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  1. Heya, I need help with the Collector's Mansion Quest which seems to be bugged. I have already used the key from the fire place and also entered the correct combination but strangely the vault remains locked. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something? Thanks.
  2. Feargus has risen from the grave but MCA remains missing
  3. I think its the V-sync problem which plagues so many problems for the users in the Bio forums. It may help solving many slow down issues (for high end GPU users especially) over there if the devs inform them of this V-sync problem and the alternate way to disable it. Also, it'll be nice if the next patch includes the V-sync toggle though.
  4. How about disabling the V-sync manually through display properties instead of letting application controlled? I heard LCD users will have their frame rates limited to 30fps due to its low refresh rate and NWN2 doesn't have a v-sync on/off option which is defaulted as 'on'.
  5. Based on the general feedback from the Bio forums concerning of NWN2 performance (Which sounds badly optimised), I'm wondering of the possibility if future patches would improve the game engine's performance or is it even possible at all? I heard from others that such feat would require a rebuild of the engine which makes such move unlikely so I'm curious. Would had posted in the Bio forum but the last thing I want would be the thread being hijacked by whiners and NWN2 haters, and also I rather like the atmosphere here than over there.
  6. Did someone mention a world similiar to Hellsingverse? Mmmmm ::Drools::
  7. Problem is Relic isn't planning to make a warhammer 40K RPG but an MMO instead.
  8. I can't believe I've comlpetely forgotten about this cancelled game. Isn't this the one which got cancelled due to unpopular sales of PS:T? Looks very promising actually... Stupid Interplay *rolls his eyes* Wonder if OE would revive this game in the near future? Seemed like it has the potential to be a good series
  9. I'll choose over Exile than Revan anytime. Reasons: 1. The decisions given to the player in KOTOR2 is much more....flexible I should say. You are able to give variety of options that will result in the kind of person you wish Exile to be. 2. As someone stated before somewhere above, the Exile's a pretty much flawed character. I personally have more sympathies for flawed heroes than a perfect one. Since the Exile can be considered as an anti-hero depending on how you play him, he's got my vote 3. Lastly, come on folks. You got to admit that the Exile's got a better sense of humour than Revan! Some of his lines sure cracked me up
  10. Keria had said something along these lines: "It does not matter where the destination leads, what matters is the journey." Thank you Obsidian. I had a hellaluva of a journey in this game even though the destination wasn't what I was hoping for. I can't wait for your next game, Neverwinternights 2 to be released. All the best Obsidian
  11. Well Finger of Death, Romance of Three Kingdoms is "San Guo Yan Yi". I apologise for my lack of skills in typing out chinese characters, so I could only provide the han yu ping ying :"> Well, I really do like the "Xian Jian Qi Xia zhuan" RPG series. I'ved managed to play the first 3 of the series and I found the second to be the most inferior in the series. I'ved yet to play the "wai zhuan" of the 3rd series. Do you think its good? I heard another RPG series by the name of "Jian Xia Qing Yuan" is pretty popular amongst the chinese too... Is it that good? Its a real pity that some of the good games shall never be ported to the western countries due to the difficulty in translation and the big differences in graphics department. We have to admit, Chinese games graphics are not up to standard in today's gaming market. PS: The Xian Jian Qi Xia zhuan 3 has the most BEAUTIFUL character portraits I'ved ever seen (w00t). I personally hope Jade Empire would use these portraits... Alas, it ended up pretty much like Disney's Mulan in my opinion. Furthermore the music of the series are actually beautiful done. Here's a sample: http://pal2.joypark.com.tw/download_mp3.asp (download the first file) Another one: http://pal.joypark.com.tw/PAL3/download_music.asp FoD, mind if you show the people here some links of "Jing Tian" and his babes? The hand painted ones
  12. Hello there. Don't worry FoD, you're not alone out there. I'm an Indonesian born Chinese. Are you from China? If so, I never knew people from China enjoy playing Black Isle games since most of the PRC (People's Republic Of China) scholars I'ved met rarely play English CRPG games. In fact, most of them are much more obssesed with Chinese RPG games (Which I find most of them really good). Anyway, its good to know that I'm not alone out there too. Good to meet you FoD
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