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  1. The game is: Very Hard even on normal difficulty Has steep learning curve Unique approach to combat Satisfying kills Fun coop mode On the development side its being: continuously patched and improved over the past six months addition of new maps New characters to play Better enemy AIs Additional difficulty modes Better graphics More balanced controls All is done by an indie developer. Its quite an achievement. And the biggest plus? The game is free to play as long as you have internet connection. What's wrong with the game itself? Personally, I hope further improvements can be made by making the buildings and trees destructible by the titans. The game will get more intense with fewer covers available as time goes on in the gameplay.
  2. The 12 Kingdoms (Juni Kokuki) Great take on a fictional oriental setting (Unlike Fushii Yugii) that initially shares similar plot setting (Girl transferred to ancient China) but later branches out to be more epic type of story telling that involves politics and values. I'm surprised that the Chinese classical values, beliefs and mythology had been mostly depicted accurately in this show. Its quite a beautiful anime with distinctive artstyle and memorable soundtracks, but don't expect it to be a high budget type of show. Opening Ending
  3. Space opera inspired by Freespace: The Great War setting would be awesome.
  4. LAN session for Attack on Titan game, developed by indie developer looks crazy fun. Would love to try it myself.
  5. Set in a Victorian setting that deals with supernatural stuffs can have lots of potential. Look at the adventure game Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening for instance.
  6. I don't see any confirmation in the codex? He merely stated that he couldn't share with anyone what he's working on. But if true, its great. I had vivid memories of Obsidian calling out and waving at him during the countdown kickstarter Ah wait. Yes I see his post now.
  7. Sounds like System Shock 2 with time travel. Not a bad thing if the concept is executed well. Or Obsidian could simply create a rogue like game with this concept through kickstarter in the future.
  8. Grace in poetry

  9. I'm loving the aesthetic of the UI. It could still be further refined from the cluttering though. The time dial could be separated and placed on the top middle portion separating from the bunch of icons clumped together. Not sure about the spell and skill icon locations though. Presently it feels cramped. Anyhoo. Looking forward to the second iteration of the UI.
  10. I wish Obsidian the bestest luck. Sometimes there will be success just going small such as FTL. Or starting from small like Minecraft. You know what, it would be nice to hear an official PR announcement from Obsidian themselves about this stance.
  11. Can't be helped since its so costly with all the middle wares involved and continuous improvements to be made in order to keep up with the times. Plus, its probably cheaper to use other engines such as Unreal, Unity and CryEngines at this point.
  12. They're not trying to save the world. They're fighting for survival in a world where human's are forced into extinction. Anyway. Give the first episode a try. If its not up to your taste, then so be it. But the show's popular for a reason because its not the typical shounen anime found elsewhere.
  13. Funny no one posted this yet considering its a hot series now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFDQuGX1JT0
  14. Avellone mentioned he wanted to make Ghost in the Shell RPG. Still waiting for it.
  15. There's already 2 different playthroughs. They're only done during certain intervals since he's also quite a busy man.
  16. Not enough of these sort of games to be a competition. Duopoly as you will.
  17. Am hoping for great and memorable music like HoMM4 Grassland theme: Sea theme: Hoping Rob King will get to compose again.
  18. Obsidian is still relying on publisher contracts as its business model though while InXile decides to rely on Kickstarter. So I guess its pretty unlikely to merge.
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