up to DS3 for the interested. http://www.dungeonsiege.com/kingdom-of-ehb.php
  17. Seiken densetsu 3 spiritual successor confirmed! Woooooooooooooo
  18. Punisher's theme is awesome. I always loved it when I played the game, especially in Takagi's corporation level. One of my favourite level's soundtrack
  19. Nice to know the gameplay will be a spiritual successor to Secret of Mana. Even the drop in and out coop gameplay (Via pressing the start button) is the same. Now if only they allow a 3 player coop gameplay... I wonder how does the combo system work though? Would bee sweet if its similar to Chrono Trigger's where each character has a unique combination attack whenever they are paired with the combinations ranging up to 3 different characters. However Chronot Trigger's a turn based game so it might be tricky if applied to an action based game like this.
  20. Yeah. My first thought was its similar to Devil May Cry series's combat system too.
  21. From my impressions, seems to be more akin towards the Jap RPG "Secret of Mana" than any western RPGs. Awesome game btw.
  22. A combo attack system based on the idea of Chrono Trigger would be very cool. Especially its a 4 player coop game.
  23. I recall there having a sniper gameplay. If you ally yourself with a certain faction, some missions allow you to access sniper rifles but not as a primary weapon but rather similar to a turret placement on a specific location of a map.
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