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  1. yeah i saw that too ! If "porting" was hard, Capcom would not be able to do a Marvel vs Capcom for launch days ! Mortal kombat is just in 1 month ! And please.... no useless touch mini game... xD
  2. So i got the PS vita now... AND DAMN IT WOULD LOOK SO GREAT !!!!! Rayman LOOK HD !!! Cartoon game look the best on PS vita ( like console ). Tales of Blob look beautiful too ! So South park the game would too ! I hope it's easy to port game for them, Fifa 12 look almost like the ps3 version !
  3. Ok then.... PUT REMOTE PLAY FOR PS VITA / PS3 SUPPORT !!!! The lag will be only bad for "timing attack" other then that, it will be a great game due to be turn base ! I really want to play this game "on the go" lol.
  4. I think the game would be soooo nice on PS Vita ! And maybe possible ! If you can, do it ! :D
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