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  1. Thumbs up for this post. I really enjoyed AP and it sucks that it is one and done.
  2. Sarcasm aside, is there even a slight chance someone will convince you AP is a good rpg?
  3. Bloodline's C&C sucked. It's true, I heard it on the codex once.
  4. You don't even need to play it twice. Just play it once and pay attention to the perks you get. No doubt it's great to play it more than once and see all the possible outcomes, but that isn't necessary to see that C&C is the touchstone here. Yeah, I hear ya. Overall, the game is not as horrible as it is made to seem and the C&C was great imo. Honestly, I don't think all the reviewers finished one complete playthrough. I think they hated the combat/graphics/anims/etc. enough to quit around Saudi Arabia or about half-way through. Personally, I wouldn't play a game I hated either just to finish it, but they are getting paid to play. So... imo, that's why some reviews focus more on the technical stuff and say little to nothing about the C&C. @pmp10 Glad to hear gamespot played it twice, but I don't think that was the norm. I can understand why people hate AP, but I think a lot of reviews skimmed over the C&C and focused more on the combat, etc. I would have liked more... "the C&C suck/are great and here is why..." Since choice was the game's tag-line after all.
  5. What was bound to happen with no guidelines on how often you can vote. You just needed two people who were willing to end this competition in one night. I tried some damage control, but they were serious. More power to them, I guess. On the bright side, SIE's #2. That's my fault. I knew I should've posted a rule that you need to have a two post gap between your previous vote and your next one but honestly, I didn't expect that people will constantly sit here for an hour and spam votes. Meh, I was actually looking forward to the final showdown because Lake and Deng had even odds. Congrats to Omen of course, but this ended too soon. I mean, 30 goddamn pages, this deserved an epic finale, didn't it? Character elimination games is srs business. You should start another one with the two post gap.
  6. International Boogieman Omen Deng- 191 (+3) SIE- DEAD(-3) ...Sorry Darling...
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