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  1. On the contrary, I myself am still much interested in seeing some results from all this. If only I knew how to do it!
  2. It isn't just a video, it's a three-dimensional hologram being played. Hence the term "holo-player". There's no glitch, it's proceeding according to plan. Fear not.
  3. If they make a sequel and Sis survives it would only make sense to make her older, old enough to be a viable romance option. You'd still have to deal with Albatross and his bloody scarf (stupid jacket!), if he didn't just die of old age in the meantime.
  4. Open world you can barely interact with... sounds like Mafia 2. Anyway, a sequel would be nice, but I'd settle for a rerelease of the first one with all the bugs and issues fixed, maybe some extra missions and people and stuff. And make the whole Rome hub coherent, too.
  5. Yes, it does. The earliest I ever got it was leaving Peragus aboard the Ebon Hawk; you're not supposed to have enough LS or DS before then to trigger the cutscenes, so the code's probably conflicting.
  6. That's... strange. Buying games from Steam means you don't need a disk, and even without Steam you didn't need the disk after the initial installation of the game. Well, make sure you have the latest version, should be 1.01 or some such, then try it again. Dunno what else to tell you, really.
  7. I'm proud to say I preordered it months before it came out, and I never regretted it. But it's good to see people finding it for themselves and seeing how great it is beneath the bugs and grime.
  8. A lot of fans think, based on comments in the game, that I don't think it's too farfetched myself, she knows a lot about the young lady and her heritage after all.
  9. So... any luck over there, sir or madam? Did the patch work for you?
  10. Download the latest patch: http://www.shacknews.com/file/24585/alpha-...o-110-us-retail It disables PC copy protection, thus removing the need for activation. It also fixes a few other bugs.
  11. Meh, credits were nigh useless in KotOR 2. You never had to buy anything since the best equipment could either be found or made, unless there was that one uber crystal you just had to have right away. The Money Spiders were in full force all the way through. Besides, if I remember rightly you could scare that dude into giving you the fake holocron, and impress some of your teammates in the process.
  12. Yeah, it's a gender thing. Handmaiden is only recruitable if you're a guy, and she'll stow away aboard the Hawk as you're leaving the Telos Academy; otherwise you get the Disciple, when you run into him on Dantooine. You can't have both.
  13. If you spare Deng and chose to "Download PDA Files" rather than "Contact Parker" when the choice comes up, Deng explains that Scarlet was the shooter and asks you to kill her should you run into her again. Then when you find her later in the level, you have the opportunity to shoot her or spare her. With Moscow, I believe you have to be angry with Grigori and piss off Surkov, but not enough so he'll not meet with you afterward; you have a few chances to score more negative rep with Surkov during the separate meeting. Then you confront Brayko and shoot him once you've learned about Surkov, then deal with Surkov at Molotek and kill him there (at least I think so; it's been a while since I've done a psychopath run, so). You can also kill either Albatross or SIE at Brayko's mansion, depending on whether you went with G22 or VCI as help. Also, though I'm not sure about this, I think if you piss off Albatross enough and leave him alive (obviously you have to murder Sis), he'll try and attack you at the AP facility. You might have to pick him as your handler, but again I'm not completely sure on that. If he does assault the facility you can shoot him too, thus killing both him and SIE. But that could just be hearsay so who knows, don't take my word for it. Hope this helps!
  14. To kill Mina, you either need a really low rep or you agree to work with Halbech at the start of the endgame. You can romance her and kill her, all at once. Also, it's important that you spare Omen Deng in Taipei, otherwise you won't get the chance to kill Scarlet at the end. Finally, if you don't feel like killing Marburg in Rome, just get 100% of his dossier and Parker's dossier, then you can bait Marburg into attacking Parker during the endgame, and you should be able to kill him after Parker is dead during that one battle.
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